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1162 16:29 Dan from New York shares a story related to Mike Scopa

1121 8:48 Will talks about Mike Scopa in relation to a card game.

1094 4:16 A listener from England shares a random encounter with Mike Scopa and asks what he carries in his backpack.

Mike is an independent consultant, with clients such as Hewlett Packard, and roles such as technical writer, programme manager, performance consultant etc.

He is quite old…but can still outrun Matt.

Originally from Boston and then moved to New Hampshire, Mike is an expert snow shoveler.

Enjoys long walks on the beach.

First visited Walt Disney World in 1975.

Married to Carol, whose birthday is in August, and who can be heard in Episode 129: Disney Widows.

More about Mike can be found here (fromAllEars.net).

Cohosts the Mickey Miles Podcast about running at WDWwith Michelle Scribner-Maclean.

Mike’s Links

Mickey Miles Podcast

Mike’s Blog on Allears.net, The View from Scopa Towers.

What the other hosts really think of Mike

Listen to:

(An alternative view can be found in Episode 492: One Brilliant Thing.)

Odd things just happen to me

1304 11:08 Patrick from Tennessee asks Mike Scopa how he would handle a hypothetical nine-day WDW vacation with three young children, ages nine, five, and two

Episode 235: Africa and Asia in Animal Kingdom Between 2’30” and 4’45”. Scopa almost saw a gatar eat a bird.

Episode 188: Walt Disney World Marathon Between 6’40” and 12’20”. Scopa completed a marathon with a broken foot.

Episode 105: 2007 Unofficial Guide Restaurant Reviews Between 5’50” and 8.20″. Scopa won a contest that he didn’t enter.

Also known as

Mike “Hope my football fantasy team does better this week than last week” Scopa. (Episode 13)

Len’s crony. (Episode 52)

Our very own Kimp. (Episode 54)

The Poster Child for Pop Century. (Episode 63)

Pop Century Shareholder.(Episode 69)

A man who says he’s proud not to go to Animal Kingdom. (Episode 70)

Mike “Don’t call me Thumper” Scopa. (Episode 71)

Nothing says a Walt Disney World podcast like Mike Scopa. (Episode 78)

The man advocating for a concierge level at Scopa Towers. (Episode 81)

Our own merchandising tsar. (Episode 82)

Rounding out the list, breathing hardly into his mike, is Mike Scopa. (Episode 85)

The high bidder on Graceland so far. (Episode 91)

Representing white men everywhere. (Episode 93)

The Mayor of MousePlanet.com. (Episode 94)

Muscles Marinara. (Episode 95)

A man who is not afraid to show up a 60 year old woman in a race. (Episode 97)

A man who is on a streak of 1 Walt Disney World marathon without hurting himself. (Episode 99)

Mr Dole Whip himself. (Episode 102)

The man actively advocating for a 4-star AAA rating for Scopa Towers. (Episode 109)

Trip Planning guru, and part-time ice cream junkie. (Episode 110)

Our own Cluba Lane lookalike. (Episode 113)

The man who is marking himself to the world, one shirt at a time. (Episode 115)

With his own key to Allentown, PA… (Episode 117)

The elder statesmen of the Podcast, the one who hung out with Walt and his brother out back in Missouri. (Episode 117)

The birthday boy, who is celebrating his tri-centennial birthday. (Episode 125)

A man missing the All Star game with a bad knee, but still here for today’s show. (Episode 126)

Stallion. (Episode 129)

The scourge of the seven seas. (Episode 130)

A man who would cry at any moment if he hears the “Wishes” soundtrack. (Episode 133)

A guy they call to stand in for Clint Eastwood when the Audioanimatronic breaks down on The Great Movie ride. (Episode 136)

Get out ‘chya Grinders. (Episode 137) (A Great Movie Ride reference)

Broadcasting from Scopa Towers North… (Episode 138)

The man who makes you think of “nerd”, puts the “fun” in “dysfunction”. (Episode 150)

The part-time stand-in for Johnny Weissmuller’s Audioanimatronic. (Episode 151)

The oldest man in podcasting. (Episodes 152, 167)

MousePlanet’s bad boy. (Episode 153)

Josh and Sarah’s (from UCF’s) “Favorite Person to be Snubbed by”. (Episode 160)

Insert random “old” joke here. (Episode 161)

It just wouldn’t be a WDW race if Scopa didn’t injure his leg somehow… (Episode 163)

Old man winter himself. (Episode 169)

The word “old” personified. (Episode 175)

The inspiration for the movie “Invincible”. (Episode 176)

Here tonight, only because Carol let him out… (Episode 179)

The inspiration for some of the corpses in the Haunted Mansion attraction. (Episode 180)

The man who led us here, Sparcatus himself. (Episode 181)

Creating an artifical demand for pineapple-flavored ice cream for years… (Episode 182)

Writing a book about how he’d kill Len, if he had done it, Mike “Juice” Scopa (Episode 183)

Preparing for a week of Disney-style debauchery. (Episode 186)

Mighty Scopa. (Episode 197)

Mr Spooky MaHuff Jail. (Episode 230)

(Singing Flash Gordon theme) Mr Scopa, Savior of the Universe. (Episode 230)

Chief of Staff of the Miracle Elixir Institute. (Episode 246)

Often confused as looking like the Cryptkeeper. (Episode 261)

Last on my Skype contact list… (Episode 264)

A man who beta-tested Earth for the big guy. (Episode 273)

…who remembers the good ol’ days, living in Pompey before the big one hit. (Episode 274)

Hailing from parts unknown, and the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World…of 1894. (Episode 279)

The Mayor of MousePlanet.com and first elect of AllEarsNet. (Episode 306)

The man who dances when we tell him to dance. (Episode 320)

The inspiration for Mel Brooks’ “2,000 year old man”. (Episode 322)

The man who invented “the man”. (Episode 327)

A man who considers the last Cubs’ World Series victory as relatively recent. (Episode 330)

Scopa has been writing for years and years…and years, and years and years. Practically since the Phoenicians invented the alphabet. (Episode 337)

Remembering that first Thanksgiving all the way back, when he planted the corn with the fish in the ground. (Episode 339)

“The Mummified” Mike Scopa. (Episode 482)

Mike “I’m still alive” Scopa. (Episode 490)

Mr “You must be this old to enter the Parks” Scopa. (Episode 490)

Mike Scopa, a senior – very senior – blogger… (Episode 596)

Mr Sensitivity himself. (Episode 645)

The man who first learned to drive a car in his Zeppelin. (Episode 647)

Giving thanks for Scopa’s first car trip. (Episode 648)

Speaking of dead, also joining us on today’s show… (Episode 653)

One of only two people who Mike Newell would want on a deserted island with him. (Episode 1079)

“The only one left to save Mickey Mouse.” (Episode 1130)

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