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Books co-written by Len

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. This guide is updated twice a year (generally in mid-August and in February). The table of contents can be found here.

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids.

The Color Companion to Walt Disney World.

The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland (see episode 556).

The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland Paris (see episode 607).

Websites run by Len

TouringPlans.com – the official website of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

What the other hosts really think of Len

Listen to:

(An alternative view can be found in Episode 492: One Brilliant Thing.)

Articles about Len

Len gives advice on Fox8 North Carolina, May 2011.

AirTran Magazine, September 2008.

The New York Times, December 3, 2004.

Odd things just happen to me

Episode 1359 – Magic Kingdom Mistakes 3:17-4:46 Len describes a phone conversation he had after dialing the wrong number

Episode 1319 – Listener Questions 22:09 Ryan suggests a drinking game surrounding Len’s use of the word “interesting”

Episode 1241 – Stories from Len’s trip 13:54 A fish, which looked like George Costanza, bites Len’s pinky finger even though he was minding his manners

Episode 1202 – FASTPASS+ at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios 1:25 Reveals that he has renovated his kitchen to look like the Space Mountain post show area

Episode 1145 – Listener Questions 20:18 Len recounts a visit to Wolfgang Puck Cafe where he held the door open for a group in which one of the members was holding the Unofficial Guide. Len didn’t reveal his identity, though.

Episode 1130 – A Poem Read a listener’s poem, which parodied the podcast, its hosts, and Disney in general at Reunion 2012.

Episode 1126 – Epcot On The Cheap Threathened to protest the show after it was not titled “Stink Around the World” as per his suggestion.

Episode 1094: Listener Questions 14:18 Shawn from Ohio discusses an awkward running encounter with Len Testa.

Episode 659: WDWToday’s Excellent American Adventure Between 8’50” and 17’20”. Len has problems getting to his Fort Wilderness tent.

Episode 518: Water Parks Between 18’35” and 19’40”. Hannah was made the Big Kahuna at Blizzard Beach.

Episode 518: Water Parks Between 11’00” and 13’10”. Len feels like shark bait, and took action accordingly.

Episode 480: Catching Up With Len From 18’35” to 20’35”. Len’s party won a free private showing of…the Tiki Room.

Episode 414: Snack, Sip (And Sick) From 28’15” onwards. Len drinks a bottle of Canadian maple syrup.

Episode 343: Listener Questions Between 21’40” and 22’50”. Len finds out what happens when you skip a toll booth.

Episode 291: Len’s Wild Weekend Between 17’50” and 18’40”. Len is stopped by Disney security, but Steve, carrying a giant Tiki, wasn’t.

Episode 230: Listener Questions Between 2’30” and 3’00”. Len won a Year of a Million Dreams FastPass.

Episode 203: Listener Questions Between 11’30” and 15’00”. Len fell asleep at the wheel, and drove through a luggage explosion. Best trip ever.

Episode 200: Len’s Excellent Adventure Len and family had a vacation next to a recreation of M*A*S*H.

Episode 186: 1 day, 1 project Between 13’30” and 15′ – Len ate Vaseline during a marathon.

Episode 154: One Year Anniversary show Between 22’15” and 25′ – Len got the wrong cheesecake (at the same time as Dawn had emergency root canal surgery without pain pills). Len had a bad day.

Episode 54: Fantasyland Between 4’40” and 6’10” – Len got stuck on It’s a Small World.

Len’s Rules of Life

  1. Never play pool with a man named after a city (Episode 593).
  2. Food always tastes better on a stick (Episode 593).
  3. Anything with fire is automatically better (Episode 593).
  4. It’s way funnier with a little bit of alcohol (circa Episode 437).
  5. You cannot make bad ice-cream (Episode 440).

Also known as

The man who loves his blue font. (Episode 13)

Disney Half-Marathan Champion [of this podcast]. (Episode 47)

Everyone’s favorite backup 7-year-old cheerleading coach. (Episodes 54 and 258)

Olympic hopeful. (Episode 60)

The person they based the Muppet “Animal” after. (Episode 63)

The most electrifying man in Trip Planning today. (Episode 64)

The angriest man in DisneyWorld podcasting. (Episode 70)

Eddie Van Halen’s long lost twin. (Episode 72)

The man who sympathises with the Junk Food characters on the old “Food Rocks” shows. (Episode 78)

Our own American Idol. (Episode 81)

Episode 82: Sue Pisaturo Disney World Changes (A Japanese greeting.)

The man who knows every episode we have ever done. (Episode 86)

Bob’s boy. (Episode 91)

My main man. (Episode 93)

Len “The Crippler” Testa (his WWE Raw name). (Episode 96)

The head of the “I Love Dumbo” fan club. (Episode 97)

My Wonkabar fiend in training. (Episode 102)

Quoting John Wayne at any opportunity… (Episode 103)

Mr Blue Font. (Episode 109)

A man who only cares about two things: his freaks and his peaks. (Episode 112)

Len “Big Poppa Pump” Testa. (Episode 112)

A man who uses his genius for evil, Len “Lex Luthor” Testa. (Episode 113, 121)

The man perpetuating all of the “Scopa love” that’s going around. (Episode 115)

Appearing on the backside of water as usual… (Episode 116)

A man who is often confused with Augustus Gloop. (Episode 117)

A man of few words, but all of them in blue font. (Episode 127)

Live from Spooky MaHuff Jail… (Episode 131)

The living embodiment of Clint Eastwood’s character in the movie “Heartbreak Ridge”, Len “Sgt. Highway” Testa. (Episode 136)

Len “The Nature Boy” Testa. (Episode 137)

The new mascot of the Steelers. (Episode 138)

Drowning in a pool of his own blue font… (Episode 141)

A man advocating that Donald Duck should be able to wear some pants. (Episode 144)

Narcoosses’ social planner. (Episode 152)

A man who you can get along with, once you learn to worship him. (Episode 156) (But both Testa and Scopa thought this was going to Scopa).

The inspiration for the Styx’s song “Too much time on my hands”. (Episode 161)

Eddie van Halen’s second cousin twice removed (Episode 162).

Matt’s best friend in the whole wide world. (Episode 167)

Christina Testa’s legal counsel. (Episode 169)

An insanely smart man. (Episode 174)

A man sitting “shiva” for his beloved Steelers. (Episode 175)

Resident nerd. (Episode 177)

The Bill Belichick of touring-guide planning. (Episode 178)

Funk Master 3000. (Episode 178)

The host of TestaFest 2006 at MouseFest this year. (Episode 179)

The King of Shameless Plugs (ding). (Episode 180)

Live from Steubenville… (Episode 181)

Entering a turkey-induced coma early this year… (Episode 182)

Wearing his Billy Rae Cyrus T-shirt in all of its glory… (Episode 183)

Deciding to hold off on killing himself until after today’s Podcast after yet another Steelers’ loss… (Episode 184)

…who writes a book in blue font. Crazy! (Episode 185)

The leader of TestaFest 2006. (Episode 186)

Someone more endearing than Mary Poppins. (Episode 189)

Ringmaster of the Hanson Reunion Tour. (Episode 203)

With his mind on his money, and his money on his mind… (Episode 224)

The man who sent Britney Spears into rehab. (Episode 238)

Running with the devil, … (Episode 259)

Doing it right, because he can’t do it wrong… (Episode 276)

The scourge of North Carolina. (Episode 279)

The man who always has a great haircut and a great tan. (Episode 296)

In Number 2 in the world’s most Disney World music on his computer. (Episode 301)

The sixth member of the Warbos. (Episode 302)

The patron saint of Sammy Hagar. (Episode 303)

Playing lead bass tonight… (Episode 304)

Len Testa of SuperFluffyBunny.com. (Episode 308)

Hard at work sneeking in the new Van Halen reference into the 2009 Unofficial Guide. (Episode 309)

Always guessing Scopa’s lines. (Episode 311)

Live from his Motel 6 bedroom, where he always goes when he wants to get away… (Episode 312)

Playing Bohemian Rhapsody in his old Ford Escort that he named “Biff”… (Episode 325)

Not letting “the man” keep him down. (Episode 327)

Matt’s life coach and spiritual adviser. (Episode 338)

Emerging from his turkey-indused coma. (Episode 339)

“Client Number 10”. (Episode 383)

“Mr Liquor” himself. (Episode 384)

(See Maple Syrup for this tagline.) (Episode 481)

Len “Hell” Testa. (Episode 482)

Mike “I’m still in the bushes” Newell. (Episode 490)

The Rock of Gibraltor of this show. (Episode 544)

The inspiration for Mrs Incredible. (Episode 585)

Pound-cake. (Episode 644)

The Patron Saint of Disgruntled Theme Park Fans Everywhere. (Episode 686)

“Your Little Princess”. (Episode 705)

Tonto Testa. (Episode 705)

A man who always celebrates every Prince song that he can possibly live out. (Episode 751)

Len “Naughty by Nature” Lesta. (Episode 763)

“The Incorrect” Len Testa. (Episode 1063)

Lennie-bo-bo. (August 2012 Live Show)

“Young Lennie Testa” (Episode 1130)

“Mr. Pepto Bismol” (Episode 1190)

“Someone who’s also too lazy to go verify Mike Scopa.” (Episode 1200)

[Matt’s] “Dad” (Episode 1200)

Unofficial WDW Today Wiki – by Phillip Burton and Andrew Carrieri

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