Where to go if… – Listener Questions


Age Groups


1251 20:23 Sherri from Utah asks about touring with a senior citizen

1234 20:09 Valentina from New York asks if 80-year olds should ride WDW’s thrill rides


1304 26:57 Anna asks where she can obtain birthday buttons for her children

1219 20:29 Sara from North Carolina asks about getting a specialty cake for a boat cruise in Crescent Lake

1210 7:32 Mike from New York talks about ordering birthday cakes from Disney

1153 12:54 Sherry from Maryland about birthday activities for a child at WDW

1109 Bob from New Jersey asks about celebrating a birthday at WDW.

0749 10’45”: Mark asks if there is anything special for his child’s first birthday.

0674 29’25”: Rachel from Kentucky asks for suggestions for her 13th birthday.

0642 21’55”: Angie asks whether the birthday Family FassPass is hard to get.

LS37 82’55”: John wants a birthday cake delivered to his room.

0594 15’25”: Mike from Tennessee wants to enjoy his birthday by eating and drinking.

0585 28’05”: Sarah from UK wants alternate suggestions for her then 10-year-old’s birthday’s evening (see also Episode 544).

LS34 58’35”: Ryan from Wisconin is considering getting Birthday FastPasses.

0579 12’05”: Monique from Massachusetts asks about Happy Birthday balloons.

18’40”: Ron from Oregon asks about getting Ron’s son Birthday gift card.

LS033 11’25”: George asks whether he can apply the value of his free Birthday ticket to an Annual Pass.

33’10”: Brett asks whether he can use the Birthday Gift card on dining.

LS30 Part 2 – 19’55” Patrick asks what the actual value of the Birthday ticket is, and WDW economising. Len refers to Episode 526.

0513 13’55”: Shell from Massachusetts wants ideas for her 40th birthday.

0502 10’00”: Sindy wants to know how to get a Birthday button.

LS25 Part 1, 19’55” Sarah from New York also wants a nice dinner for her birthday. Len recommends Narcosses, Citricos or Yachtsman Steakhouse.

LS25 Part 2, 42’00” Pete from Oregon asks about the birthday pin.

Nicole of PA wants to know a family friendly place to celebrate her 21st birthday with the whole family.

Matthew wants birthday suggestions for his solo trip.

Jennifer of CT wants to know special tips for her daughter’s birthday.

Jamie also knows how the birthday buttons work.
Matt says Disney doesn’t check to actually see if it is your birthday.

Joe of IL wants suggestions for a first birthday celebration.
Lou took his daugher when she was 9 months old and says putting them with a character or getting a haircut can be great.
Matt agrees with Lou that a character meet can make a kids day.

Donna of CT wants suggestions for a birthday.
Mike Scopa recommends Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue.
Matt says a Pirate & Princess party might be a good idea.

Mike Scopa recalls a birthday surprise for his wife in his room.

Bill of MA wants to know the best place to have dinner for his 30th birthday.
Len says if Bill wants an outlandish dinner to try Raglan Road.
Len says if Bill wants something a little more quiet and want to splurge, Victoria & Alberts.
Matt thinks in the parks Bill might enjoy 50’s Primetime Cafe.
Matt says if Bill wants something more sedated to try the Hollywood Brown Derby.
Len also thinks Jiko and to sit at the bar.

Kathleen of MA wants suggestions for a birthday.
Len says Raglan Road doesn’t get too fun till about 9pm and Hoop-dee-doo is on the expensive side.
Matt thought maybe 50’s Primetime Cafe or Whispering Canyon.
Len likes Whispering Canyon.

LS02 Sharon is going down for her birthday and wants to know suggestions for fun stuff to do on her birthday

Matt referenced a thread about things to do on your birthday

Paul also asks wants suggestions for his daughter’s 18th birthday.
Mike Scopa would make a reservation for Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue and be sure to wear a birthday button while at the show.
Len recommends telling everyone at the hotel and restaurants you eat at that it’s her 18th birthday.
Len thinks Raglan Road would also be fun.


1254 7:05 Sheryl from Maine asks if Disney might give a discount to make up for a previous trip, which was hindered by illness

1109 Karen from Kansas asks about healthcare options at WDW

First Time

1355 18:46 Lauren from Texas asks about touring with a 30-year old first timer

1307 9:15 Maureen from Massachusetts asks for good DVC Resorts to impress first timers at Christmas

1295 8:36 Adam from Wisconsin asks about late-October crowds at WDW, and tips for touring with a first timer

1281 10:04 Betsy from Maryland talks about doing WDW with first-time visitors

1254 11:47 Ray asks about touring with a first-time guest

1148 2:56 Cass from California asks about what WDW park she should go to first.

1139 3:27 Emma from Vermont asks for must dos for a first timer

0657 28’35”: Jenny from Virginia wants to plan for first-time vacationers.

Matt of PA wants to know tips for a first timer.

Rich wants to know how to plan a trip for inlaws who haven’t been to Walt Disney World in 25 years.

Matt of TX wants to know tips for making his trip more magical for first timers.

Chrissy of NY wants to know recommendations for a memorable trip for her and her friends .

Tim of MI wants to know events or activities for his daughter’s first time visit.

Jeremy wants to know about planning a trip for first timers.

Courtney of IN wants to know advice for going with a first timer to Walt Disney World.

John Brown of ME wants to know how to prepare his friends who are new to WDW for their first trip.
Mike Scopa says they sell [1]a DVD on each of the parks that is produced by Disney.
Mike Newell found his DVD on [2]Ebay for cheaper.

LS03 Mike from NY is going with a first timer and wants to know must-do’s for him and his friend


Enrique writes in about how well Disney handled a medical emergency.

Eric of CT wants suggestions for attractions that would appeal to his parents.

Bridget of VA wants to know how to tour parks with young children but still include more adult attractions.
Len suggests the [3]“Happy Family” One-day Magic Kingdom touring plan (scroll down about halfway to find it).


Number of people

In a Group

1331 2:33 Melissa from South Africa discusses how she plans large-group trips. Mike Scopa encourages schedule flexibility

1304 7:07 Nikki from Tennessee asks if tour groups for solo travelers exist

0627 27’50”: Katie from Michigan asks about group activities.

Daniel of AZ wants to know touring tips for his group given their mixed ages.
Mike Scopa recommends Cirque du Soleil.
Matt says what you can all ride depends on your groups health and preferences.
Matt recommends attractions like the Great Movie Ride, Soarin, Muppetvision, Philharmagic and Splash Mountain.
Mike Scopa says not to be afraid of splitting up.

Daniel also wants to know anything not to miss given the ages of the people in his group.
Matt says Kevin will want to ride attractions where everyone can ride in such as Soarin’.
Mike Scopa also recommends the Great Movie Ride.
Matt also suggests Ellen’s Energy Advanture or Test Track.

Travelling solo

1304 7:07 Nikki from Tennessee asks if tour groups for solo travelers exist

1298 3:31 Ryan asks about solo touring. Mike Newell recommends Episode 696 – Traveling The World Solo, Episode 726 – Traveling Solo to an Online-Group Event, Episode 919 – Solo Q&As, and Episode 1116 – Restaurants for dining solo

1240 20:17 Scott from Scotland asks questions about solo touring

0701 9’05”: David asks if he can meet fellow solo Disney geeks.

0698 6’55”: Kim from Maryland suggests that solo travelers should go during fan events.

0677 18’05”: Louis from UK asks if the Dining Plan is worth it for a solo diner.

0648 11’10”: Louis from UK asks if he should get a dining plan in travelling solo.

0633 14’30”: Amanda from Illinois asks whether she can enjoy a long solo trip.

LS35 57’55”: Dean from NY asks whether the Panel are going to be in WDW in September, asks if the Party is interesting, and any tips for solo travelling.

0588 17’25”: Tim from Massachusetts wants activity recommendations for a solo Disney fan.

0576 9’10”: Michael from FL asks for justification for going solo to WDW.

0522 21’00”: Linda from Pennsylvania wants to take the best advantage of FastPass when travelling alone.

Randy of MI wants suggestions on taking a solo trip.

Matthew wants birthday suggestions for his solo trip.

Terri of IL wants to know recommendations or suggestions for traveling solo.

Disneypaul wants to know how we go solo to the park without our wives.
Len says because he does so much research that his wife doesn’t want to do it.
Mike Scopa explains the difference between vacations and research trips and the arrangement he has with his wife.

Molly of CT wants to know if we’ve ever traveled to Walt Disney World solo.
Matt says we all go solo quite a bit.
Len goes when there is a good deal like on airfare.
Mike Scopa plans his solo trips and it allows for a great deal of flexibility.

Kathy of WA is going solo to Walt Disney World and wants some advice for going alone.
Mike Scopa recommends she use Disney Transportation and to eat at counter service restaurants for the most part.
Mike Scopa says going solo is fun because you can do what you want, when you want.
Mike Scopa says you should do the kind of things you might not do with your husband.
Mike Newell says Olivia’s Cafe (Old Key West) is great for single travelers.

LS02 Jason wants to know which attractions have a single-rider line


First Day/Late Arrival

1204 25:15 Jodie from Colorado asks if she should add an extra day to her park ticket such as to experience Magic Kingdom on a crowded arrival night

0540 16’55”: Ken from NH asks about going to the parks one hour after the park opening.

Heather wants to know how to tour the parks if she arrives mid-morning.

[4]Veronica wants to know a recommendation for her arrival day
Len says the Magic Kingdom or Epcot would be an option.
Mike Scopa thinks she should look to see which park has Evening Extra Magic Hours.

Dave of England wants to know which park he should start with.
Mike Scopa recommends the Magic Kingdom because it has the oldest technology and then progress upwards as they move to the newer parks.
Matt likes Epcot or Animal Kingdom first.
Len recommends Animal Kingdom first and explains why.

Kelly of TX wants to go to Kona Cafe but wants to know if she goes there for breakfast, should she still stick with the Unofficial Guide touring plan or ditch it if they arrive late to the Magic Kingdom.
Len says there’s a late arrival touring plan for those arriving at 11 that might be an option.
Len says if you arrive an hour late, you could combine a FASTPASS strategy and then ride larger capacity attractions.

Melissa of OH wants to know if it’s worth going to the parks if you arrive at 3pm.
Len says you have to consider how tired you are when you get to the parks and what you’re planning on doing the next morning.

A listener writes in to ask what to do on their arrival day if they’re arriving at noon.
Len has [5]a touring plan at TouringPlans.com for a half day arrival.
Len says if you’re not interested in the touring plan, Epcot is your best bet.

Mike from Westwood, NJ wants to know if he can see all of Animal Kingdom if he’s going to be down there for just the afternoon on his arrival day.
Len thinks Mike can do the highlights given the timeframe but thinks FASTPASS will likely be gone.
Len says after 3:30 or so the park dies so it will be easier to do some of the headliner attractions.
Matt says the last 2 hours the park is open is when Mike will have the easiest time with waits.
Len says to make sure he’s not going on an Extra Magic Hour day and to start with a stage show.

Kim also wants to have a first day itinerary.
Matt suggests going to [6]TouringPlans.com and using one of their many touring plans.

Beth Young from Orlando, FL wants any tips for those who go to Epcot after 4pm?.
Len recommends the behind the seeds tour at the land pavillion as well as any other short (1-2 hour) tours of Epcot or a Hidden Mickeys Tours from [7]Steve Barrett’s book.

Last Day

1207 8:06 Suzanne from the UK asks if her party should do Food and Wine on Saturday departure day

Henry of CA wants to know if he can go to the parks in the morning if his flight home is at 3pm.
Danielle of NJ wants suggestions for her last day at Walt Disney World.

Heather of TN wants to know what to do on her last morning at WDW.


1358 16:01 Janette discusses the performers at Harambe Nights

Scott of WI wants to know our favorite attractions at night.

Terry wants to know attractions to do at night.
Deb says the Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Mountain, Test Track.
Mike Scopa suggests Expedition Everest, Tower of Terror or TTA.
Deb also says the Monorail into Epcot is cool at night.

Art from Vermont wants to know when it gets dark at Walt Disney World in Early March and which attractions are best experienced at night.
Len says Weather.com will have the actual sunrise & sunset information.
Matt says betwen 6 and 7pm it should become pretty dark.
Mike Newell mentions it should be a little bit lighter in Florida because it’s all flat.
Matt likes Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain at night.
Len says Tower of Terror can be slightly better when you first enter the drop shaft because you dont see the little rays of light coming in.
Len thinks Kali River Rapids is a good ride during Evening Extra Magic Hours .
Mike Scopa likes the Tomorrowland Transit Authority at night.
Len likes the lightup sidewalks in Epcot.
Matt mentions the Maelstrom ride at Norway is more interesting at night.

Only one day

0713 25’35”: Brett refers to Episode 414, Episode 395 and Episode 411, and gives the Panel a new challenge.

0651 21’45”: Will from Iowa asks what the Panel would do if they just had one day in the World.

0621 18’40”: Steve from TX asks whether the Panel will try the Four Parks in One Day again.

LS34 45’45”: Someone from Connecticut wants to do the worst rides Four Park in One Day (the “:World of Pain”: tour).

LS033 101’45”: Alex asks whether the EMHs are prone to change, and asks for suggestions for doing 3 Parks in one day.

0499 8’40”: Kevin from Massachusetts talks about his Trip Reports, and asks about his 4 Parks in 1 Day [8] challenge.

0490 18’10”: Patrick greets the Panel by nickname, and wants to have an Ultimate 4-Parks-in-One-Day Touring Plan (link: http://www.wdwtoday.com/wiki/index.php5?title=Where-to-go-if-%E2%80%A6#Only-one-day).

0454 Mike of MA wants to know what we think of his 3 parks in one day plan.

Jay of VA suggests an alternate 4 days in one park plan.
Sharla of GA shares her experience trying all four parks in one day.

Brian of GA shares his strategy for four parks in one day.

Will of FL wants to know how to ride all 4 parks in one day.
Matt mentions Episode 395 where we discussed the theory of doing 4 parks in one day where we did 4 parks in one day, and Episode 411 where we documented 4 parks in one day.

Jamie of NY wants to know about doing all four parks in one day.

Paul of NY shares his story of doing all 4 parks in one day.

Cheryl of MA wants to know how to go to all four parks in one day.
Mike Scopa would start at Animal Kingdom when it has extra magic hours morning. followed by the Disney-MGM Studios, then Magic Kingdom or Epcot (depending on whichever has Extra Magic Hour evenings).
Matt thinks if you try to do all 4 parks, you’ll feel like you’re spending more time commuting.
Mike Scopa says you can’t depend on Disney transportation.

Short Trip

1139 5:29 Ann from Ohio asks how to maximize a short trip to WDW



1397 22:55 Tom from Florida talks about hurricanes at WDW

0758 13’20”: Naomi asks what happens if a hurricane happens.

Keith of Ottawa, Canada wants to know where to safely park his car during a hurricane.

Ron wants to know about historic closings at Walt Disney World due to hurricanes.

Susan wants to know what happens to guests during hurricanes.

Ron of CA wants to know where to check for hurricane information and when.
Mike Scopa says Walt Disney World announced [9]a new policy for hurricanes.
Mike Scopa says Disney does a great job when a hurricane hits.
Matt says for Hurricane info Ron should go to the [10]National Hurricane Center.
Mike Scopa says if you need to reschedule during free dining and reschedule for a non-free dining time, you will not recieve free dining.


1286 21:04 Ron from Texas requests an episode covering rainy day touring at WDW

1165 9:26 Joe from Minnesota asks about rainy day touring

0591 25’05”: Vernon asks what effect cold weather has on the Parks.

0451 Chuck of NY wants to know about rides that close down during rain.

David mentions what happened when it rained during a busy day and how the rain cleared out the crowds.

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