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Who is Lou Mongello?

  • Lou Mongello is a lawyer from New Jersey who is a notable figure in the Disney online community.
  • He is the author of Walt Disney World Trivia book
  • Rumors are that he has his own Podcast.
  • Rumors are that he also might not meet height restrictions on certain park attractions.
  • His birthday is August 2, the day after Len Testa.

Although the guys give him a hard time, they are good friends with him and think he is a great guy.

Reason for the Jokes against Lou

He knows what he did.

No, the real reason

The jokes at the expense of Lou Mongello began when someone mentioned an accolade of Lou Mongello and Len Testa, in a high pitched voice, mocked Mongello for being so wonderful, often with the phrase “Oh Lou…” before mentioning something Mongello had done. Mongello is also made fun of because of his height (he is quite short), the fact he is a lawyer and that Matt Hochberg is secretly in love with his wife.

Since then, the group routinely mocks Mongello and make jokes at his expense. The irony is that the four are good friends with Mongello off the air. It is a complete coincidence that Episode 126: Lou Mongello was the shortest episode between Episodes 5 and 502. (No Pun Intended)

Besides, he started it.

Len says: I think we started teasing him when people started writing in saying they listened to both our show and his, along the lines of “I love the humor of your show, and the great trivia that Lou has…”

Eventually one of us (probably me) said something goofy like “You know his hobby is pulling the wings off butterflies, right? He’s evil.” And from there it just spiraled out of control. I did a presentation at MagicMeets ’07 on touring plans, but a title slide was “Why I Love Lou Mongello.” In it was the use of “Mongello” as a greeting and invective.

What we honestly think about Lou

Listen to Live Show 7: September 24, 2006, Part 2, 19′ to 20’30”.


Long Podcasts

Lou’s Podcast, if it exists, is traditionally very long compared with a week’s worth of WDWToday. Its length is usually exaggerated for humor purposes in WDWToday.


New Jersey

Another joke referencing Lou Mongello (and Fred Block) as it’s the state where he lived until April 2009. The group make fun of Mongello for being part of many New Jersey sterotypes such as having gel in his hair (which he does) and driving an I-ROC Z (which he does not). For a major diatribe, listen to Episode 240: Major Holiday Touring between 8’30” and 10’05”.
Note: Lou moved to Florida in April 2009.

“Oh Lou”

Exaggerated adoration of Lou Mongello, often partly sung.

WDWToday Episodes which include Lou Mongello

Favorite Episodes with jokes against Lou

Listener Questions

0543 7’25”: Stuart saw Lou Mongello in the Parks.

0525 16’10”: Kate of Washington wants to know if Lou has been on the Show.

Complete list of all insults made about Lou Mongello

I’m sorry – Lou is a lawyer – I don’t want this page to become Exhibit 1 in “Mongello -v- WDWToday”. (However, a lot of them are contained in the Best of WDW Today series.)

Besides, it’s all in fun – except for the insult in Episode ###REMOVED###.

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