Major Episodes

Episode 1383 – Festival Of Fantasy Parade

Episode 1090 -October Preview after 17:14-discussion of how Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party affects evening parade and fireworks schedule at MK

Episode 790: Light Up The World

Episode 494: Parades & Fireworks…A Viewer’s Guide

Episode 432: Theme Park Etiquette Revisited Beginning to 5’55”, 10’35” to 12’15”

Episode 381: Tales Of A Cast Member From 10′ onwards

Episode 371: Fireworks Tips

Episode 6: Parade & Fireworks Tips

See Also Where to go If… for other nighttime activities at WDW

Animal Kingdom

Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade

Episode 798: Holidays At Animal Kindom/Resort Displays From commencement to 6′



Jim from California is planning a Disney Wedding and needs to pick a location for the reception in Epcot. His choices are Italy, or the upper or lower terraces at the United Kingdom pavillion and wants to know which would provide the best view of the show.
We all agree it’s not going to be Italy.
Mike Scopa would go with the terrace that is closer to Future World.
Len thinks Jim will be better in the lower terrace because of a better view there and the prevailing winds favor being closer to Future World.

Tim of Ohio wants to know if the Tapestry of Dreams parade will be returning to Epcot?.
Len asked about this last year and the answer was no.
Mike Scopa mentions they had plans for a parade for Disney’s 50th celebration but it never got off the ground.
Len thinks Future World would be a better place for a new parade.



Episode 790: Light Up The World Between 6’45” and 13’45”, and 18’30” and 21’10”

Episode 635: Tip For Today From 17’15” onwards – a good late place to see Illuminations.

1334 30:52 Erica from Indiana shares her opinion on Illuminations based on Episode 1330 – Unofficial Guide Ratings Update For Disney’s Hollywood Studios

1275 2:54 Jenny from the UK asks if it’s possible to get a window seat at Monsieur Paul such as to watch Illuminations

1240 4:10 Nick asks for romantic locations to view Wishes and Illuminations, whether inside or outside the respective parks

1085 13:28 Jason from Massachusetts asks about viewing Illuminations from Rose and Crown.

LS40 77’10”: Greg from Lexington asks whether he can bring a tripod to film Illuminations.

0662 30’10”: AtomicMickey asks where the best place to watch Illuminations from an audio perspective.

0606 16’35”: Jen wants to see Illuminations on a crowded day after seeing the Candlelight Processional and have a good view.

LS35 40’15”: Jay asks about the firework barge blowoff at Epcot.

51’40”: Erica from NC asks why Illuminations is no longer on Disney’s calendar.

Ross of MA wants to know the best place for Illuminations without lining up an hour early to see the show.

Sue of CT wants to know if there is always a second showing of Illuminations during Epcot’s Extra Magic Hours evenings.

Mike Scopa says from his room at Pop Century he can see Illuminations.
Mike Scopa says any room facing hourglass lake, specifically buioldings 2, 3 & 4 (4 is a preferred building) will offer a view of Illuminations.

LS01 Part 1 – 2’20”: Billy from Connecticut asks whether Illuminations is going to be changed for Epcot’s 25th anniversary.

For viewing the Illuminations fireworks, you can watch it from the Boardwalk with a nice view.

Phil asks if the explosion at the inferno barge for Illuminations at Epcot damaged the Earth globe.
Len says the globe is not damaged and the show is still worth seeing.

Illuminations Cruise

Episode 595: The World According To Scopa Between 8’20” and 10’15”

Episode 381: The Magic Makers (Michael Scibetta) From 10′ onwards

Episode 641: Worth it or not? Between 11’05” and 13’20”

1281 30:56 Brian recollects his family’s Illuminations Cruise

1263 6:10 John from Florida asks if alcohol is permitted on or can be ordered for an Illuminations Cruise

1257 4:38 Laura from Maine asks about leaving Epcot after an Illuminations Cruise

1240 10:20 Amanda asks whether the Wishes Cruise or the Illuminations Cruise is a better option

1207 10:19 Rachel from Pennsylvania asks for opinions on the Illuminations Cruise

1079 25:24 Rachel in Pennsylvania asks about the Illuminations Cruise’s quality and value.

0743 11’45”: Christie from PA asks if the Panel would recommend the Illuminations cruise.

0657 9’05”: Craig from UK refers to Episode 572, and asks about the Wishes and Illuminations cruises.

Jason also wants to know about trying to get his preferred day for his Illuminations cruise.
Mike Scopa and Len both don’t like the Illuminations cruise.
Len says Jason could rent a 2 person boat and propose in Bay Lake.

LS06 Len reports about that Christina wants to do an Illuminations Cruise and smuggling a justice of the peace onto the cruise and having the ceremony begin 5 minutes prior to Illuminations beginning and having the ceremony end right as the fireworks starts. Bribing the captain might be necessary.

Illuminations at Christmas

Episode 1425 – December 2014 Preview 20:56-21:58; 25:30-26:28

Episode 796: Holidays At Epcot From 16′ onwards

Episode 13: Holidays Around the World Between 6’25” and 10’20”

From Accommodation

Episode 790: Light Up The World From 21’10” onwards

Episode 635: Tip For Today Between 5’35” and 7’45” – viewing Wishes from Baylake Towers.

LS033 106’10”: Steve from Illonis asks about hearing the firework music in the Polynesian.

0540 29’25”: Catlin from Indianapolis asks whether fireworks can be seen from Fort Wilderness.

Kim wants to know spots near the Magic Kingdom to see fireworks other than at the Polynesian Resort or the Contemporary resorts .

Lou of MA wants to know if there is a list of fireworks viewable rooms.
Mike Scopa doesn’t think there is any list.
Matt thinks fireworks viewable rooms tend to be overrated.
Mike Scopa says if the music isn’t there, a large chunk of the show is missing.
Mike Scopa says you can sometimes see fireworks from the 50s buidling at Pop Century.

Robert of Roswell, GA and asks for opinions on fun things to do outside the parks such as riding the monorail.
Matt recommends the Boardwalk Resort area and you can watch the Epcot Illuminations fireworks from the Boardwalk.


Episode 1157 – Potpourri 19:10 Mike Scopa discusses the quality of recent WDW parades

1349 8:29 Eric from Delaware asks about places on WDW property where you can view fireworks from afar

1281 21:01 Van from Georgia shares a trip report, highlighting nighttime spectaculars in particular

LSE1 48’55”: A caller asks about previews of the July 4 fireworks.
1h04’00”: AquaViola refers to Episode 6 and asks whether the Panel likes any of the new afternoon parades.
1h18’35”: Jeanine comments on the parades.

0561 26’30”: Marcie from Massachusetts refers to Episode 494, and asks how long in advance should you line up for parades in busy periods.

[1]Joel wants to know if the rules for parades and shows at Tokyo Disneyland could work in the United States

Lynne also wants suggestions to see parades and fireworks.

A family from Montana wants to know how early to be on hand for the afternoon parade on Easter.
Mike Scopa says to get a spot 90 minutes ahead of time for Easter because it’s one of the 4 most crowded days at the Magic Kingdom.

LS05 Josh of PA wants to know why there is a light on in Cinderella’s Castle during Wishes and Spectromagic

Tom of TX wants opinions for favorite parade spots at the parks

LS01 Part 2 – 11’10”: Bob from Kansas can only see two of the three night-time events, but which should he not see?

Bobby from Bayonne, NJ mentions that there’s a hidden Walt on every float in the Share a Dream Come True parade.

Shelly Collins of Michigan wants to know about parades running when the parade closes.
Len thinks it’s a typo.
Matt thinks instead of a parade it’s a fireworks show and says that when a nighttime show and the park closing are at the same time, you must either see the show or leave since all the other attractions will be closed.

Brian Gardner of Fruitdale, AL wants to know how families get to be chosen to ride in the daytime parade.
Mike Scopa says that Disney is looking for a typical “Disney Family” and tends to target those families to ask.

Glow-With-the-Show Ears

Episode 1267 – Mike Scopa’s Weekend Trip Report At 8:31 and at 12:58

Episode 1264 – The One Thing 14:44-17:13

Episode 1249 – What’s The Word Again? 9:32-11:13

1400 22:29 Keith from North Carolina asks if the “Glow with the Show” Ears have been a success

Holiday Fireworks

Episode 1425 – December 2014 Preview New Years Eve 13:27-15:04; 24:55-26:28

Episode 1209 – July 4th At WDW8:18-9:40

1234 3:13 Wade asks if non-Polynesian guests can watch the New Years Eve fireworks from the resort’s beach

0549 16’00”: Unknown refers to Episode 454, says that Hallowishes are no longer shown twice a night, and likes riding the monorail.

Jason wants to know if you can only see the holiday fireworks during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.
Mike Scopa says the special fireworks are shown during regular park hours as you get very close to either Halloween or Christmas but for the dates before that, it’s only shown during the special events.
Matt says the fireworks are a perk for paying extra.

Hollywood Studios

Block Party Bash

See Historic.


See Hollywood Studios.

Frozen Summer Fun

See Hollywood Studios

High School Musical

Jonathon of PA wants to know if tweens attractions are a good idea.
Len thinks the tweens attractions make the parks more relevant but doesn’t think Disney hasn’t given the High School Musical cast much to work with.
Matt thinks as long as there isn’t a point where a land could be renamed to a tweens land.
Matt mentions nothing based on TV never lasts in the parks.

Magic Kingdom


1355 17:08 Daffney from Texas asks where Magic Kingdom fireworks launch from

1263 13:49 Christy from Louisiana asks if Saturday or Monday is better for viewing Main Street Electrical Parade and Wishes in October

1240 9:19 Frank from Virginia comments on the question “What time’s the 3:00 Parade?”

1231 6:30 Diane from Illinois asks where she should view the MK holiday parade from

1226 17:57 Brian from North Carolina talks about the 3:00 parade joke from a Cast Member’s perspective

Kim wants to know spots near the Magic Kingdom to see fireworks other than at the Polynesian Resort or the Contemporary resorts .

Tom of TX shares a parade spot he enjoys in the Magic Kingdom.

ABC-TV Christmas Parade

Episode 1425 – December 2014 Preview 9:40-10:45

1268 11:57 James from Missouri asks how the ABC Christmas Parade taping affects touring patterns in the Magic Kingdom

1268 9:08 James from Missouri asks about seeing the ABC Christmas Parade taping at Magic Kingdom

0490 8’55”: Ellie asks about the crowds during the taping of the Christmas Parade.

Celebrate the Magic

1313 10:19 Chad from Massachusetts wonders why the Celebrate the Magic projection show at Magic Kingdom doesn’t garner as much attention as Wishes

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Episode 1407 – The World According To Matt 18:33-20:53

Episode 1383 – Festival Of Fantasy Parade

Episode 1318 – Still More Odds Makers 2:19-7:17

Episode 1294 – More Odds Makers 3:58-6:43

Episode 1249 – What’s The Word Again? 7:39-9:31

Kiss Goodnight

13194:55 Marie from Ohio asks if Kiss Goodnight is performed at Magic Kingdom on hard ticket party nights

LS46 69’35” Chris from NJ listened to the Kiss Goodnight at 3.30 a.m.

0561 5’45”: Craig talks about the Kiss Goodnight.

LS09 21’25” Angela from Connecticut refers to Episode 126, and asks about the Kiss Goodnight.

Main Street Electrical Parade

See also Summer Nightastic below.

Episode 1218 – Over/Under 22:14-27:50

1418 9:00 Theresa asks about seeing the Main Street Electrical Parade on hard-ticket party nights

1248 10:05 Wesley from Ohio asks for good places to view the Main Street Electrical Parade

1219 2:04 Michael from Florida asks for the best time and location to view the Main Street Electrical Parade

1137 8:02 Frank from Canada comments on the Magic Kingdom nighttime parade music

0555 27’00”: Kate from Washington refers to Episode 469, and asks about the Main Street Electronic Parade in Disneyland.

0469 Bonnie of OH wants to know if the Main Street Electrical Parade will ever return to the Magic Kingdom.

Rich from Youngstown, Ohio wants to know if the Main Street Electrical Parade will ever return to Walt Disney World.
Mark says the Main Street Electrical Parade moved to Disneyland Paris to be replaced by Spectromagic in Walt Disney World and there is still a version running at Disney’s California Adventure.
Mark doesn’t think it will be coming back to Walt Disney World anytime soon.

Preferred Seating

1300 2:04 David from Indiana asks if FastPass Plus is worth using for preferred parade seating


See Historic.

Summer Nightastic

Episode 682: Summer Nightastic


Wishes Dessert Party

Episode 601: Mr Voice Takes On The World Between 20’35” and 22’50”.

1289 26:23 Chad from Massachusetts shares Disney’s reservation protocol for the Wishes Dessert Party

Wishes Cruise

Episode 572: The Fabulous Birthday Bash From 12’15” onwards

1240 10:20 Amanda asks whether the Wishes Cruise or the Illuminations Cruise is a better option


Episode 1256 – Get it Outta Here! After 28:42

Episode 790: Light Up The World Between 13’45” and 18’25”

Episode 650: Amber’s Show Amber from TX wants to see both SpectroMagic and Wishes from the same location.

Episode 622: Planning From Scratch (Pt. 3) Wishes versus Hollowishes, and Wishes versus Disneyland – Between 12’35” and 15’10”

1424 8:42 Rick from Missouri shares a trip report, including Space Mountain, Yachtsman Steakhouse, using FastPass Plus for Wishes, and ADR tips

1367 6:09 Mike from New York asks about synchronizing an Ohana dinner with Wishes

1358 10:08 Stephen offers his opinion on Wishes

1355 20:21 Rick from Pennsylvania asks about the future of Wishes

1298 8:36 Donna from Colorado asks if Disney announces cancellations to Wishes ahead of time

1240 4:10 Nick asks for romantic locations to view Wishes and Illuminations, whether inside or outside the respective parks

LS34 33’00”: Anna is looking forward to the Wishes Dessert party.

0490 25’25”: Kat from Dublin, Ireland wants to know is she should change her reservation for Narcoossee’s on her last night. She booked it to see Wishes afterwards, but will Wishes be happening on a night which includes Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party?

0454 Justin of MA shares his experience of Wishes during the week of Halloween.

Jan of MI wants to know if regular Wishes will be shown during the week of Halloween.

JillAnn of IN shares a story of watching Wishes while riding Astro Orbitor.

Dan wants to know about renting a pontoon boat to watch Wishes.

Len likes to watch Wishes near the Space Mountain bathrooms.
Mike Newell mentions you can see Tinkerbell during Wishes.

Jeniffer of CA wants to know if California Grill or Narcooses has a better view of Wishes.
Matt says in a previous live show we concluded that California Grill had a much better view.
Len explains why Narcooses has a not-so great view.

Kim of Madison, WI wants to know our best spots to view Spectromagic and also if there are any spots that you can watch Spectromagic from and Wishes without moving.
Len says for both Spectromagic and Wishes he would watch would be somewhere near the central hub and the bridge to Tomorrowland.
Mike Newell likes to sit at the Tomorrowland Noodle Station to watch Wishes from and watches Spectromagic from the Main Street Railroad station.
Mike Scopa says for both spots, Mike likes to watch on a path that goes from Casey’s Corner on Main Street USA over to the ice cream parlor and if you stand right at the corner of that, you’ll be able to see both.

Matt recommends viewing Wishes at the Polynesian Resort.


Electrical Water Pageant

1091 16:50 Melinda from Tennessee praises Port Orleans, Electrical WaterPagent, Jiko, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, YeeHaw Bob, the Lines Ap, and MouseFan Travel

Samantha of LA wants to know more about the Electrical Water Pageant.

Brody of MI wants more information on the Electrical Water Pageant.
Mike Scopa says it takes place in front of each of the Magic Kingdom Deluxe resorts on the water and starts at about 9pm and moves from resort to resort.
Mike Scopa likes watching it from the Polynesian Resort near the Volcano Pool near Sunset Point that is near some swings.

From Restaurants

Episode 1283 – Three New Things After 12:06 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party fireworks from the Top of the World Lounge

Episode 790: Light Up The World Between 19’10” and 21’10”

1358 22:01 Riley asks if he can see Wishes from Ohana

1189 29:57 A listener from the UK asks about the best Epcot restaurant to view Illuminations from

0686 5’50”: Peter from NY asks whether the California Grill lights are lowered for Holiday Wishes.

0639 14’00”: Craig wants the best viewing spot of Wishes from California Grill or Polynesian Beach.

0627 35’50”: Todd from NJ asks whether you can see the fireworks from Teppan Edo.

LS34 10’20”: Holly says that there is a good view of Wishes from Narcoosses.

0463 Chris of FL wants to know if he can go to California Grill and go to the bar and then see the fireworks.

Brian of NJ wants to know if fireworks music is piped into Magic Kingdom resort restaurants during the hard ticket parties.

Dan wants to know if there are any restaurants at the Magic Kingdom or Epcot where you can see parades or fireworks from while eating.
Len says in the Magic Kingdom, the Noodle Station has some tables as well as the Plaza restaurant.
Matt thinks Rose & Crown is the best option in Epcot and the counter service restaurant in Epcot is decent.
Mike Scopa says the Norwegian bakery has some tables.
Annette says you can see some fireworks from Cinderella’s Royal Table.

LS03 Christine of CA wants to know if the view of Wishes is better from Narcooses or at California Grill.


See Historic.

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