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Episode 501: Vacation Blues

Episode 184: Disney pin trading

Episode 180: Scrapbooking


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0651 14’50”: Someone asks how he should get his Disney fix when not on vacation.

0576 22’30”: Martin from CA had the post-Disney blues.

0543 5’00”: ccline413 asks about making the magic last. Scopa suggests doing a Trip Report. See also Episode 501.

Frank of NY wants to know how we get over the post-WDW vacation syndrome.
Matt suggests [1]Mouse World Radio.

Joe wants to know what local parks give us a fix between trips to Walt Disney World.

Tony wants to know good websites for Walt Disney World videos.
Len says [2]YouTube is a starting point.
Matt says he has videos of [3]Tower of Terror and [4]Rock ‘n Roller Coaster.
Mike Newell likes [5]Mousebits.
Mike Scopa doesn’t think the videos really give you a good sense of the attraction.
Matt says watching videos is great for getting a Disney fix.

Malacky also wants to know what happened to the Disney World specials on TV.
Len says the Disney Channel is far more focused on the tween age set.
Len says he likes Nickelodeon.

Dan of FL wants to know if there’s a Disney channel playing the classic shows with Len.
Len says [6]YouTube has it.
Mike Scopa heard a rumor of a new Disney channel playing the old Disney Vault stuff.


See Shopping.


Shane of GA wants to know things to do at the parks that are good for making memories for free or cheap.

Brad wants to know where to make hats with Disney hats on it.
Matt recommends [7]DisneyInkShop.

Joe of IL wants to know about likelihood of him having counterfeit Disney pins.
Len says it’s possible to counterfeit them as the technology exists but doubts it is a counterfeit.
Joe also liked Mike Scopa’s article.

Josh sent us a picture of him wearing his [8]WDW Today shirt with Belle (picture coming soon).

Ralph comments that there is a kiosk at the exit to Small World that sells Small World merchandise.

Len mentions the Food Rocks characters for sale on [9]Mouse Surplus.
Send in your logo.

Rick wants to know about the eBay site where Walt Disney World surplus items are sold.
Len says it’s [10]MouseSurplus.
Len also says there’s a [11]recent article by Jim Hill on MouseSurplus.
Matt mentions Mark Goldhaber also recently wrote [12]an article on MouseSurplus.

Mark Sonnenberg wants to know about park pins that contain ride artifacts.
Len mentions the [13]Official Disney Pin page as a resource for finding specifics about those sort of pins.

Home Videos

1145 6:04 Ian from the UK asks about home videos of WDW trips

Mickey Monitor

Jane wants to know how soon she can expect to receive her issue of the Mickey Monitor.
Mike Scopa says you won’t receive the Mickey Monitor unless you have an activated annual pass.
Matt recommends calling the Annual Pass Holder phone number (407) 560-PASS.


See Photography.


1328 26:52 Erica from Indiana discusses pin trading

1301 20:41 Joe from Florida asks about Pin Trading

0677 10’25”: Brett from NH asks who would buy bathroom pins.

0657 31’50”: Melissa from Texas extols the virtue of pin-trading.

0630 21’00”: Megan from NJ would like a show about pin collecting.

LS36 80’40”: Amy from Kentucky says that her Millennium pin still works.

Becky wants to know if Disney pins not from the parks but from Disney are tradeable.
Len thinks so, especially with the Cast Members.

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