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Mandy wants to know information about Magic Meets 2008.

Joy of NJ thanks us for a good time at Magic Meets this year.

Len says he is making a speech at [1]Magic Meets.

Tony of NJ wants to know if we will be attending [2]MagicMeets.
Mike Newell says yes we will.

Matt says we have the exclusive rights to do a live broadcast at MagicMeets.

Mike Scopa will be making a speech.


0472 Mark wants to know if he should change his Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party tickets for Mousefest. Matt mentions the Fantasmic! Dessert Party.

0460 Matt mentions his [3]Fantasmic! Dessert Party that is occuring during Mousefest 2008.

0460 Nora wants to know when events for Mousefest 2008 will be posted.

0457 Paul of MA wants to know about making ADRs during Mousefest.

0457 Danielle wants to know when the Mousefest 2008 schedule of events will be online and which night is the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is.

LS25 Part 2, 15’00” Geoff from Rhode Island asks about MouseFest.

John of WI comments on what he thinks is the best Mousefest meet idea ever.

Shane of GA wants to know if he should encourage his group to go to Disney World during Mousefest.

Brian thanks us for the Mousefest Cruise shows.

Matt mentions the [4]Mousefest website.

Gerard of Sydney, Australia wants to know how cold it gets for Mousefest in Celcius.

Martin of CA wants to know if he should make ADR’s for during Mousefest.

Steve of FL wants to know if the mousefest activities are appropriate for kids.
Annette says many meets are simply riding rides as a group and there are some meets being organized for kids.
Matt says at the Mega Mouse meet there was a kids area.
Steve also wants to know what happens at the Mega Mouse Meet.
Mike Scopa says some of the events that goes on during the Mega Mouse Meet.

Jessica of PA wants to know how Mousefest affects crowds.
Mike Scopa says Mousefest alone isn’t going to cause huge crowds.
Matt says Mousefest isn’t dead in the parks but it’s worth going on.

Len mentions Christina will be at Mousefest.

Mike Scopa says to come visit us at [5]Mousefest.

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