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Episodes based around the Unofficial Guide

Episode 1393 – 2015 Unofficial Guide To Walt Disney World

Episode 1348 – Unofficial Guide Reader Surveys: Counter Service Outside The Parks

Episode 1347 – Unofficial Guide Ratings Update For Animal Kingdom And Epcot

Episode 1336 – Unofficial Guide Ratings Update For The Magic Kingdom ….Continued

Episode 1335 – Unofficial Guide Ratings Update For The Magic Kingdom

Episode 1330 – Unofficial Guide Ratings Update For Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Episode 1329 – Unofficial Guide Reader Surveys: Counter Service For Magic Kingdom & Epcot

Episode 1324 – Unofficial Guide Reader Surveys: Counter Service For AK/DHS

Episode 1233 – Unofficial Guide Rating Comparisons – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Episode 1224 – Unofficial Guide Rating Comparisons – Animal Kingdom

Episode 1217 – Unofficial Guide Rating Comparisons – Epcot

Episode 1215 – Unofficial Guide Rating Comparisons – Magic Kingdom

Episode 1203 – Unofficial Guide Hotel Inspections

Episode 1196 – Reader Surveys : Magic Kingdom Attractions

Episode 1193 – Reader Surveys : Epcot

Episode 1190 – Reader Surveys : Hollywood Studios Attractions

Episode 1188 – Reader Surveys : Animal Kingdom Attractions

Episode 1185 – Reader Surveys: Theme park restaurants

Episode 1020: Unofficial Guide Dining Ratings

Episode 1006: Reader Resort Report Card

Episode 871: 2011 Unofficial Guide Reader Survey – Resort Hotels

Episode 789: Changing Plans

Episode 727: Touringplans Crowd Calendar 2.0

Episode 712: Recent Reader Resort Reviews

Episode 548: Attractions For The Ages 2

Episode 545: Attractions For The Ages

Episode 353: Unofficial Guide (ding) Resort Ratings

Episode 350: Unofficial Guide (ding) Readers Survey

Episode 249: Unofficial Guide Rankings

Episode 105: 2007 Unofficial Guide Restaurant Reviews

Working for the Unofficial Guide

Episode 492: One Brilliant Thing Between 9’05” and 13’15”

Episode 491: More Testa Family Tales

Episode 96: Fred “Superfan 99” Hazelton

Episode 93: Listener of the Month From 15’50” onwards

Episode 81: Bob Sehlinger, author of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

Episode 72: More researcher stories with Christina Testa

Serious Note re Episode 72:

  • Christina is joking! She has subsequently said “I must say that I am surprised that anyone took a word I said seriously.”
  • This episode contains boisterous stories – not a “Clean” rated episode (seriously!) – “I think this is the show that gets us shut down.” (Mike Newell).
  • However, very funny and outrageous. Listen to Episode 38 first, as this Episode contains the same sort of humor, just at the next level.

Episode 38: Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World Stories

Listener Questions

1424 18:06 Garin from California asks about bachelor party services at WDW based on something he thinks he read in the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

1391 11:50 Justin ponders the high crowd predictions on Touring Plans’ crowd calendar

1379 11:29 Serena ponders a good souvenir budget. She also asks about the accuracy of the bus arrival times listed in the Unofficial Guide

1373 5:02 Michael from California asks if people read old Unofficial Guides to see if the writers’ predictions came true. Len discusses the making of attractions based on movies

1349 6:04 Justine spots a pop culture reference in’s coupon code

1319 23:21 Patrick and Lydia from Tennessee ponder “grade inflation” in the WDW attraction ratings given by readers of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. Len discusses a similar situation for restaurants

1313 20:49 PG5571 offers an explanation for the improved guest approval ratings for WDW attractions since 2009 as per the Unofficial Guide. He also discusses Disney’s infatuation with Halloween

1189 11:44 Mike from Pennsylvania asks Len about Disney using Unofficial Guide wait times

1103 23:55 Dawn from New York asks about the crowd calender

1085 25:47 Gerald from Pennsylvania asks if the 1985 UG would be helpful today.

LS46 123’45”: St Chris asks why there is a spike in the Crowd Calendar on Wednesdays in September-October.

0751 2’20”: Brian asks if the Unofficial Guide is going to be available on the iBooks store.

LS44 37’35”: Stephanie from Maryland asks about the New Crowd Calendar around Halloween.

94’50”: Kim from Pittsburgh asks about a Kindle app for the Unofficial Guide.

0728 11’55”: Cathy from Connecticut asks for a Touring Plans App.

LS43 3’05”: Ryan from Wisconin asks how EMH are fitting in with the Best Days in the Crowd Calendar.

79’55”: Ryan from Wisconin asks about splitting the Crowd Calendar by park.

0722 3’45”: Mark from Australia also refers to Episode 712 and gives a reason as to why moderate resorts score higher than deluxe resorts.

0719 8’45”: Josh from Georgia comments that Hollywood Studios does not have a complete chapter in the Unofficial Guide.

28’05”: Geoff from RI said “:ding”: in Disneyland.

LS42 71’10”: Geoff from Arkansas asks about the new Crowd Calendar.

0710 15’25”: Mike from Kansas asks whether the Crowd Calendar has ever gone below 4.

0704 17’25”: Katy read an article about Bob.

LS41 41’15”: Len talks about Disney’s Nature Preserve and the Unofficial Guide.

0677 27’15”: Kendra from Massachusetts points out a mistake in the Unofficial Guide, and says that she did all four parks in one day.

LS39 14’15”: Michael says that he needs a Disneyland Tokyo guide.

0671 34’10”: Emily asks whether everyone using the Unofficial Guide would change the wait lines.

0668 23’15”: “E” creates an rolling average of the crowd calendar from Touring Plans to determine the lowest vacation crowd.

0660 13’40”: Chris from CA asks when the Crowd Calendar is updated.

0636 23’40”: Tom from NJ asks how the Crowd Calendar can cope without announced park hours.

LS37 94’50”: Craig from UK wants a book which has color photographs showing the evolving parks. Len suggests the Color Companion to WDW.

0633 7’50”: Kevin from CA asks why Primeval Whirl is on the cover of the Unofficial Guide.

21’00”: Tara asks about an iPhone Touring Plans app.

27’10”: Len discusses his letter to Stitch, from the Color Companion to Walt Disney World.

0627 12’15”: Alex from Germany says that the Unofficial Guide highlights bad aspects of WDW.

17’30”: Rick from Ohio refers to Episode 551, and says that he uses the Crowd Calendar for the least crowded park.

0624 28’45”: Brett from NH doesn’t like the Unofficial Guide ding.

LS36 44’40”: Kim from Pittsburgh asks if the Unofficial Guide is going to be on Kindle.

0621 13’55”: Tim from Massachusetts asks whether there is a maximum number of dings for the Unofficial Guide (ding).

0615 26’15”: Dan asks when Len became Mr Unofficial Guide.

0612 8’30”: Ron from TX asks whether crowds are really high, as bookings are down.

0609 3’25”: Brett sent Matt a Star Wars parody T-shirt, and asks why a week which has 5 on the Crowd Calendar would have a 7 on a Thursday.

0603 25’00”: Glenn from TX asks what the Unofficial Guide offers that other books don’t.

LS34 89’45”: Kent from NC talks about the Kindle.

104’10”: Jim asks about Twittering wait times.

0579 5’40”: Liam from UK asks about the publication date for the Unofficial Guide.

28’45”: Ulas from West Virginia gives a funny trip report about her children and Grandma, including a new use for the Unofficial Guide.

0576 10’50”: Ken from NC asks about access for the Kindle version of the Unofficial Guide.

0567 15’40”: Brad from Illonis would like Bob (see Episode 081) from the Unofficial Guide on WDW Today.

0555 17’15”: Joe from Massachusetts likes the Unofficial Guide for building recommendations, but his view was obstructed by palm trees.

0543 17’40”: Geoff of RI asks about time-lapse pictures in the Unofficial Guide.

0528 7’35”: Alex from FL read the Guide at school, unfortunately.

0513 21’40”: Kevin from Indiana asks why Scopa is not listed as a historian for the Guide.

0594 7’15”: Chuck from Tennessee asks about the accuracy of the Crowd Calendar 11 months out.

0585 22’50”: Cill wonders why the Crowd Calendar is adjusted. Mr Wooster recommends the Touring Plans blog.

LS34 4’35”: MouseNut asks if the Crowd Calendar is going to change during Free Dining.

0579 20’00”: Whoeverthisis asks why the Best Park calendar was updated 17 days before her trip.

LS033 92’55”: Dennis from Indiana asks why the Saturdays in early December are 9s in the Crowd Calendar.

LS31 Part 2 – 7’25”: Kim from Maryland asks whether an 8 or a 9 on the Crowd Calendar makes much of a difference.

Roger of OR wants to know if the Unofficial Guide will ever publish a book or chapter about the differences between the various Disney Parks around the world.

Steve of FL volunteers to be a golf researcher for the Unofficial Guide.

Michael of UT wants to know who writes the Unofficial Guide to Disneyland.

Kirsten of NY wants to know how often the touring plans are updated and when the touring plans will include Toy Story Mania.

Shane of GA points out a typo in the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.

Michelle wants to know how to be a researcher for the Unofficial Guide.

Rob wants to know if he should use RideMax or the Unofficial Guide touring plans.
Mike Scipa says Len’s plans are backed up by a lot of research.
Matt prefers Len’s touring plans.
Matt likes to use the Unofficial Guide in general for it’s recommended times for each attraction.

Len mentions the Unofficial Guide is looking for a behavioral psychologist and anyone interested should inquire with Len by emailing him at

LS06 Len talks about the Unofficial Guide to Disney World which should come out by August 21 from Amazon.

The cover will have a ride from Animal Kingdom (which was made by Len).

Matt is still at the end of the book, but Len is on the front cover.

Matt talks about how the book is put together with his publisher.

Live caller Darcy wishes a happy early birthday to Len.

Darcy is a member of the research team who has been working for the team for a year.

Darcy does data collection, spa reviews, and more.

Stacy of MD wants to know when the Unofficial Guide is updated every year.
Len says it’s updated constantly and released in August and February.

John of MN thought a good idea for the Unofficial Guide that would list the start time for shows.
Len says some of the show schedules are easy to know off hand but start times can vary and it’s difficult to predict.

LS01 Part 1 – 19’40”: Somebody from NC calls to say thank you for the Guide. He and his wife do the Parks in the morning and evening, with a nap in between.

Fred wants to know if he can be a researcher for the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.
Len mentions if anyone is interested in helping out with the book, [1]send us an email and be sure to mention your name, email address and where your expertise is (lodging, internet, restaurants, etc).

Unofficial WDW Today Wiki – by Phillip Burton and Andrew Carrieri

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