Episode 865: The Taxman Cometh Organising a trip for $1,600.

Episode 517: Defending Len’s Honor Organising a trip for $2,500.

1379 11:29 Serena ponders a good souvenir budget. She also asks about the accuracy of the bus arrival times listed in the Unofficial Guide

1304 23:36 Anna ponders budget-friendly activities for her family to enjoy outside the parks

1289 22:53 Brett from New Hampshire asks for optimal ways to save money for a WDW trip

1257 25:47 Laura from Tennessee asks about saving money for a trip

1243 29:14 Brian from Oregon asks about the cost of a WDW vacation

1234 14:23 Zena from Oklahoma asks for ways to save money on a future trip

1201 3:24 Kayla asks for ways to make a WDW trip fun on a limited budget

1189 7:22 Didi from Illinois asks a question about saving money for a trip

1174 20:10 Didi from Illinois asks about how much money is needed for a WDW trip

0573 3’00”: Karen from Texas asks what expenses other than the basics should she expect.

0528 8’55”: Kelly from Utah asks about saving for the next vacation.

Credit Card Rewards

1421 5:58 Lisa from Tennessee seeks a two-bedroom suite resort near Disney property that also offers a breakfast deal. Len discusses ways to utilize American Express rewards points

1364 5:42 Scott from New York asks if any credit cards offer Disney World rewards

See Also General for Disney Visa Card

The Economy

Episode 595: The World According To Scopa Between 5’45” and 6’45” – Scopa talks about the low crowds at restaurants.

0540 21’20”: Chris from NY asks about resort/ticket inflation. (See also the Value for Money episodes.)

LS30 Part 2 – 19’55” Patrick asks what the actual value of the Birthday ticket is, and WDW economising. Len refers to Episode 526.

Part 2 – 55’10” The Panel discuss the economy and WDW trips.

Gift Card

1298 20:45 Claire shares a problem with using gift cards at WDW

1237 18:26 Curtis from Texas asks what he can purchase with a Disney Gift Card

1226 21:13 Curt from Texas asks what he can purchase with a Disney gift card

Promotional Events

See Promotional Events.

Saving Money/Time

Episode 1320 – 102 Ways To Love Lou Mongello Saving money for and on a WDW trip

Episode 1126 – Epcot On The Cheap

Episode 1066: Priceline

Episode 922: Name Your Own Price

Episode 822: Anatomy Of A Discount

Episode 646: Getting Less For More

Episode 565: Saving Money Revisited

Episode 449: Touring On The Cheap

Episode 375: Saving Time

Episode 324: Saving Money Before You Get To WDW

Episode 256: Time and Money

Episode 25: Saving money on your trip

Last Minute

Episode 351: Last Minute Trip Tips

Episode 64: Planning a last minute cheap trip

Listener Questions

1421 25:04 Jaypenguin ponders bad values, both in terms of time and money, at WDW

1358 2:27 Sue from New York offers money-saving tips concerning accommodation and food on a Walt Disney World vacation.

1316 3:51 A listener gives comprehensive advice on how to save money during the various facets of a Disney World vacation

1263 15:07 Brian discusses money-saving websites

Special offers

Free Dining Plan

See Dining – Free Dining Plan.

Major Episodes

Episode 1327 – Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah…Tip For Today! Resort-rate deals After 17:35

Episode 619: Discounts That Aren’t Really Discounts

Episode 485: Buy 4,Get 3 Free

Episode 307: Bounceback Free Dining & PIN codes

Episode 225: WDW For Under $1600?

Listener Questions

1418 6:34 A listener from Tennessee asks about military discounts and benefits at Disney World, especially Shades of Green

1124 6:32 Susan from Michigan discusses a PIN Code she recieved.

LS36 48’15”: Trevor from Virginia asks whether he can upgrade his reservation based on a hopefully upcoming Special Offer.

0621 25’30”: Emilie asks when next year’s promotions come out.

26’15”: Emilie asks when Special Offers come out.

0618 8’45”: Robin asks whether the Buy 4 Get 3 deal is going to be offered again, or whether he should get an AP.

18’00”: DisneyNut09 asks whether DVC rentals is better than Disney’s special offers.

0603 7’10”: Amanda from TX asks about Special Offers in December.

LS35 27’15”: Greg from Boston wants to extend his stay at the Polynesian at a comparable rate to the “:Buy 4 Get 3 Free”: offer.

82’15”: Mike from Indiana asks whether he can book a second room with a Pin-code.

0582 15’00”: Dawn asks whether she can combine a 40% off offer with the Free Dining Plan.

LS033 8’25”: Disney09 asks when fall deals would come out.

78’15”: Becky from Indiana wonders about future special offers.

0561 23’30”: Nick from Indiana asks whether Disney will improve its offers

LS31 Part 1 – 14’00”: Kelly from Suvannah asks about the availability of special offers.

0516 3’20”: Jen in NC asks about offers and the Dining Plan.

0510 20’05”: David wants to know about BounceBack offers.

LS03 Jill of CA wants to know about any special promotions for the month of October.

Travel Agent

1301 11:41 John from New York asks if he should use a travel agent to book a stay at Beach Club Villas and whether a travel agent can get him DVC and Annual Pass discounts

0689 32’20”: Blaine from Missouri asks how one can become a travel agent.

LS40 70’55”: Anna saved $1,000 using MouseFanTravel by not get a $750 gift card.

0677 17’30”: Louis from UK asks if MouseFanTravel have international clients.

0657 25’10”: Raffy from the Philippines asks whether he can use an American travel agent.

26’10”: Raffy from the Philippines asks whether his vacation documents can be shipped to the Philippines.

0654 10’50”: Cherie from Maryland asks how Annette became a travel agent.

0648 9’55”: Louis from UK asks if MouseFanTravel caters for UK clients.

0594 26’10”: Ian from Virgania asks how travel agents can help a veteran Florida resident.

LS033 90’30”: Dennis from Indiana, who called in Live Show 32, has now got a job, and asks whether he should decide where to stay before phoning a travel agent.

0558 Jay recommends Mouse Fan Travel.

Steve asks what travel agents can do for FL residents.

0555 21’50”: Tanya from Indiana asks whether there are any benefits from using a travel agent.

0519 15’30”: Shawn from Ohio asks about travel agents and DVC.

0516 20’35”: Daryl asks about tipping Mouse Fan Travel.

Brian of AL wants to know the benefits of using a travel agent.

Andrew in UK wants to know if we have any recommendations for a Disney travel agent in the UK.
Mike Scopa recommends checking out [1]The Dibb to look around at.
Mike Scopa also says his British friends have been using American travel agents.

Len tells us a story about his travel agent.

Value for Money

Major Episodes

Episode 1368 – Best value restaurants in Walt Disney World

Episode 1354 – Worth It Or Not (2014)

Episode 1311 – 99 Bucks!

Episode 1117 – Grading Walt Disney World this year 3:06-8:44

Episode 1045: 2012 Ticket Price Increase

Episode 768: Refillable Mugs

Episode 760: Ticket Price Increase

Episode 738: Restaurant Expectations

Episode 652: Worth It Or Not (Continued)

Episode 641: Worth it or not?

Episode 446: Pricing Changes To 13’45”

Episode 407: Guest Fleecing

Episode 183: The $50 Cookie (and most of the Episodes in Magic Kingdom Parties!)

Listener Questions

1421 25:04 Jaypenguin ponders bad values, both in terms of time and money, at WDW

1292 11:51 Donna from Georgia discusses how her spending habits at WDW have evolved over time

1243 7:01 Eric from Pennsylvania ponders the connection between Disney’s pricing strategy and increased hotel expansion

1219 7:50 Kevin from Massachusetts asks the hosts about splurging at WDW and value

1219 9:46 Matt gives his opinion about considering value in a WDW vacation

1213 15:48 Richo from Illinois suggests a show topic comparing WDW value with Disney Cruise Line value

Unofficial WDW Today Wiki – by Phillip Burton and Andrew Carrieri

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