Transport – Listener Questions



1279 28:21 Matt shares a tip about Southwest Airlines

1257 13:48 Ben asks about flying with children, as well as touring the parks for the first time with them

0668 21’15”: Robin from Kentucky asks when how far in advance he should buy airfare.

0519 8’00”: Shawn refers to Episode 456, and asks about strollers and car seats on airlines.

0463 Mark of IL comments on Allegiant Air.

A listener also wants to know suggests a show on airfare tips.
Matt mentions Episode 425 when we discussed airfare.

Shelby wants to know an affordable way to come to WDW without spending a lot of money on a hotel.
Matt mentions Episode 425 for finding cheap airfare.

Matt of RI wants to know of any news of Southwest Airlines and resort check in.

Katherine mentions the money she saved by checking often on prices on Southwest and for her rental car.

Keith says the concierge desk can print out airline tickets for you and check you in.

Sam wrote in to clarify the rules of using a car seat on an airplane.

Airports Other Than Orlando

1319 18:47 Gary comments on saving on airfare by flying to other Florida airports

0591 16’15”: Greg from UK comments about flying in to Tampa.

0540 13’05”: Brian from Kentucky asks about Sanford airport.

0522 16’30”: Mark refers to Episode 459, and prefers Tampa airport.

Chris also wants to know about flying Allegiant Air and how Sanford airport is.

Airport Security

1298 11:39 Paul from New Jersey requests a Lines App for airport security


1231 7:34 Mike from New Jersey comments on the bus service at Old Key West and Saratoga Springs as compared to the Boardwalk.

1165 26:46 Gerald from Pennsylvania asks about WDW bus-dispatch protocol

1154 ‎2:44 Matt in New Jersey asks about bus transportation from Animal Kingdom Lodge to the parks

1145 14:57 Kim from Connecticut comments on hypothetically eliminating Disney buses

Car rentals

1373 3:28 Eric from Delaware recommends gas stations within 10 miles of Orlando International Airport

1370 26:19 Bruce from New York asks about gas charges when renting a car and convenient gas stations in the Orlando area

1298 25:02 Dave from Ohio asks about the benefits of renting a car, especially to leave MK at closing

1266 9:11 Ann from New York comments on Disney transportation and asks the hosts to mention types of people who may be better off not renting a car at WDW

1237 7:23 Todd from Michigan gives a car rental tip

1237 1:25 Matt recommends Firefly Car Rental

1124 22:13 Rick from discusses rental car rates

1085 2:40 Karla from Texas asks about how rental car prices compare to cab costs at WDW.

0639 19’20”: Mike would like help getting a rental car.

LS37 14’00”: Mike from Colorado asks for a good ballpark rate for hiring a car. Len says that the top three discount codes are: KISS2 (Dollar), no code needed (, 5000304 (National Rent-a-car).

0633 21’20”: Bob from Ohio asks how to get from the Car Care Center to a park.

0612 10’00”: Rob says that he is finding car rentals to be expensive. Please post in the shownotes your car rental price, where you have rented it from, the dates of your travel, whether you have used a discount code, and how far in advance you have booked it.

LS35 78’30”: Someone from Australia asks which car hire companies would pick people up.

0588 3’20”: Colin from UK asks about getting a car rental whilst staying on site.

5’10”: Colin from UK asks for time-saving tips for renting cars.

31’30”: Tim from FL gives information about using Sun Pass and rental cars.

LS31 Part 2 – 3’20”: Mike from Indiana asks for a WDW road map.

0493 6’35”: Matt gives a review of Payless Car Rental, unfortunately.

0448 Dr. Don comments on how to use a rental car to get a grocery stop for a cheaper option than a taxi

Scott of NY wants to know if we recommend one rental car company over another.
Scott also wants to know how to best get to the Magic Kingdom with a rental car.

Lynn also wants to know if she should rent a car or use Disney transportation.

Wayne and Donna of MS wants to know where to get rental car codes and if L&M rental car delivers to the resort .

David writes in that he will rent a car on his next trip.

Patty tells us of her ordeal with not having a rental car at Port Orleans Riverside.

Katherine mentions the money she saved by checking often on prices on Southwest and for her rental car.

Mike of NY comments on renting from Alamo at the Car Care Center.

Matt of CA wants to know about renting a car at Walt Disney World.
Len mentions [1]a comparison between airport and Walt Disney World property car rentals ( subscription required).

Missy of MN wants to know if she needs a rental car for her trip.

Don suggests a solution to the renal car vs. Disney’s Magical Express issue by renting a car for just one day to get you from the airport.

Holly of TN wants to know about renting a van.

Steve of NY brings up reasons not to rent a car.

use an airport rental place like Dollar as they give you a car at the airport and you don’t have to go of site they are a bit more but it saves sooo much time (we have now done both and the airport was the best solution).
if you have a child requiring a child seat instead of paying say $10 a day to rent one go to Wal-Mart and buy one for $30-$40 dollars and bin it after use as it saves a lot of money (this was the tip given to us by the lady behind the counter at Dollar) you can then return the rented child seat within 24 hours and get a full refund.
if you rent one of them big vans remember they have a blind spot that I assume an American driver would not notice as they may be used to it again either take a blind spot mirror with you and stick it on or again Wal-Mart do them.

if you are bringing your British satellite navigation system over with you make sure your Florida road maps are up to date don’t buy the older versions just to save money as the roads have changed rather a lot ( I have a navman gps with the 2004 maps installed and some of the roads don’t exist anymore).

Brett wants to know if he should rent his car at the airport or at WDW.
Matt says renting at WDW used to be cheaper than the airport but not anymore.
Michelle of NY wants to know transporation tips.
Matt says Orlando is an easy place to return rental cars.
Matt recommends returning the rental car very early and giving herself plenty of time.

Sandy of NY wants to know if she should rent a car if she’s staying at Saratoga Springs.
Mike Newell rented a 15 passenger van and a little pricey, but liked it.
Skiyalater stayed at Saratoga Springs and recommends renting a car.
Mike Newell recommends renting a car if you’re staying at Saratoga Springs.

Jim of PA wants reasons to have your own vehicle.
Len says driving yourself will greatly reduce commute time if you drive yourself rather than take Disney transportation.

[2]WillCAD shares his views of taking your own car

Len says two taxi rides would be close to the cost of a rental car and Len says you’d be better off with the rental car.
Ken also wants to know what the best option is to rent a car for a single day.
Len likes from Dollar.
Matt recommends renting from one of the car rental companies that is at the Car Care Center at the Magic Kingdom rather than an offsite company.

Will Saxson of Houston, TX says he’s planning on renting a car from the Car Care Center at Disney World property as opposed to the airport to save on airport taxes.
Len really likes the idea because you can save 10-15% of your total rental.

Doug Rubin of Princeton, NJ wrote in with car seat rules for the state of Florida that can be found at [3]

Gary Hall from Minneapolis, MN wants to know about favorite off-grounds hotel and rental car company.
Sue likes Dollar for it’s “Express Lane” program and it’s free or National.
Sue recommends only renting on-site (meaning ones that do not require a shuttle to an off-airport location).
Mary likes National because you can pick out a car and because you can [4]stack discounts which often results in the best price.
Mike preferes whichever on-site company has the best deal but tends to use National more than the rest.
Sue suggests if you need a car in the middle of your stay, Dollar has a rental counter at the Dolphin hotel and National & Alamo have offices at the Car Care Center because if you rent at the Disney property office, you don’t have to pay the airport fees.
If you would like book online a car at either the Dolphin or the Car Care Center, you’ll need to put in for the location “Lake Buena Vista”.
Sue likes the on-site car rentals because they will pick you up from your resort (or wherever you are) and bring you to the rental office.
Mike mentions the Car Care Center is right near the Magic Kingdom and as you exit the Magic Kingdom, it’s on the right near a gas station.


1364 20:29 Marci from New York ponders ways to cool her car at WDW during the summer months

1228 20:12 Mary from Massachusetts asks if a car is more useful at the Polynesian or at the Beach Club

1171 9:20 Monica from Indiana asks about guests of different resorts sharing a car

LS30 Part 2 – 57’25” Brian from NJ asks about driving to the World.

0507 7’50”: Mickey and Lauren from FL refer to Episode 501 and talk about their memories about driving to Orlando.

0493 8’55”: Steve refers to Live Show 24, and talks about driving to the World from Miami.

Len regails in a story of bad driving strategies.


1207 22:23 Jeff comments on the MK ferryboat

Florida Sun Pass

0588 31’30”: Tim from FL gives information about using Sun Pass and rental cars.

Fr. Bill says he bought the [5]Florida Sun Pass and thinks it’s great.

From the University of Central Florida to Disney

1097 16:00 Alex discusses transportation options from the University of Central Florida.


0627 11’15”: Jo asks for the best Park maps.

0513 5’25”: Brian from Pennsylvania likes the iTunes Store WDW maps.

0493 4’30”: Erin from NY (a Disney MoM) refers to Episode 484 ([link:]) and gives iPhone friendly maps.

Mark wants to know how he can get the park maps mailed to him.
Matt mentions a web site with theme park maps.

Jeniffer of CT wants to know where to get a real street map of WDW.


1334 8:31 Kristen asks about the future of the monorail, highlighting recent downtime and inefficiency

1216 28:29 Mike from Ohio asks about monorail expansion to the Epcot resorts

Joe wants to know if Monorail safety has been improved.


1358 20:35 Riley from Canada asks if the ongoing Polynesian construction is affecting the parking situation there

1289 21:34 Chris and Stephanie ask how far in advance they should arrive at the respective parking lots prior to opening

1289 20:33 Howie from Maryland asks about parking at multiple WDW locations in a single day, namely the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom Lodge

1289 3:52 Tom from New Jersey asks if he can access the Epcot parking lot through the park proper after closing. His party wants to eat at the Beach Club’s Beaches and Cream restaurant and would rather walk through International Gateway. Mike Newell mentions Beaches and Cream’s new ADR policy.

1272 21:02 Billy from New York asks how long the theme park lots remain open

1198 18:41 Elizabeth from Ohio asks about resort parking

1171 3:00 Rob from Ohio asks about the function of a parking lot he saw near Magic Kingdom

1142 22:57 Ted asks about parking at a resort you’re not staying at

1139 22:26 Matt from Pennsylvania asks about long-term parking in Orlando Tips

1106 22:20 Nick from Georgia asks about parking lot procedures

0668 18’40”: Linda from UK asks about accessing resorts when staying off-site. Len talks about sleeping in the lobby of resorts (see Episode 465).

20’45”: Linda from UK asks about parking at the Polynesian to view the Electrical Water Pageant.

0665 16’05”: Aziz (from Live Show 34) asks if he can go to ‘Ohana for breakfast and leave the car there for the remainder of the day.

0606 20’00”:,22’15”: Jen from NJ asks whether a valet parking fee is good for the rest of the day.

LS35 7’50”: Jack from NJ asks when the Animal Kingdom parking lot opens.

LS34 38’25”: Aziz asks if he can go to ‘Ohana for breakfast and leave the car there for the remainder of the day.

0576 4’40”: Tim from New Zealand asks about paying for parking when staying off-site.

0558 Craig from UK asks about bypassing the parking charge for going to a Party.

0549 1’50”: Craig from UK liked Episode 508 and Episode 541, and reminds the Panel about parking to go to restaurants.

18’50”: Phil from NY says that parking at the monorail resorts is abused.

0546 8’15”: Karen from Maine asks about where to park when going to both Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

0540 16’15”: Colin asks about parking at the Broadwalk in the morning, go to Epcot, and eat at Jellyrolls in the evening.

0531 11’55”: Becky from NJ wants to know if she go to the Magic Kingdom from the Contemporary after breakfast at Chef Mickey.

15’20”: Doug from CA thanks the Panel for Episode 464, and asks whether when park hopping you have to pay twice in one day.

LS30 Part 1 – 4’50” Mark from Maryland asks whether he can leave his car at Epcot overnight.

0513 17’05”: James from Texas asks about the Fort Wilderness World Drive parking lot.

LS28 Part 2 – 0’50” Brian asks about visiting friends parking at the Beachclub.

0469 Marissa of FL wants to know if she can leave her car at the Boardwalk resort for a week.

Tony of CA wants to know if he can park somewhere else to avoid parking fees at the Dolphin resort.

Brett of IN wants to know how bad it is getting out of the parking lot at the end of the day.

Erwin of Belgium wants to know when you can get into the parking lot for free.

Roy of MO talks about the AAA parking perk.

Tony shares a tip for those wanting to avoid paying for parking.
Tom wants to know about parking at Ft. Wilderness and how to get to Trails End.

Derek wants to know if he can park at the Contemporary resort all day.

Martin also wants to know if he can leave his car parked over night at Downtown Disney.
Chuck also wants to know parking tips if you arrive in the afternoon.

Michael of UT wants to know if there is anyway to get around the parking fee if he’s staying off-site.

parking in Disney is really easy and the car park spaces are very large just park where you are told by the nice lady directing you.

Mike Newell says at the Contemporary now checks for your name and gives only a 3 hour parking pass.
Mike Scopa says it’s not that bad parking at the Ticket & Transportation Center and says if you can park near the TTC, you can avoid the parking trams.

Janet of AL wants to know the policy for parking your car overnight at the parks.
Len doesn’t think they’ll tow you.
Mike Scopa says you could pick your car up way past when the park closes.

Josh of MO wants to know if there’s handicap parking at the theme parks.
Matt says there is handicap parking at all the parks.
Len says if you’re going to drive, it’s a good idea to drive yourself everywhere except for the Magic Kingdom.

Matt mentions Disney Dining Experience card members get free valet parking.
Mike Newell says Disney Vacaction Club members get to park for free.

Tara of Ontario, Canada wants to know if she can take advantage of the free parking if she has an annual pass voucher.
Len says if you have the voucher, the cast member should just waive you through.

Mike also says an annual pass will save you on parking ($9 per day).


1148 6:57 Brian from North Carolina refers to Episode 1010-Listener Questions and discusses expanding sidewalk options at WDW


1137 ‎2:23 Meredith from Canada asks about taking a cab or a Lynx bus to offsite malls. The panel recommends renting a car for the day instead.

1085 2:40 Karla from Texas asks about how rental car prices compare to cab costs at WDW.

0308 Stephanie of WI wants to know if she should take a bus or taxi for one of the days where she has to go around property.

Christa of KY wants to know if there are taxis at Epcot.
Len suggests getting the number for the taxi service just in case there arent.
Matt says he’s seen taxis in the bus parking lot.

0242 Jim of PA wants to know the best way to get to Animal Kingdom via taxi and how much it will cost. Len recommends making a reservation 24 hours in advance with a taxi and to ask for the car seats. Len estimates the cost can’t be more than $12. Matt suggests giving the taxi company an extra 10 minutes than you think you need.

Paul of Troy, NY wants to know how you can get a taxi cab at your resort.
Len says if you look in the yellow pages, many companies are owned by Mears.
Len says the phone number is 407 422-2222 and they have [6]a website where you can see how much it will cost.
Len says two taxi rides would be close to the cost of a rental car and Len says you’d be better off with the rental car.


1322 12:21 Megan asks if taking the Amtrak Auto Train to Florida is worth it

1275 22:51 Rick listens to Episode 1199 – June 2013 Preview while stuck on the Amtrack AutoTrain

1269 18:09 Matt discusses a new service from Amtrack’s Auto Train

Paul of NJ comments on taking the train to Walt Disney World.

Nora wants to know about which train station to get off at.

Bruce of NY prefers to take Amtrak to Walt Disney World.

Sharon of VA wants to know which train station is closest to Disney and best way to get to Walt Disney World from the train station.
Mike Newell says the train goes to Sanford.
Len says there is also a station in Orlando.

Scott also wants to know tips for the [7]AutoTrain.
Len has heard good things about the AutoTrain.

Travel to/from Airport


1240 17:10 David from Georgia asks for the fastest way to get from Orlando International Airport to the Contemporary for non-WDW resort guests

1097 2:56 Christie from Kansas asks about transport from Port Orleans to Sanford Airport early in the morning.

0698 21’05”: Brian asks for shuttle or town car services from Sanford Airport.

0686 18’40”: Mardy from Illinois found that town cars are cheaper than taxis.

LS37 8’15”: Jack asks about driving from Orlando International airport to WDW.

0472 Kip comments on Allegiant Air and Sanford airport.

LS25 Part 2, 6’00” Kim from Richmond, Virginia wants to know about buying liquor between the Airport and the hotel.

0456 Pam of AL wants to know the cheapest option to get to the Swan and Dolphin from the airport.

0454 Doug of WA wants to know about the most cost efficient way of getting from the port back to the airport

Dave of MA wants to know about how to get to the Swan from the airport.

Lynn of MI shares a story about a good experience with [8]Quicksilver Transportation.

Alex wants a recommendation for a car service that will allow him a complimentry grocery stop.
Mike Scopa recommends [9]Happy Limo or [10]Quicksilver.
LS05 Danielle also wanted to know suggestions for a town car company

We referenced Quicksilver Tours & Transportation

Connor and Lorelei wants opinions on transportation to/from the airport between a rental car, car service or Disney’s Magical Express.
Len says you can eliminate the car service because it’s roughly the same cost of a compact car rental.
Matt mentions that grocery service can be expensive when you factor in the shipping costs.
Len says if they’ll spend more than $50 on groceries and eat off-site at least once, it will probably be worth it to rent a car.
Len warns about the cost of renting a car seat per day.
We think the rental car option is best.

Magical Express


1367 4:14 TJ discusses a Magical Express loophole related to departure day

1322 21:01 Tom from Pennsylvania asks if Magical Express will shuttle his luggage if his family drives a rental car to its resort

1292 4:27 Colm from the UK asks whether the luggage service provided by Disney’s Magical Express is worth using

1279 1:56 Rob from Maryland reveals a loophole with Disney’s Magical Express service

1219 5:19 John from Minnesota asks about using Magical Express after returning a rental car to the airport

1091 13:00 Chris from Seattle shares a tip regarding Magical Express.

0749 6’50”: Clarissa from Illinois asks what size car she should rent, and whether she should use Magical Express for a party of 5.

LS45 85’30”: Philippa from the Netherlands asks about checking in a third guest for part of a reservation, and whether that guest can use Magical Express.

0746 7’15”: Claire and Michelle from Wisconsin asks what sights you can see on Magical Express and which side of the bus you should sit on.

LS43 85’05”: Dan from Baltimore asks if he’s got enough time to have a lunch before going to the airport.

0719 2’25”: Troy from NY says that you can take Magical Express from a different resort to the one you are staying in, as long as you arrange it beforehand.

0716 1’40”: Pete from TX asks whether he can get on the Magical Express if they are meeting family at the airport.

2’35”: Shawn from TX relates when he was late for Magical Express.

0713 24’05”: Amber and Michael asks whether their friends can get from the Airport to a restaurant in 100 minutes.

LS42 95’45”: Claire from Wisconsin asks which side of the Magical Express bus should she board to see the most sights.

0710 22’15”: Geoff from Michigan asks whether he can board the Magical Express bus from a different resort.

0701 11’10”: David asks how he can get from the airport to an I-Drive hotel.

LS40 66’55”: Keith from OK asks how long the Magical Express bus would take to get to Wilderness Lodge.

0695 13’25”: Someone asks whether the value resorts check your luggage.

0674 24’00”: Brett from NH was able to directly compare the experience of taking Magical Express with taking a limo. Matt says that it is “:hit and miss”:.

0657 25’45”: Raffy from the Philippines asks whether he can use Magical Express.

0636 5’25”: Craig from Canada provides an update about checking-in the resort when going outside America.

0630 32’25”: Craig from Canada could not find out if he could check his bags in using Magical Express.

0591 2’15”: Wendy from CA asks whether she can bring her Magical Express luggage on the bus herself.

LS34 8’35”: Holly says that Magical Express isn’t magical or express.

0558 Chris from Canada asks whether each person needs to accompany their luggage when using Magical Express.

0552 23’40”: Steven from Massachusetts asks about the speed of luggage delivery using Magical Express.

0490 19’20”: Carol of Colorado asks whether she and her daughter can use Magical Express, even if they come in on flights at different times.

0469 Marissa also wants to know about Magical Express for her trip.

0454 Stephanie of MI wants to know if her Magical Express theory could work

LS25 Part 2, 65’50” John from Colorado also wants to know about whether Magical Express runs from Tampa.

0448 Natalie shares her experience with the luggage tags on Disney’s Magical Express

John of WI wants to know if he can get Disney’s Magical Express for just one leg of his trip.

Michelle of NY wants to know if she can use Magical Express luggage service if she uses town car service.

[11]Pat wants to know if four people from four different airports can use Magical Express

Gabriella wants to know if she can have Magical Express drop her off at Boardwalk even though she’s not staying there.
Len thinks it’s very possible because her bags will be put on a seperate bus and will go to your resort.
Matt suggests calling Magical Express and ask.
Len thinks it’s too confusing and to just ask the Cast Member at the DME Desk at the airport.

Dave of MD suggests picking up their own luggage and taking Magical Express as to avoid the delay in getting your luggage.

Marty of WA comments that his Magical Express experience was terrible.
Matt has had good experience with Magical Express.

Alex also wants to know if he can make a Magical Express reservation if he has an earlier breakfast.
Matt says Magical Express will pick you up 3 hours before your flight.
Mike Scopa thinks Alex can swing it.

LS06 Caller Mark reports that he is going to Disney in September. He wants to know if he take Magical Express to his on-property hotel, stay on-property for two days, leave, go to an off-property hotel, and then at the end of his trip catch Magical Express back to the airport. Matt believes that the Magical Express is good for the resort visit. Once you are done with the resort stay, you lose the privileges that come along with it. Matt advises Mark to call Disney and ask. The WDW Today team will do some research on that question.

LS03 Jay of MA wants to know if he can use Magical Express to send his luggage to the resort if he’s not using the bus transportation

Amy of PA wants to know when she will recieve her luggage using Magical Express

Kevin of Flagstaff, AZ wants to know if you need to get a Magic Your Way package to be able to use Magical Express.
Matt says you do not need a package; all you need is to be staying at a Disney resort.

Andrew also wants to know if the Downtown Disney hotels use Magical Express.
Matt says Magical Express does not service Downtown Disney hotels.

Paul of DE wants to know how long does it take to get their bags with the Magical Express service with a 9pm arrival time.
Mike Scopa thinks that time of day shouldn’t be too busy .
Matt says Paul should get his bags that night.
Matt recommends bringing a bag with 24 hours worth of “stuff” that you will carry on the plane with you.

St. Chris of NJ wants to know with Magical Express being extended to 2011 have the resort prices been hiked to pay for the service.
Len said you’ll see fewer and fewer room only discounts in the coming years.
Matt is sure the money is being made up somewhere.

Kevin Faux wants to know what steps he has to take for Disney’s Magical Express if he’s arriving on an international flight.
Len says you’ll need to first clear customs and then you can procede down the A side of level 1 .
Len says Kevin won’t be able to use Disney’s resort check-in service for his flight back since it’s an international flight so Kevin will have to check his own bags in at the airport.

Len’s not sure what Magical Express would cost but expects it to be less than what Mears currently charges.

Jeffrey from British Columbia, Canada asks if he takes Disney’s Magical Express with a flight that arrives at midnight, when would his bags arrive at his room? .
Matt says he took a midnight flight and if you arrive past a certain time at night (and midnight is certainly past it), you will not recieve your bags until the next morning.
Matt recommends bringing with you whatever you’ll need for the first 24 hours, assuming you can’t haul your bags with you on the plane.
Matt doesn’t know exactly what time his bags would arrive, but thinks it should be sometime in the morning of the next day.
Mike recommends taking whatever you can with you on the bus.

with DVC

LS34 24’40”: Toni asks whether she can use Magical Express when renting DVC points.

Stacy also wants to know if she’s renting points at the Boardwalk Villas, can she use Magical Express.
Mike Newell says DVC members are the only one who can book Magical Express so the actual member has to call and book her Magical Express.

Mike Newell says that if you are staying at a Disney Vacation Club resort through Disney Vacation Club points, you need to call Disney Vacation Club to make your Magical Express booking.

Travel to WDW

1269 18:09 Matt discusses a new service from Amtrack’s Auto Train

1234 13:13 Jim from New York asks Newell for tips on flying to WDW

0561 17’40”: Rob from NY wants a good car service.

0460 Joel of MI wants to know the best way to get from Port Canaveral to Disney World. Mike Newell suggests [12]Mears.

Matt thinks a cab would be the most convenient option.
Len recommends [13]Quicksilver transportation.
Matt reminds our listeners that mention code “SCOPA” to get a discount.

Sarah shares a bad story involving QuickSilver Transportation.

Alison has shipped supplies prior to departure via UPS to the resort hotel.
Matt mentions there is no good grocery delivery service that is worth it unless you spend over $100 on groceries.
Mike Scopa says Alison’s method is a time saver.
For getting to and from the airport, Mike Scopa recommends going to [14]Mousesavers for info or use [15]Happy Limo.

Unofficial WDW Today Wiki – by Phillip Burton and Andrew Carrieri

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