Major Episodes

Episode 1417 – Looking Forward To 2015

Episode 1327 – Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah…Tip For Today!

Episode 1296 – As Dreamers Do

Episode 1235 – D23 Expo

Episode 1221 – New The Past 2 Changes to WDW in last 2 years

Episode 1169 – Walt Disney World myths

Episode 1134 – Expectations for Walt Disney World in 2013

Episode 1123 – From The Home Office In Youngstown Ohio– Discussing the best and worst of WDW

Episode 1098 – Chris’s Show 13:23 Chris asks about spending time with his family in addtiton to park offerings.

Episode 482: Survey Says…..

Episode 416: When Reality Strikes

Episode 350: Unofficial Guide (ding) Readers Survey

Episode 288: Volunteering at Walt Disney World

Episode 262: Movie ideas from rides

Episode 252: Characters in the parks

Episode 216: Lou’s Top 7

Episode 115: Walt Disney World Update

Episode 46: Walt Disney World Websites

Listener Questions


1412 27:24 Mark asks if people have been less enthusiastic about WDW rides and dining in recent years. He also asks if people generally like the new queues

1400 6:31 A. Antonio ponders why he should go to WDW now and vice versa

1391 23:02 Erica from Indiana ponders new activities such as to keep her Disney trips fresh

1388 18:39 Jodie from Minnesota questions decision making at WDW and the company’s hierarchy

1385 11:04 Paul ponders how much longer current attractions and restaurants will remain open

1382 22:21 Gerald ponders the best drinking fountains at WDW

1367 14:20 Kathy from Connecticut ponders the best public non-attraction space at WDW

1361 4:32 Jason asks the panel to review his trip plan

1352 13:56 Jeff from Minnesota asks for good activities for large families at WDW. Mike Newell mentions the curtailment of boat rentals at Port Orleans, Old Key West, and Caribbean Beach

1325 18:15 Bill from Ohio asks whether parks, food, or resorts are the most significant factor in elevating Disney above other amusement destinations

1319 7:46 Matt from Michigan asks for “special and unique” ways to give thanks to his inlaws at WDW

1316 29:27 Dawn from New York clarifies New York geography

1313 22:22 Rick from Pennsylvania asks if Disney will crack down on official-looking filming in the parks

1281 34:13 George from Ohio wonders if Disney will ever create its own airline

1281 24:36 Rick from Pennsylvania asks about upcoming Disney films

1272 26:10 Paul from England ponders the benefits of My Disney Experience for the Disney company

1269 7:30 Jennifer from New York clarifies NY geography

1269 5:21 Wendy from Scotland asks what updates have occurred at WDW in the last three years
1257 10:26 Curt from North Carolina discusses Bob Iger’s legacy

1251 25:37 Mike from New Jersey ponders vulnerabilities of the Walt Disney Company

1248 28:06 Betsy from Maryland discusses overrated things at WDW

1248 21:21 John from New York asks about walking at WDW

1240 9:50 Scott from New York tells a joke

1240 3:26 Chad from Illinois asks if the hosts can do an impression of Jim Hill

1237 4:20 A listener comments on WDW park smoking areas

1228 15:52 George from Massachusetts predicts some other entities that Disney may acquire in the wake of the Marvel deal

1207 5:20 Mike asks what former Disney CEO Michael Eisner is doing now

1192 14:24 Chris from Pennsylvania comments on and asks about animal safety at WDW

1168 18:02 Jean from Canada asks about roller skating at WDW

1156 13:44 Sean from Pennsylvania asks what the highest point at WDW is

1124 24:29 Brian from Maryland asks for bizarre trip stories

1118 26:53 Sara from Florida talks about Walt’s vision of the parks v. today

1085 14:48 Bruce from New York shares tips about saving your phone battery while at WDW.

0752 3’15”: Nonami from AK wants something good for the guys in a wedding to do, whilst the girls have tea.

LS45 8’50”: Someone wants a Disney thing starting with the letter X.

78’35”: Mark from NY asks what Disney can do better with the public.

0740 2’25”: Shelley from CA asks about bugs in December.

LS44 105’35”: Michel from FL asks why Disney has converted his favorite areas in smoking areas.

0737 3’40”: Stanley from Tennessee asks whether WDW attendance will be higher due to the Gulf oil spill.

0725 3’20”: Nate from Georgia wonders whether the D23 membership was worth it.

20’05”: Aaron from Washington wants to dance in the evening.

LS43 6’45”: Dean from NY asks about the next TV spinoff coming to the parks.

0707 22’45”: Michelle from Iowa wants a ride based on Wall-E.

0701 18’40”: Glen from TX asks about Disney’s purchase of the Marvell characters.

LS40 33’10”: Kim from Pittsburgh asks about the Cheerleading visit.

0692 Geoff asks about Michael Eisner’s time as leader.

Ashley from Virginia asks about the Panel’s views of D23.

0689 8’50”: Geoff asks about Michael Eisner’s time as leader.

16’05”: Ashley from Virginia asks about the Panel’s views of D23.

0683 16’25”: Colin from UK asks why Disney does not sent out receipts for some events.

0633 Matt refers to Stacey Aswad’s appearance in the Bud Light commercial [1]

0630 20’15”: Tom from Virginia comments on Disney layoffs.

0627 15’55”: Greg from Kentucky says that the Disney website shows park hours too late for planning ADRs.

29’35”: Libby from Virginia asks the Panel about the Princess and the Frog.

0624 13’00”: Lorrie from Georgia sent a photo of the Presidential pardoned turkey.

0618 19’35”: Doug asks for tips for a 30-day vacation.

0609 18’15”: Mark from NH asks how the Panel would reduce wait times to 20 minutes.

0606 27’00”: Philippe from the Netherlands asks about Disney chats.

LS35 12’20”: Jack from NJ asks about Steve Soares.

0588 14’15”: James asks about Disney’s response, if any, to Universal’s and Sea World’s latest roller coasters.

25’35”: Doug from SC asks about suitable footwear for comfortable feet.

LS34 70’25”: Moreen asks how Disney reduces the bugs.

0582 27’50”: Dena from TX refers to Episode 569, and tells a story with her husband and a Saddam Hussain t-shirt.

0579 8’35”: Craig from UK asks about TDC names.

25’25”: Rich from Ohio refers to Episode 515, and makes a suggestion about jumping on the bed.

LS033 16’10”: Brian from SC asks if Grand Gatherings are worth it.

31’50”: Kelly from Savannah asks Len whether he has downloaded any iPhone WDW apps.

0570 24’10”: Stuart send his 2010 WDW Predictions.

0567 20’35”: Kevin liked Episode 505, and would like a sequel to Episode 411.

0558 John asks whether the newer wait times system is more accurate than the old system.

LS31 Part 2 – 43’00”: Jim Hill asks about the Disney layoffs.

0528 7’05”: Mr Voice asks about DisneyWorld bachelor party.

0525 23’35”: Kath from Alabama suggests that clueless families do their restaurant research.

0510 2’20”: Ryan from NY wants to convince his parents to go more often and not spend so much.

7’55”: Bonnie wants to book a vacation and then tell her husband.

0469 Steven of KY wants to know suggestions for his girlfriend on their trip.

0469 Kristin of NY wants to know why there are 7 must sees at WDW.

LS25 Part 2, 60’00” Caroline from Alabama also wants to know why the frequent visitors are not recognised.

Bruce of NY wants to know which videos of attractions we would watch.

Alan also wants to know if his group qualifies as a Grand Gathering.

Waye and Donna of MS wants to know what is new at Walt Disney World since September 2006 and what will be closed in September 2008.
Matt mentions a page with upcoming closures and rehabs.

Linda mentions the Atlanta NFFC Chapter she just started. For more information email her at

Steve of NJ comments on a New York Times article.

Kevin shares a Disney World Mom’s panel answer with us.

Jim of KY shares an idea for a book .

Andy of FL writes in to comment on the show.

Shane of GA wants to know when the Living Seas become the Seas pavillion.

Jimmy of LA wants to know if the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue is worth it on the Dining Plan.

Laura also shares a tip of using park maps to store useful information.
JillAnn of IN also wants to know about Lucky the Dinosaur.
Stuart wants to know what C, D, E ticket attractions were/are.
Jen mentions a member of Mulch, Sweat & Shears has a [2]song out in his own band.

Sharon of VA wants to know about bathrooms that are private.
Matt has a [3]list of good and bad bathrooms at the Studios.

Nick of IN wants to know if we enjoy professional wrestling and which wrestler we would like to see come to Disney.

Thomas wants to know opinions of Van Halen songs on Disney rides.

Katherine mentions the money she saved by checking often on prices on Southwest and for her rental car.

0361 Luke writes an email from the future.


[4]Jamie and Veronica comments on our advice that they used on a recent trip
Kevin also wants to know what character Len would be from MSTK3K.
Mary of Ontario, CA wants to know websites about upcoming attraction refurbishments.
Matt recommends [5]WDW Magic and the list at [6]Studios Central.
Mary also wants to know if Disney will bring back classic celebrations.
Daphne comments on a woman’s perspective on our show.

Kristina of ME wants to know how easy it is to bring a mid to larger size camera on rides.

Brian of MD wants to know about the Kingdom Hearts franchise coming to the parks.

Jake of FL wants suggestions for his own Disney podcast.
Michael of NY wonders if Mike Scopa is a Highlander.

Joe also wants to know which park to skip.

Scott of IN wants to know about Magical Gatherings.

Theresa wants to know about planning a Grand Gathering event.

David wants our opinion on his costume and his wife’s.

Jason of CT writes in for a trip in 2021.
Monique comments on people complaining about attractions being closed during summer.

Kyle wanted to know our thoughts on Ratatouille.
Chloe comments on using her pedometer.

Cheryl also wants to know about a kid jumping into a ride area.

Joe of MA comments on people smoking outside of the smoking areas.
Gary comments that 70% of revenue at Walt Disney World is from repeat guests.

Scott also wants to know any recommendations for a couple in their 30’s.

Veronica also wants to know if she should use lunch or dinner to try new food out.
Len says it’s hard to get a good reservation time for dinner so likes lunch.
Mike Scopa prefers to make a lunch reservation for his table service or a very early dinner.

Jim also wants to hear a show called “Walt Disney World for rich bastards”.

John of ME has a great idea for a Muppets resort.
Jenny wants to know if there are any statistics available of how many guests are first timers or return visitors.
Mike Scopa says in state guests need to be seperated from the stats.
Mike Scopa estimates 35-40% of guests come back at least once a year.
Len thinks 50% of guests are repeat guests.
Matt thinks at least one third of guests are first timers.

Chris of MI wants to know if he can find a digital copy of “Simply mad about the Mouse”.
Matt suggests making a copy of the VHS to DVD using a recorder.

Jay wants to know if technically no one has died at Walt Disney World.
Matt says people are pronounced dead off-property.

Justin sends us a funny joke.

John of Australia reports how hard it is to get Disney marketing information overseas.
Richard of TX wants to know if there are utilidoors system at other parks.
Len says the answer is no.


[7]Bruce of NY wants to know when you call Disney they ask you all these questions and why they ask it
Len complains the system keeps asking him questions even after he inputs his phone number.
Matt thinks it’s just for marketing purposes.
Bruce also wants to know if how you answer the survey will give you a different rate.
Len doesn’t think the survey has any effect on the quote you get.

Tim of MA wants to know how bad [8]love bugs are.
Mike Scopa says they should be gone when Tim is there.
Matt found them to be very annoying in September .
Mike Scopa says they dont bite.

Chris wants to know if Disney’s operational updates are definate.
Len says the start date is likely set in stone but it may re-open a day or two early sometimes.

Phil of NY wants to know how accurate a Rock ‘n Roller coaster rehab reported at [9]MGMStudios.Org is.
Matt says he initially got the information from a Studios cast member and then had it verified from [10]Mark Goldhaber and on [11]Intercot.
Len says the official Disney World website is the last website he’d check for up-to-date information.

John of MN shares his comments from a recent trip.

Len and Matt love [12]Jungle Jim’s.

Chloe wants to know what the Disney buses that say “Mickey Mouse” as their destination mean.
Len thought it was for Cast Members.
Matt believes it could also be for training new bus drivers.
Mike Scopa says they use those signs so guests don’t come running up to the bus.

LS05 Former Imagineer Mark called with tips

Paul of NJ wants to know about kennels.
Len says there are Kennels at the Ticket & Transportation Center, to the left of the entrance of Epcot, to the left of the Disney-MGM Studios and at Animal Kingdom.
Len says you’ll need proof of vaccination for your dogs to be able to have them stay there and they don’t take advanced reservations.

LS03 ?? of MN wants to know if the attractions that have been brought in for the 50th Celebration will remain once the celebration ends

LS02 Sharon of Ocala, FL wants to know if the AM radio station that was available in years past when you drove onto Disney World podcast is still available

Steven Johnson wants to know a good website to keep up with rehabs and closures at Walt Disney World.
Mark recommends [13]his column, as well as [14]All Ears Net, [15]WDWMagic or [16]DIS Boards.

Lynn doesn’t think it gets darker that much quicker in Florida or in Vermont.

Austin Malone wants to know if there’s any chance the book “[17]Kingdom Keepers” could be made into a movie.
Mike Scopa’s wife just finished that book and mentioned there are some errors in the book and thinks it would make a good movie.

Frank of East Brunswick, NJ wants to know some interesting unknowns at the Studios, Epcot or Animal Kingdom.

James Silkstone of Leeds, UK wants to know how long the 50th Celebration will be running.
Mike says it’ll be running through the end of 2006.

Mike Hamilton has set up a site called [18] and plans on adding more group markers for hidden mickey’s around Walt Disney World.
Shannon from New York City took a Keys to the Kingdom tour and said on her tour the guide pointed out Hidden Walts found on the Spectromagic floats.
Dan Scott from Winterpark, FL found an article about Hidden Walt’s in a [19]2002 newsletter.
Rob Springall who is the associate director of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Central Florida and Rob explains the differences between Disney’s College Program and UCF’s internship program.

Mike reminds listeners January is an ideal time for rehabs to occur..
Len mentions the Riverboat at Magic Kingdom will be down through Spring 2006..
Mike hasn’t heard anything about Pirates rehab.

Disney Visa Card

LS033 33’10”: Brett asks whether he can use the Disney VISA points on dining, or with travel agents.

79’30”: Matt asks Annette if travel agents can use gift cards from Disney Visa.

LS25 Part 2, 27’15” Nicole from Connecticut also wants to know about the Disney Visa card.

0361 Tara of NH shares the advantage of using the Disney Visa to save money.

Mr. Voice wants to know if the lack of deals for the Disney Visa means the end of the card.
Matt says it’s unusual for there to be no deals but doesn’t think it’s the end of the partnership.
Mike Scopa never thought the Disney Visa card was a good deal in the first place.
Matt likes getting the points because he spends much of his time in the parks.
Phil wants to know how Visa traveler cheques work at Disney World.
Len says the American Express travelers card is very useful.
Len has used American Express travelers cheques but they’ve switched over to a debit card or gift card system.


1385 25:05 Len discusses rumors involving the future of the Caribbean Beach Resort

1334 2:25 Michelle from Massachusetts asks about a rumor she heard regarding the origins of “the Disney point”

1325 28:43 Erica from Indiana asks if a rumor concerning rodent extermination in the parks is true

1257 18:17 Gary asks about Disney acquiring Lord of the Rings

1219 24:25 Elaine from Brazil asks Matt about the future of Hollywood Studios

Ken wants to know if we’ve heard any rumors for a new pool at Fort Wilderness.

Tanya wants to know about rumors for 2009.

Angel of MI wants to know if a rumor about the closing of Magic Kingdom is true.

Mike of IL wants to know if there will be a Halloween Party at the Disney-MGM Studios.
Mike Scopa says if it was going to happen this year, we would have heard about it by now.
Matt says this rumor is quickly becoming an old one.

Phil wants to know if there will be a Halloween Party at MGM.
Len says Jim Hill reports possibly 2008.
Matt says seeing is believing and isn’t holding hsi breath.
Matt thinks they should run the second event as folks will go to that and Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party.

Katherine wants to know if the rumors of Pooh’s playground is going to be scrapped is true.
Len says when they built the area, they didn’t install any infrastructure so it would be difficult to build there.
Mike Scopa says the lack of infrastructure could still mean they can build something else there.

Ryan from Groton, CT heard about a rumor of an adult oriented Halloween event at the Disney-MGM Studios starting this year and wants to know more details.
Matt says he’s heard of the rumors and the source of the rumors was from a Disney survey so Matt thinks since it comes from Disney there may be a good chance of it coming true.
Mike Scopa thinks if it is true, we would hear about it in early Summer so they can start selling tickets.
Matt has [20]a thread with all the information about the event.

Chris of Gathersburg, MD wants to know what’s on the horizon in terms of new attractions for Walt Disney World since he hasn’t heard rumors of anything.
Matt’s heard a rumor of the [21]ABC Theater and Sounds Dangerous theater being removed and replaced with a new attraction in it’s place.
Mike Scopa says he’s heard a rumor of the Monsters Inc ride coming to the Disney-MGM Studios.
Mike Newell brings up the [22]new film for Star Tours.


[23]Steve Seifert wants to know if Disney is dropping the Disney name from the Disney-MGM Studios
Matt says this is one of those rumors that never dies and that it’s not going to happen soon.

Kai of Manchester, UK wants to know about a Villains theme park.
Len and Mike say it’s not true.
There were rumors of a villains area where Pooh’s Playful Spot is now in Fantasyland.
Len says there will not be a 5th park, especially with Animal Kingdom and the Studios both needing some attention to be finished.


1409 2:33 Rob noticed many Disney references on The Big Bang Theory

1313 17:32 Gerald from Pennsylvania asks the hosts to discuss flagrant misinformation that they’ve heard regarding WDW

1298 10:06 Doug from Louisiana shares the merits of wearing Mouse Ears.

1279 30:38 Mike from Indiana asks a question related to Len’s Space Mountain kitchen

1272 11:29 Len from Illinois asks for tips on touring with people who aren’t uber-Disney fans

1248 13:36 Joel asks about a “Tinker Bell ring tone”

1222 23:57 Michelle from Massachusetts asks about uber-fan pet peeves

1219 14:41 Curtis from Texas asks what “Walt would have done” with WDW

1219 13:15 Mike from Indiana asks if other big Disney fans help “fix the unmagical items in the world”

1213 6:24 Doug from Louisiana recommends wearing Mickey Ears to enhance a Magic Kingdom visit

1213 18:05 Rick from Pennsylvania asks how to tour with first-timers

1210 8:58 John from Illinois asks for strategies on convincing a non-Disney fan to give WDW a chance

1207 13:18 Paul from New Jersey discusses his Disney memories

1198 15:12 James from Illinois asks for suggestions on ways for his party to tour with another family who isn’t as big on Disney

1195 13:53 Zack from Pennsylvania asks about the opening montage to films released by Walt Disney Pictures

1192 26:12 Kim from Ohio asks about hypothetically spending a calender year at WDW

1180 22:10 Megan from New Jersey asks about “losing the magic”

1180 8:09 Nicholas from California asks for the best WDW features with low crowds and shares his opinion

1162 22:56 Mark asks about WDW insiders withholding information from the masses

1139 20:14 Kevin from New Jersey asks the panel where they most “see Walt Disney” in WDW

1139 7:54 Brian from North Carolina comments on the current state of the Walt Disney Company

1103 21:29 Jennifer from North Carolina asks how long it takes an average tourist to become acquaninted with the parks

10914:40 Paul from New Jersey shares a story about Disney “homesickness.”

1091 6:47 Mark from California asks the panelists what non-Disneyphiles think about them.

United Kingdom

0651 24’05”: Geoff asks what happened to the half-yard beers in the United Kingdom.

0645 8’15”: Keith makes a suggestion for the UK pavilion in World Showcase.

LSE1 32’20”: Andre from UK says that the Brits stay around 2 weeks per vacation in Florida, due to the extended flight time.

36’55”: Simon from Jersey asks whether the Panel enjoyed his chocolates.

0558 Craig from UK asks about upgrading the UK Ultimate Tickets.

0528 17’55”: Matthew from Wales asks for suggestions for going to the World around UK school holidays.

David of UK shares some tips for British travelers.
if you are flying Virgin Atlantic you can check in at Downtown Disney between 08.00 and 13.00 every day if you are not in first class it will cost an extra $5 however this is a very small price to pay (£2.64 to be exact) however it means that you can go and enjoy the parks etc without thinking about you suitcases cooking in the back of your car..
use an airport rental place like Dollar as they give you a car at the airport and you don’t have to go of site they are a bit more but it saves sooo much time (we have now done both and the airport was the best solution).
if you have a child requiring a child seat instead of paying say $10 a day to rent one go to Wal-Mart and buy one for $30-$40 dollars and bin it after use as it saves a lot of money (this was the tip given to us by the lady behind the counter at Dollar) you can then return the rented child seat within 24 hours and get a full refund.
if you have to use a stroller you can again buy a cheap one from Wal-Mart for $20.00 that will just about last 2 weeks and once again you can bin it when you are done this also saves the misery of it coming through baggage reclaim in London and your £200 maclaren is bent and unusable.
if you rent one of them big vans remember they have a blind spot that I assume an American driver would not notice as they may be used to it again either take a blind spot mirror with you and stick it on or again Wal-Mart do them.
if you have small children (under 4) make MGM your last resort as they is very little for them to do apart from meet the characters..
if you are bringing your British satellite navigation system over with you make sure your Florida road maps are up to date don’t buy the older versions just to save money as the roads have changed rather a lot ( I have a navman gps with the 2004 maps installed and some of the roads don’t exist anymore).
if you are going to do the rain forest café in downtown Disney make sure you come early we went twice(at 18.00) and could not get a table for a minimum of 2 hours have an early lunch or a early tea..
parking in Disney is really easy and the car park spaces are very large just park where you are told by the nice lady directing you.
fast pass everything and go back later.
buy your tickets from an agent in Kissimmee/international drive as they will be a bit cheaper also ask for a map when you get your ticket and plan what rides you want to do and stick to your plan, do all the kids rides first and send some one in your group off to get the fast passes while you are on the kids rides.
if you tell a ride attendant you want to do a parent swap you will have to split your group up but you can get on immediately after the first half of your group gets off this saves queuing again.
buy some park radios (again Wal-Mart) and use them as they are amazingly handy and will allow your group to split up with out fear of being lost.
Waffles in the US are like pancakes and are not made of potato like they are in the UK, don’t make the same mistake my party did and cover them with tomato source !!! In the end the waitress at the Disney restaurant felt so bad that she did not explain this she tore up the bill !! However we did leave a tip.
Americans cant make Tea properly ask them to boil the water and not just use hot water and we all know the milk goes in first !!!.

Andrew in UK wants to know if we have any recommendations for a Disney travel agent in the UK.
Mike Scopa recommends checking out [24]The Dibb to look around at.
Mike Scopa also says his British friends have been using American travel agents.

Unofficial WDW Today Wiki – by Phillip Burton and Andrew Carrieri

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