Major Episodes

FastPass Plus

Episode 1407 – The World According To Matt10:18-14:53

Episode 1374 – Anna & Elsa FP+ Update

Episode 1356 – Recent Changes To Fastpass+

Episode 1353 – Fastpass+ Priorities At The Studios And Animal Kingdom

Episode 1351 – Fastpass+ Priorities At Epcot

Episode 1350 – Fastpass+ Priorities At The Magic Kingdom

Episode 1341 – Fastpass Plus Character Meet & Greet (And DCL Show)

Episode 1314 – FASTPASS+ Insights

Episode 1300 – Fastpass+ Questions

Episode 1297 – The Removal Of Legacy Fastpass In Epcot

Episode 1294 – More Odds Makers 2:14-3:57

Episode 1291 – The Removal Of Legacy Fastpass In The Magic Kingdom

Episode 1288 – The Removal Of Legacy Fastpass In Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Episode 1282 The Removal Of Fast Pass In The Animal Kingdom 3:03-4:02

Episode 1280 – The Current State Of FastPass Plus

Episode 1259 – Dealing with (lack of) Fastpass+ (Epcot)

Episode 1258 – Even More Odds Makers 6:53-10:17

Episode 1255 – Dealing with (lack of) Fastpass+

Episode 1242 – Stories From Len’s Trip (Continued) 9:03-10:57

Episode 1206 – FASTPASS+ at Animal Kingdom and Epcot

Episode 1202 – FASTPASS+ at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

Episode 1128 – An Update On Fastpass Plus

Episode 1087 – Fastpass Plus

Episode 993: Changes To Fastpass

Legacy FastPass

Episode 844: Fastpass Q&A

Episode 786: Fast Pass Theories – Is it working, and what the parks would be like without it?

Episode 255: FASTPASS Changes – possible upgrades to the FASTPASS system.

Listener Questions

FastPass Plus

1427 21:33 Neil from Texas asks if he can make Fastpass Plus reservations 60 days out if he has a room reservation and an Annual Pass voucher but not the actual Annual Pass. Neil also suggests some show topics

1427 11:14 Donna from Kentucky asks about Fastpass-line wait times and Touring Plans

1424 8:42 Rick from Missouri shares a trip report, including Space Mountain, Yachtsman Steakhouse, using FastPass Plus for Wishes, and ADR tips

1424 7:01 Tom from Missouri asks how he can recall his FastPass Plus reservation times

1421 19:05 Michelle from Pennsylvania asks if she can convert Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party tickets to RFID such as to utilize FastPass Plus in the three-hour grace window before the official party. She also asks what time she should arrive at the TTC to get to the Magic Kingdom by 4:00

1421 14:22 Based on a recent test at Toy Story Mania, Steve from Ohio ponders the odds of Disney building FastPass-only attractions in the future

1421 9:54 Dmitri from North Carolina asks what the offsite window is for booking ADRs and FastPass Plus reservations. He also asks if he can obtain more FastPass Plus reservations by booking one night onsite before he goes offsite for the rest of his trip

1415 23:27 Janice from Louisiana asks if guests at the Magic Kingdom’s hard ticket parties can schedule FastPass Plus reservations for the early admission window prior to the parties

1412 23:34 Daffney from Texas asks about queues at the kiosks to reserve a fourth FastPass Plus

1409 20:04 Brice from Ohio shares an August trip report highlighting FastPass Plus and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

1409 16:05 Alicia from Minnesota asks about the upside of FastPass Plus

1409 8:29 Mary asks what happens if you don’t show up for your FastPass Plus reservations

1409 5:07 Bill from Ohio asks about FastPass rules for Be Our Guest Restaurant lunch

1406 22:29 Justin from Arkansas asks if he can make FastPass Plus reservations 60 days out as an AP holder staying onsite

1406 8:11 Drake from Indiana requests a FastPass Plus strategy for one day at the Magic Kingdom with a toddler and an afternoon break

1403 22:41 Christina from Kentucky asks if she should elect for free park tickets or decline these tickets and make FastPass Plus reservations

1403 7:43 Neil from the UK asks if guest services can change FastPass Plus times

1397 25:18 Zack from Tennessee asks if his friends, who are staying onsite, can book FastPass Plus reservations for him, who is staying offsite, if the reservations are linked

1397 21:51 Joe from New Jersey asks about the connection between FastPass Plus and the number of ticket days you have

1397 20:33 Joe from New Jersey asks if his Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party ticket can be used to make FastPass Plus reservations between 4 PM and the start of the party

1397 5:08 Howie from Maryland asks about managing a split stay with FastPass Plus

1391 18:51 Mark asks about selecting FastPass Plus times

1388 13:35 Jane from Massachusetts asks what time she should make her first FastPass Plus reservation for on a day she’s disembarking a Disney cruise

1385 17:54 Austin from England asks if he can temporarily swap Magic Bands with his wife such as to utilize her FastPass Plus reservations

1385 7:35 John from New York asks how early he should make his first FastPass Plus reservation on the days of the January 5K and 10K, respectively. Mike Scopa recommends walking the 5K if you’re attempting the “Dopey Challenge”

1382 10:19 A listener from England asks about touring the parks with FastPass Plus. He also asks about same-day availability of FastPass Plus

1379 23:06 Zack from Tennessee asks if he will be granted an additional FastPass if he can’t fit into the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train’s vehicles

1379 13:12 Paul asks if he can swap Magic Bands with family members to better utilize FastPass Plus

1379 7:14 Marissa from Louisiana asks if she can make FastPass Plus reservations for the offsite portion of her trip

1373 12:06 Karen from South Carolina asks how far in advance Annual Pass holders can make FastPass Plus reservations

1370 13:20 Patrick from Tennessee wonders what happens if an attraction is down during your FASTPASS Plus window

1364 11:17 Didi from Illinois asks about using FastPass Plus as an offsite guest who won’t have a ticket until the day of her visit

1364 6:50 Gerald from Pennsylvania asks if a guest can purchase multiple 10-day tickets instead of a single 10-day ticket with Park Hopper such as to attain more FastPass Plus reservations

1361 6:55 Nancy from Iowa asks if she can make FastPass Plus reservations for the three hours prior to the official start of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party if she is only entering on party admission

1361 2:45 Clenn from New Hampshire asks if he should risk touring an Extra Magic Hour morning park as an offsite guest because low crowds are predicted. Len says that FastPass Plus has mitigated the risk involved in this idea.

1355 14:32 Allison from Minnesota asks how the recent alterations to FastPass Plus, which allow guests to receive additional FastPasses after the initial allocation has been used, will impact Touring Plans

1355 3:21 JR from Pennsylvania asks how FastPass Plus will impact Disney-sponsored VIP tours

1352 27:00 Frankie from Canada asks if FastPass Plus will be offered during the Magic Kingdom’s hard-ticket parties

1352 18:00 Anthony from Florida discusses Disney’s consolation for FastPass Plus holders when an attraction breaks down

1352 9:08 Jack from Massachusetts asks about reserving FastPass Plus on My Disney Experience with a Silver Pass

1349 13:21 Tracy from Michigan ponders the average FastPass return queue wait

1349 6:49 Didi from New York asks if Disney still awards free FastPasses for finding paintbrushes on Tom Sawyer Island. She also asks when Disney will start giving extra FastPasses for spending. Finally, she asks if “bonus Fastpasses” are still offered

1349 3:03 Ken from Minnesota wonders how FastPass Plus has affected wait times

1331 12:20 Gerald from Pennsylvania asks if FastPass Plus minimizes the importance of arriving at the parks early

1328 3:23 Gordon asks about obtaining FastPass Plus times for days stayed on an Annual Pass

1325 24:11 Cheryl asks how far in advance she should make FastPass Plus reservations. She also asks about synchronizing FastPass Plus reservations for a large group

1325 22:30 TJ from Illinois asks about scheduling FastPass Plus reservations at Epcot

1322 8:24 Michael from Maryland asks if FastPass Plus is a perk for guests at the Dolphin. Len offers a related tip for offsite guests.

1319 19:55 Eldon shares a couple of Magic Band tips

1319 7:03 Roger asks how far in advance he can make FastPass Plus reservations

1316 20:53 Mark from New Jersey asks if Disney could’ve implemented My Magic Plus without changing the legacy FastPass system

1313 16:31 Glenn asks about obtaining FastPass Plus reservations with an Annual Pass that won’t be obtained until arrival

1313 15:47 Glenn asks about FastPass Plus lead times with tickets purchased through Undercover Tourist

1310 8:26 Bob from Kansas asks about protocol for obtaining FastPass Plus for offsite guests

1307 2:43 Paul from New Jersey ponders Disney perks that may be discontinued. FastPass Plus and price increases are discussed

1304 18:27 Chuck from New York asks if his plan to circumvent Disney’s FastPass Plus policy as an offsite guest is feasible

1304 6:24 Michael from California asks if DVC guests staying on rental points can use FastPass Plus

130014:05 Paul from New Jersey asks about FastPass Plus scheduling rules

1300 12:34 Pam from Pennsylvania asks about omitting FastPass Plus
from Touring Plans

1300 9:35 Wendy asks how to schedule FastPass Plus reservations without park tickets linked to My Disney Experience. Annette advises against linking multiple tickets

1300 7:51 Eugene from Maryland asks how FastPass Plus will correspond with Touring Plans for an offsite guest

1300 6:50 Mike from Virginia shares his FastPass Plus schedule

1300 5:40 Tom from Minnesota asks about FastPass Plus protocol for multiple parents wanting to experience thrill rides with young children

1300 5:05 Brian from New York asks about FastPass Plus protocol for parents experiencing character meets with their children

1300 2:04 David from Indiana asks if FastPass Plus is worth using for preferred parade seating

1295 18:43 Mark from Virginia asks about the future of child swap on FastPass attractions

1292 25:49 Josh from Georgia asks how FastPass Plus reservations will be handled for new attractions such as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

1289 5:08 TJ asks if FastPass Plus reservations can be made without an RFID ticket. He also asks about the future of the legacy FastPass system

1286 23:04 Jennifer from California asks about Fastpass Plus protocol

1279 26:17 Chad from Illinois questions Fast Pass admission protocol in relation to the standby queues

1279 17:53 Gerald from Pennsylvania mentions Episode 1200 – Multiple Days In A Single Park and asks if there’s a better chance at getting only evening Fastpasses with the new Fast Pass Plus system

1260 20:11 Dan from Florida asks about Secret Fastpasses in Fantasyland

1257 22:35 Barry from Wisconsin asks what the point of FastPass Plus is

1257 5:10 Fred from Texas asks about ticket options and FastPass Plus

1251 8:41 Rachel shares her experience with balancing ADRs with FastPass return times

1248 2:16 Ethan asks whether he should hold off on booking his trip because of potential My Magic Plus issues

1246 24:47 Brian from New York asks about FastPass Plus protocol

1246 19:19 Howie from Maryland asks about FastPass Plus for offsite guests

1246 5:35 Patrick from Tennessee ponders the worst FastPass Plus reservations one can make in each park

1243 20:33 Christopher from Pennsylvania asks how My Magic Plus will affect his June 2014 trip, especially in regards to FastPass

1243 15:02 Chris mentions Episode 1128 – An Update On FastPass Plus and gives his take on the FastPass changes

1231 10:05 Kenny from Florida asks how Next Gen Fastpass will affect Annual Passholders. Len discusses changes to online Fastpass reservations

1225 28:08 Terry from Texas requests more coverage of Fastpass Plus

1201 12:41 Gerald from Pennsylvania asks whether Fastpass enforcement possibly causes revenue loss

1198 2:14 Dan from Florida asks about surprise Fastpass distribution in MK

1156 3:30 Brian from New York asks if Fastpass kiosks operate before park opening

1154 11:48 Stanton in California asks about Fastpass return time enforcement

1137 23:35 Dawn from New York asks about Next Gen

1103 23:00 Dawn from New York asks about getting stuck on ride/Fastpass

1097 18:10 Adam from Minnesota asks about centralized Fastpass distribution centers.

1082 3:35 Tim from Ohio asks about a FastPass expiration technicality.

1079 21:36 Fred from Maryland asks a question about park hopping and fastpass.

Legacy FastPass

1424 19:44 David from Massachusetts asks if a FastPass from 2007 will work now at either WDW or Disneyland

0767 32’00”: Connie from SC says she cannot get a FastPass for someone whose ticket has not been used that day, and asks whether that is a new policy.

0753 4’05”: Val from TX asks which park she should use her “:Give a Day, Get a Disney Day”: FASTPASS.

0749 12’10”: Riley gives his Cast member experience about redeeming FastPasses after the window.

LS44 98’30”: Jamie from RI asks about the “:Give a Day, Get a Disney Day”: FastPass.

0728 8’00”: Cathy from Connecticut asks about using “:Give a Day, Get a Disney Day”: FastPasses.

LS43 82’30”: Ryan from Wisconin asks which park he should use his “:Give a Day, Get a Disney Day”: FastPass.

105’15”: Tom from NJ asks about Star Wars Weekends autograph FastPasses.

107’50”: Sheryl from FL comments about Star Wars Weekends autograph FastPasses.

LS42 73’35”: Ryan from Wisconsin asks which park is best for the “:Give a Day, Get a Disney Day”: FastPass.

0710 24’00”: Jodie from Wisconsin talks about combining the Child Swap with FastPass.

0701 28’15”: Cathy from Connecticut asks about using a FASTPASS on another day.

0654 23’30”: Trevor from Virginia asks about using the FastPass and Child Swap for wheelchair users.

0645 11’30”: Jordan from FL got confirmation from a CastMember that you can use a FastPass past its expiration time.

0642 21’55”: Angie asks whether the birthday Family FassPass is hard to get.

0627 10’45”: Rory from Louisiana asks when FastPasses are first given out.

0615 24’30”: Mark asks whether he can use FastPasses the next day.

0609 29’15”: Alex from FL asks what effect centralized FastPass distribution would have on the Touring Plans.

0585 21’00”: Susan from NJ wants to get as many FastPasses as possible in the morning for use in the evening.

0564 10’40”: Marie from Alabama asks whether she can use a FASTPASS after its expiry.

12’05”: Marie from Alabama relates a story about using FASTPASS for friends not in the park.

21’00”: Aaron likes Episode 414, but doesn’t like waiting for a second FASTPASS.

0561 30’10”: Stephen from Wisconsin asks about creating a Pay it Forward FastPass system.

0549 17’10”: Ted asks whether Disney is clamping down on next-day use of FastPasses.

0543 8’40”: Tim asked about getting FastPass for other people.

0522 21’00”: Linda from Pennsylvania wants to take the best advantage of FastPass when travelling alone.

0513 25’00”: Ed from Indianapolis asks about the Child Swap with the FastPass.

0510 19’05”: Jamie from RI asks about FastPasses.

0499 15’30”: Steve from Wisconsin asks about getting a second Fast Pass.

LS28 Part 1 – 49’20” Jennifer asks about getting a FASTPASS before the park opens.

Chris also wants to know about Disney cracking down on FASTPASS return windows.

Lou shares a tip to combine FASTPASS and child swap.

Ellen wants to know how FASTPASS works.

Jeff of LA wants to know if he can still use his old FASTPASS’s.

Bill of NC suggests an idea for why the FASTPASS’s were upgraded.

Matt comments on late FASTPASS’s.

fast pass everything and go back later.

Bridget of VA wants to know if she can use an old FASTPASS on Mission: Space.
Matt says Bridget can, although it wont work at Soarin.
Len says once the barcoding comes out, it wont work.

Jim has used old fastpasses except for one time at Soarin’.
Matt says the one time it didn’t work for him was Soarin’.
Len says a lot of people report problems using old fastpasses at Soarin’ and explains why.

Len shares a story of a kid getting scared on the Great Movie Ride and winning dream FASTPASS’s.
Matt shares a story of getting denied using expired FASTPASS’s.

Len defends his using of old FASTPASS’s.

Deb of NH is concerned about FASTPASS for Disney Vacation Club.
Len says the last time he checked, any FASTPASS changes were centered around Disney resort guests.
Matt thinks because how crazy Disney is about marketing the Vacation Club, most likely the DVC members would be a big beneficiary of it.

Debbie wants to know if Disney will be removing the free version of FASTPASS.
Mike Scopa thinks FASTPASS will be given out based on what resort you’re staying eventually.
Len thought the change would have happened by now.
Len tells us about the media FASTPASS he recieved at a media event.
Len thinks the FASTPASS system is changed but waiting for other changes first.

Jamie of NY saw people selling Fastpasses from Hong Kong and wants to know if there’s some sinister plot developing and wants to know if the end of Fastpass is near.
Matt thinks it’s just someone selling souvenirs.
Len says there are two ways of looking at it; one is it’s just a paper souvenir or two, if people want to use fastpasses in a future trip because it’s so easy to use expired fastpasses.

Richard wants to know if a single rider is better off with a FASTPASS or the single rider line and wants to know how groups of 2-4 try to ride together.
Len says Cast Members try their best to accomodate riders but thinks the people behind you might not be too happy.
Len and Mike Scopa thinks FASTPASS will be fastest.

Mike Scopa says that when Al’s sister wants to ride a wild ride, take advantage of the FASTPASS so they’re not seperated that much.

Glenn mentions that in Disneyland they’ve begun experimenting with new FASTPASS systems that incorporate the resorts.

Len makes a quick followup about a question in a previous show about FASTPASS not being free in 2006 but after doing some research found out that the book made a mistake and that it was Magical Express that could cost money, possibly after the 50th Anniversary Celebration ends.

Deb in Tennessee wants to know if FASTPASS will cost money soon?.
Len mentions that Disney is always putting in patents for different variations of FASTPASS but hasn’t heard any plans for the immediate future.
Len mentions Jim Hill has [1]an interesting article on the variations of FASTPASS Disney is considering.

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