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Major Episodes[edit]

See also MagicMeets and MouseFest.

Episode 1000

Episode 804: Feels Like The First Time

Episode 684: TentFest 2010 Preview

Episode 681: Traditions

Episode 661: WDWToday’s Excellent American Adventure (Pt. 2)

Episode 659: WDWToday’s Excellent American Adventure

Episode 620: Season 5

Episode 500

Episode 492: One Brilliant Thing

Episode 467: You’ve Got Mail

Episode 154: One Year Anniversary show


1415 26:52 Katherine from Colorado asks why the hosts do the podcast

1367 13:01 Kathy from Connecticut requests another New York City meetup. Mike Newell mentions an upcoming meet in Queens

1355 25:37 Wendy from Delaware asks about background noise on the podcast

1349 23:19 Bob from New Jersey discusses various aspects of WDW Today

1334 17:11 Scott visualizes the WDW Today Podcast hosts

1331 10:20 Scott from Washington, DC recommends inviting Neil Patrick Harris on the show

1319 20:23 Gary suggests an episode about WDW tips

1260 18:34 Patrick recommends episodes that compare the current state of WDW to that of specific years in the past

1248 19:49 Jeff from Georgia shares a story with the panel

1246 3:38 Scott from New York asks why only Annette is “fabulous”

1240 21:41 Martin praises the podcast

1228 8:59 Megan from New Jersey asks if any question has ever completely stumped the hosts on Listener Question shows

1216 19:53 Jim asks about WDW Today’s intro music and Scopa’s show opening quotes

1171 12:59 Steve and Jill ask if the panel can give a birthday shout out to their daughter

1165 19:19 Jeffrey asks about downloading episodes of the show that are no longer on itunes

1151 3:03 Jordan from Minnesota asks about burning longer podcasts onto multiple disks for a long car trip

0770 4’40”: Carey refers to Episode 763, and suggests what Scopa would do if he had a little more time.

12’35”: Cathleen from NY says that WDW Today is a gateway drug, and asks what was the gateway for the Panel (see Episode 201).

LS46 11’00”: Jay from NC liked Episode 765 and got reservations for Scopa Towers by name.

68’45”: Andrew Spence suggests having Jack on the show.

0764 Kevin from Indiana refers to Episode 757, and says that there should a Princess and the Frog room at Port Orleans Riverside.

0761 Karen from Canada refers to Episode 660: Listener Questions, and asks how long episodes can be.

Alex from Alabama refers to Episode 663: 2010 Marathon and says the Panel should try a Sip and Snack Half marathon.

Julia from Maryland asks whether everyone would fall asleep during a talk about Star Wars marathon Weekend.

0758 10’25”: Larry says that the Animal Serenity reference was wrong.

15’55”: Dave refers to Episode 655 and says that Newell is right.

0755 22’35”: Kirby from NJ asks the Panel whether they liked the “:Princess and the Frog”: movie.

26’40”: Nonami from AK asks how the Panel tours.

0751 18’35”: Mardy from Illinois asks how many super WDW nerds there are.

0749 22’25”: Mark from Australia refers to Episode 647 and gives his suggestion for Epcot.

LS45 116’35”: Teresa congratulates Scopa on his wait loss.

0746 23’05”: Brett from NH says that Matt speaks at twice the speed as the rest of the Panelists.

0743 2’40”: John from Massachusetts would like a smaller WDW Today stream.

26’50”: Jen from UK wants a live show that she can phone into. Matt refers to European Live Show.

0740 21’15”: KevBot says that the October 2009 episodes have been upbeat.

LS44 58’15”: The Panel discusses the comments to Episode 738.

65’05”: The Panel discusses the comments to Episode 738.

0737 17’15”: Albert from Pennsylvania had a great vacation.

0728 7’30”: Joey from Illonis wants more awesome.

0725 11’20”: Michelle from Iowa asks for the hosts’ favorite 10 episodes.

23’40”: Stuart from NJ wants a “:best of show”:.

LS43 68’20”: Tyler and Trish ask about Len’s travel plans.

110’50”: David from Illonis asks about the editing process in WDW Today.

0722 26’40”: Kelly from Georgia wants to know how long she waited to hear her email read on air.

0719 19’50”: Brian has a cure for Matt fear of flying.

LS42 40’30”: Trish asks when Len is going to be in WDW.

LS41 87’55”: Scopa talks about the new column on AllEars.net.

LS40 39’10”: Ken from Michigan gives his list of qualifications to being a WDW co-host. Marvin wakes up.

104’40”: Scopa relates a story when a 6-year-old coughed on Scopa’s food.

0698 29’00”: Howard from Canada says that he is a WDW Today junkie.

0695 12’25”: Tom from Minnesota says that Matt says “:over there”: a lot.

0689 20’45”: Tom refers to Episode 603, and comments about the “:Venetian Resort”:.

0686 27’30”: Mark from Missouri asks which attraction the Panel would like to stay overnight in.

0683 18’00”: Mark from NH says that Scopa causes heavy rain.

0680 4’10”: Sue from Pittsburgh loves Marvin.

LS39 30’45”: FigmentRules mentions the free ridealong with Richard Petty.

0671 20’40”: Brian from Ohio wants to see Annette on the front page of WDW Today.

25’00”: Len feels old.

0668 16’10”: Melanie from UK wants a shout-out to her husband, and thought the “:English”: accents in LSE01 were excellent.

0665 26’30”: Bill wants Annette added to the WDW home page.

0662 15’50”: Heather from TX asks what brings the Disney kid out of the Panel.

0660 20’15”: Brent criticises the Panel’s behavior in Episode 575.

25’40”: Dan from NM says that he cannot tell Scopa from Newell.

0657 18’25”: Brett from NH’s wife complains about Episode 575.

0654 26’40”: Brian from Ohio refers to the Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody, and asks the Panel what their favorite Muppet is.

0645 10’50”: Tim emails to say that he likes WDW Today.

0639 7’50”: Doug would like to know who is who on the cartoon line-up.

8’25”: Doug wonders if the Panel should only answer recent Listener Questions.

16’10”: Mark from NJ asks if Scopa went to WDW in August.

28’05”: Ricardo from CA recounts his time at the D23 expo in Anaheim.

LS37 51’15”: Anthony asks how the Panel started in the Disney online community.

0633 20’10”: Jay asks whether Matt would have Dinosaur or Fantasmic! Dining Package seats for ever.

26’45”: Matt mentions the WDW Twitter [twitter.com/wdwtodaypodcast]

0630 2’45”: Brian from Minnesota expects good treatment with his Scopa Towers t-shirt.

18’30”: Dennis from St Laura refers to Episode 549, and refers to the then late answering of emails.

0627 2’05”: Paul from UK ask whether any of the Panel would have failed a DUI test whilst recording.

0624 3’45”: Mary asks what WDW Today is planning in 2010.

29’45”: Mark listened to WDW Today at twice the speed.

36’20”: Wayne asked whether any of the Panel would be in the World.

63’40”: Ric thinks that Disney’s standard is high.

72’15”: The Panel discuss Len’s book signing.

108’50”: Soundboard Masayo from Japan asks when the October Live Show will be.

0621 5’00”: Becky from Ohio asks about the absence of “:Stupid Judy, Stupid Energy”:.

5’45”: Ricky from CA asks about the Star Tours bet.

6’35”: Ed from NC liked Who Wants to Earn Their Ears.

29’25”: Becky from CA says that Len should have done something in his 8-hour layover in Toronto.

0615 1’40”: Sarah from Massachusetts refers to Episode 600 and Lake Webster.

0612 3’40”: Kevin says that the latest episodes have been depressing.

0609 2’00”: Jason from Minnesota reminds us that, unfortunately, Scopa is right.

0606 5’20”: Cathy from NJ takes Matt to task for his introduction to Episode 601.

0603 27’25”: Bruce asks about the Venetian resort, opening in 1971.

28’45”: Chris from Illinois writes about long town names.

0600 23’30”: JD talks about the 2nd anniversary “:WDW presents the Mike squared”: show.

LSMM09 Segment 3 -11’40”: Masayo from Japan is invited by Scopa to host a Kakigori meet in December.

Segment 3 -24’35”: The Reunion is announced.

Segment 3 -52’30”: Discussion about Newell setting up for today.

LS35 54’50”: Sarah from NM offers the Panel green chilies.

57’55”: Dean from NY asks whether the Panel are going to be in WDW in September, asks if the Party is interesting, and any tips for solo travelling.

95’55”: Steve from NJ calls to say “hi”.

0597 14’05”: Megan from NJ wants the Panel’s autograph.

17’25”: Paul from UK refers to Episode 525, and says the Panel didn’t answer his question.

26’35”: Amanda from Spain likes the Scopa sound.

0594 19’45”: Dave from Boston refers to Episode 518, and asks whether Len really screams like a girl.

0591 13’40”: Kevin from Boston wants to know what podcasts the Panel listen to.

0585 2’00”: Mike from NJ wants a page in the Wiki to describe MouseWorld Radio programming schedule. Scopa thinks that there should a reference to the Unofficial Guide’s contents.

LS34 26’15”: Fred from Wisconin asks whether he can meet the Panel.

54’40”: Laura from TX asks Testa about “:fake Len Testa”: on Twitter.

120’35”: St Chris in NJ is going to adopt “:Goodday, Gov’nr”: as his greeting.

0579 17’00”: Ryan from Illonis says that the film Animal House reminds him about the Panel.

LS033 58’30”: The Panel discuss how listeners mistake their companions for the wives.

109’05”: Danny from NC asks whether the Panel has seen the film Up. Mike eventually mutes Matt’s mike.

0570 6’55”: Ricky asks how much of Len’s expenses are reimbursed by the Guide.

8’05”: Ricky asks whether Episode 500 was planned to be in MouseFest.

12’50”: Jennie from UK asks about Disney branching into healthcare.

21’35”: Kate from Washington asks in which attraction the Panel would want a special suite to stay in.

27’55”: Steve asks about Stupid Judy, Stupid Energy.

LSE1 14’25”: Katie from NC calls to say thank you to Matt for the activities last weekend.

18’55”: A caller from the Netherlands

56’25”: Amy from Kentucky sings her Star Wars Weekends song.

1h20’05”: Andy from UK calls to say hi.

1h32’30”: The Panel talks about its weekend. Matt continues to alienate the British, in a Star Wars way.

14’25”: Katie from NC calls to say thank you to Matt for the activities last weekend.

18’55”: A caller from the Netherlands

36’55”: Simon from Jersey asks whether the Panel enjoyed his chocolates.

1h32’30”: The Panel talks about its weekend. Matt continues to alienate the British, in a Star Wars way.

1h41’55”: Phil in Illinois is listening to MouseWorld Radio on his iPhone.

0567 5’55”: Kevin from Indiana asks about Len’s bust in the Hall of Fame.

0564 13’05”: Mindy from Plymouth asks about the Christmas WDWToday graphics.

19’10”: Michael from NY asks whether WDW Today could sponsor a Tequila bar.

23’00”: Ann and Katie from NC ask about the availability of the Live Shows.

26’20”: Betsy from the George Washington University asks whether Matt was also there.

28’15”: Alex from FL asks who the characters on the WDWToday cartoon are.

0561 12’30”: Stuart from NJ asks how the Panel’s wives cope (see also Episode 129 and Episode 282).

0558 Heather from Pittsburgh saw Len on TV.

0555 14’05”: Jim from Connecticut asks whether anyone has recognised the Panel by their voice.

20’30”: Brian jokes about Matt’s honeymoon.

21’10”: Todd likes Episode 477 and the Podcast generally.

LS32 11’05”: Monet calls to say that he has seen Len in Las Vegas.

19’25”: Len Testa calls from Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.

0552 13’15”: Sue of NY agrees with the Panel about Episode 477.

0549 3’20”: Brett wants email reminders for the Live Shows.

0546 26’25”: Michael from Minnesota asks whether Disney listens to WDW Today.

0543 1’30”: smedina24 suggests holding the First annual WDW Golf Open.

0540 5’20”: Charles from NY refers to Episode 401.

0537 2’15”: Andrew from UK wants to know what the Panel’s day-jobs and interests are.

6’25”: Keith corrects Len’s reference in Episode 535.

15’20”: Angel from Indiana was able to find an answer to her question on the Wiki.

18’30”: Vinnie and Sarah both refer to Episode 464, and asks about commandment 12, “:Thou shall make use of Extra Magic Hours”:.

0534 3’35”: Larry would like to see Annette’s character on the WDW Today website.

18’25”: Rich refers to Episode 467, and doesn’t want longer WDW Today episodes.

0531 5’40”: FigmentRules from NJ says that Len and tequila are perfect together.

14’05”: Brett from NH refers to Episode 465.

19’15”: Janette from Pennsylvania wants to know if Len is from Pittsburgh, because he says “:Go Pittsburgh”:.

LS30 Part 1 – 15’35” Katy from NJ asks when Van will be on WDW Today again.

Part 1 – 45’40” The Fabulous Annette Owens calls from Disneyland.

Part 1 – 50’55” Kevbot asks what the Panel is doing in December.

Part 2 – 9’35” Kathy from CT launches the “Van Halen call-in show”.

Part 2 – Matt asks the chat for suggestions of things to do during the Tent Event, and then regrets it.

Part 2 – 49’20” Brendan asks about Newell’s robot-statue.

0528 16’15”: Mike from Indiana asks when the Magic struck the Panel. Matt refers to Episode 500.

21’35”: Jason and Donna laughed with the Panel at Episode 414.

0525 14’50”: Pam and Katy from Maryland stayed at Scopa Towers, listened to the WDW Song, and viewed the Wiki for Inside Jokes.

0522 1’20”: Stuart refers to Episode 521 and gives Newell his title.

2’30”: Geoff talks about the Old Man of the Mountain and Scopa.

15’45”: Catherine loved Episode 458, but disagrees with the Panel.

24’40”: Mike from Minniapolis asks who amongst the Panel has been to the World the most.

0519 27’00”: Tim from UK saw Scopa in the Parks.

0513 12’40”: James from Virginia didn’t hear WDW Today TV.

29’45”: Pete asks about the Panel’s brush with fame.

0510 21’55”: Barb comments on Eat around the World and Maple Syrup.

24’50”: Keith comments about Scopa’s title.

0507 12’05”: Ken congratulates Scopa on soon becoming a grandfather.

0502 28’00”: Lonnie from NY asks about the slogan <a href=”:http://www.wdwtoday.com/wiki/index.php5?title=History“:>”:Give us 22 minutes…”:</a>

0499 10’40”: Mariah from NJ wants the Fabulous Annette Owens to be a regular, and talks about her 3-year-old “:ding”: son.

18’05”: Shawn from TX wants to know the Panel’s favorite Disney movie.

25’35”: Gary refers to Episode 472 [link: http://www.wdwtoday.com/article.php?story=20081007233319462] and Matt’s pronunciation.

LS28 Part 1 – 6’00”: Kye from Arkanas asks Len his current beverage.

Part 1 – 13’50”: Kim from Pittsburgh saw Len on TV, but without helicopters.

Part 1 – 21’10”: Matt talks about Episode 500.

Part 1 – 57’45” Jason from CA wants to know about Annette being a full-time host.

Part 2 – 3’00” Jennifer from CA says that Matt reminds her of someone.

Part 2 – 12’20” Amy asks what attractions the Panel would retrofit. Len refers to Episode 118.

Part 2 – 39’05” Jen from Baltimore (of Episode 506 fame) refers to the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and the Music in the Magic Kingdom episodes.

Part 2 – 48’25” Masayo from Japan says that she cannot wait to see everyone again.

0490 31’20”: Molly says that Episode 414 – Snack, Sip (And Sick) (link: http://www.wdwtoday.com/article.php?story=20080526082406540) is a true turning point in Pod history.

0472 Michelle comments on how she found out about the show.

0472 Amy of TX thinks Matt talks fast.

0472 Joel of SC shares a survey that might have been sent to Scopa.

0463 Dave also makes a show suggestion.

0460 Matt mentions [1]an article in Go Magazine he read on AirTran.

0457 Frank submits a show idea.

0457 Brian of PA wants to know the wait time for Test Track for the single rider line when we tried to ride all four parks in one day.

LS25 Part 1, 9’45” Abbey from Connecticut also invites any of the Panel to a meal. Len says “yes”, if the invite is to Victoria’s and Albert’s. Matt says that Abbey is the “new Len”. Len asks for this to be put into the shownotes.

LS25 Part 1, 47’20” Len hasn’t got his wedding invitation yet.

LS25 Part 1, 47’30” Andre from UK (staying in Port Orleans) calls to say “hi”. Len says they need to have a reception during MouseFest. Matt says that there is a lot of Brits in town. Andre says that the British school system is still on holiday.

LS25 Part 2, 9’00” Jason asks why the Unofficial Guide 2009 says that WDW Today is “Len’s podcast”.

LS25 Part 2, 28’40” Mr Voice talks about the recent tropical storm.

LS25 Part 2, 44’30” Ashley from Chestpeak is going to the Going West cruise with Deb Wills.

LS25 Part 2, 55’25” Brett from Texas calls to say “hi”.

LS25 Part 2, 62’30” Jennifer from California calls to say “hi”, and wants to know what the Panel look like.

LS25 Part 2, 66’40” The Panel alienates all European listeners, and Matt wraps the show up.

0448 Bernie of MD wants to know if we ever made it to the Animal Kingdom during our May trip

0448 Bret of IL wants to know where else we go for vacations

Kelly also wants to know why we all love going to Disney World .
Mike Scopa’s speech at 2007 Magic Meets .

Melanie of TN noticed Google Images infatuation with Len.

Bunny of IA wants to know if Len secretly loves the Beatles.
Andy of CT asks us all some personal questions.
Matt mentions an article about how he fell in love with the Studios.
Matt mentions an article Mike Scopa wrote about Mike Newell.
Jordan of FL says he’s done 4 of the items Matt mentioned on a Netcot Podcast.

Scott comments on Episode 414.

Julian also wants to know about continuing shows we started earlier.
Lee suggests our recent trip in May should be an annual event.

Doug of IL wants to know our thoughts on Night Kingdom.

Dan of NC wants to know what we all do in real life.

Robert of MA thinks he had Mike Scopa as a teacher in Junior High.

Jeff of RI wants to know how to get all of our old episodes to show up in iTunes.
Link to how to add a folder of episodes to iTunes manually.

Michael of MA wants to know if we’ve ever thought of being cast members and where we would work .
Frank also wants to know what technology we use in the parks .

Craig of OH wants to know how the podcast started.

Justin of IN writes in to comment on the tardiness of our emails.

Keith wants to know about our slogan.

Jay of VA wants to know about date sensitive questions on the show.

Gina of VT wants to know how to get her email read on the air.

Brian of VA wants to know about a book signing for Len.

John wants to know more about Mike Scopa and how he can stay involved with what’s going on in Walt Disney World living far away from Walt Disney World.


[2]Van comments on our show with [3]Stacey and mentions a [4]parody he did
Chris of NC shares a WDW Today nightmare he had.

Paul of CA wants to know we havent promoted some new [5]WDW Today shirts.
Brian writes an old email to us.

John of OH suggests a show topic.

John of RI wants to know what other podcastswe listen to.
Matt listens to [6]Mouse Guest Weekly and the [7]Netcot podcasts.
Mike Newell listens to Leo Laporte’s [8]podcasts.

Ryan of IL describes the “Matt Hochberg Curse”.

[9]Jonathan wants to know how we all met
Ron wishes we asked [10]Stacey about updates to the Top 7 show.

Sue of PA shares a story about how we’ve inflitrated her lives.

John criticizes Len’s liking of Hanson.

Tony of IL wants to know why we don’t have a WDW Today thong.

Jeremy comments we need to make a WDW Today running shirt.
Kevin of CA comments that Mike Newell needs to always record our shows.

Ray Kastner wants to know if Matt was at Walt Disney World during Presidents Week.
Matt says he was at the parks on President’s Day.
Ray prefers June over President’s Week.

Maj. Bill Fox wants to know how to listen to our podcast from somewhere other than iTunes.
Mike Scopa suggests our [11]MySpace page.
Matt suggests [12]Odeo or [13]Podnova.

Bill of NH wants to know what technology we use for our podcast.
Mike Newell says we use [14]Skype.

Danny was surprised to find one of us were from North Carolina.
Len and Annette are from North Carolina.

Mark of VA wants to know how much time per week we spend on our Disney obsession.
Mike Scopa says he spends around 2 hours a day on his Disney obsession.
Matt says his time varies but estimates 2-4 hours a day.

Drew wants to know our work experience with the Disney company.
Len says none of us have worked for the Disney company.
Len says he has a media contact in the Disney company.
Len shares a story.

Angela feels we need to update the shirts at [15]our store.
Patrick and Lydia of TN suggests a park opening show idea.

Jim of OK wants to know what we like to do when not focusing on Disney.
Matt enjoys baseball.
Len likes programming and working on his website.

Jordan wants to know if we write off our Disney trips as taxable income.
Matt and Mike Newell do not.
Mike Scopa has toyed with the idea.
Len writes off some of the guidebook research.

Mike Newell shares a story of exposing himself to Japanese tourists.
Annette shares [16]a story of her boss winning a limo ride when Annette should have.
Mike Scopa shares stories of us teasing Scopa for not being at Walt Disney World.
Brian of CA mentions he saw Len’s [17]article in the San Francisco Chronicle.
Jonathon of FL sends us a very funny email.
Lisa of NY writes to Len.

Steve of KY wants to know what is the funniest story we’ve had at WDW.
Mike Scopa suggests we’ll do a show on that topic.

Steve mentions the Unofficial Guide was mentioned on the [18]BoingBoing podcast.
Steve of FL wants to know if we’ve done a show for Florida locals who go on short trips.
Matt says he goes for short trips, like Steve.

Brandt wants to know our advice on the best episodes to listen to before their trip.
Matt recommends Episodes [19]187, [20]165 & [21]139.
Mike Newell likes episodes [22]121 & [23]123.
Len likes the [24]Power Hour episode and the [25]counter service restaurants episode.

LS09 5’45”: Steve wants to hear Scopa cry on the Podcast.

7’50”: Byron from Alabama relates the time he met Scopa.

28’50”: Ned from Pennysylvnia asks who did the Podcast introduction.

0179 [26]WDW Today Merchandise is available

Bob writes a very funny email to us.

LS07 Part 1, 26’00”: Jay from Ashville asks whether Len likes to count things.

Part 3, 26’50”: St. Chris in NJ makes a show suggestion and antagonizes Matt.

LS06 A podcast wedding is WDW Today’s future?

Caller Mark asked Len to sing if he wants to put the tip in the Unofficial Guide… Oh No!

Caller Amy has one final question. She wants to know the team’s reaction to having their wives on the show. Len REALLY wants to have her on again soon *grin*. Amy thought it was very funny for the listeners.

Chris of FL wants to know if all 4 of us tour the parks together.
Matt says we have toured before and we toured for the first time in December.

Len shares a story about the movie “Material Girls”.

Steve writes in with a funny Top 10 list.

LS05 Darcie of FL called in to wish a happy birthday to Len

Amy also wanted to know what we thought of our wives being on the show

Ruth of VA wants to know about the WDW Today shirts

David of VA wanted to know why we started doing the podcast

Angela of CT wants to know if Mike Scopa is from Boston.
Mike Scopa says he is originally from Boston and then moved to New Hampshire.

Ken of OK thinks the show is too short.
Jim of IN thinks Len should make a Hidden Mickeys touring plan in conjuction with Steve Barrett.
Len says it’s a great idea and Steve has [27]a book with a touring plan of Hidden Mickeys which Len endorsed.
Len has no idea how Scopa got an endorsement got on [28]Lou Mongello’s book.
Lindsay really enjoyed [29]Episode 88’s interview with Princess Aurora.

LS04 0’00”: Interview with Becky from MEI Mousefan Travel.

11’10”: Interview with Deb Wills, Allears.net

LS03 St. Chris of NJ calls in to give his recommendations and comments

Bruce calls in to say hi

Amy also wants to know who the actor for the voiceover for the commercials was

Sam comments on the show tagline.
Lauri enjoyed the episode with Christina Testa.

LS02 Monte from Las Vegas, NV calls in to celebrate the Scopa revolution

LS01 Part 1 – 11’25”: Matt announces a bathroom break, then thinks he is off-air.

Part 1 – 35’00”: Steve from Saint Louis gives a line from an attraction for Scopa to guess.

Part 2 – 0’40”: The Panel talk about the upcoming Disney Widows episode.

Part 3 – 27’00”: Discussion about WDW Today T-shirts, which degenerates into bad jokes.

Dean “DisneyDad” of Leesburg, VA really likes the idea of a [30]listener of the month.

Jen wants to know how we put together our podcast from a technical standpoint..
Matt says we use [31]Skype to talk and Matt recommends the [32]Logitech 250 USB microphone. .
To record the Skype call, we used to use [33]HotRecorder but now have Mike Newell record with a crazy setup and he does use [34]Adobe Audition as part of the recording process with a MiniDisc recording all the audio as a backup.

Sandra mentions she heard on a local California news station that has the tag line “Give us 22 minutes, and we’ll give you the world” but thinks our slogan is better.
Matt says everyone is ripping us off.

Allen Huffman wrote in and loved [35]the episode where the researcher Christina Testa came in to tell us stories about researching at Walt Disney World.

Steve of St. Louis, MO wants to know our opinions on Disney’s Official podcast.
Len likes the podcast and knows the guy who hosts the show.
Matt isn’t a fan of corporate podcasts because they tend to be long commercials.

Dan Krakowski comments that we’re too harsh on Disney and all we do is complain about Disney.
Len re-affirms we all do love Disney but might not like certain aspects of the site.
Mike Scopa says we also dont want to be shills for Disney and we need to be honest and give our opinions.
Matt says we try to point out the good and the bad.

Beth is interested in what our responses to those who hate Disney?.
Mike thinks those people have never been to Walt Disney World or have not done it correctly.
Mike also thinks there are just some people who don’t get it.
Matt encourages our listeners to post their comments on our site.
Dave also is interested in if the people who present at [36]Mousefest have day jobs.
Len says for most of the people it’s not a full time job.

Kevin Crossman of Freemont, CA points out our show’s tagline of “Give us 5 minutes and we’ll give you the World” is incorrect since our shows are not 5 minutes.
Matt says most likely the tagline will be changed eventually.

Steve McIntyre wants to know what we do for day jobs and how we manage to go to Disney so often.
Matt works for a private university and uses up most of his vacation time for Disney trips.
Len works for a large financial company and uses probably half of his vacation time for Disney trips.
Mike recently retired but when he was working, he’d take 5 of 7 weeks of vacation time to go to Disney World.


1388 16:32 A listener from Canada discusses the panelists based on their preferences

1313 4:07 Jennifer from Michigan asks the hosts to discuss how their opinions on certain aspects of WDW have fluctuated over the history of the podcast. Specifically, she asks Matt to discuss how his views on the parks have changed with a young daughter.

0630 22’20”: Megan from NJ asks what single park the Panel would go to.

23’00”: Megan from NJ asks which is the Panel’s favorite water park.


1286 26:09 Betsy from Maryland recollects her encounters with the WDW Today hosts

LS37 100’30”: Masayo from Japan calls to say hi from Epcot.

LS36 85’55”: Martin called to say hi.

87’50”: Brian from Pennsylvania called from the World Showcase to say hi.

110’45”: Dan calls from just outside the Magic Kingdom to say hi.

LSE1 1h20’05”: Andy from UK calls to say hi.

LS31 Part 1 – 36’40”: Geoff, staying at Disney, calls in to say “:hello”:.

Part 2 – 12’05”: Brian calls to say “:hi”:.

LS07 Part 2, 0’00”: Lou from Beyond Main Street says hi to everyone.

Inside Jokes[edit]

1388 4:27 Virgil from California asks about references on the podcast

1379 12:21 Steve from Ohio discusses inside jokes on the podcast

1367 25:27 James from Missouri asks about the podcast’s rotating intro music

1349 12:16 Curtis from Texas asks about profanity on the podcast

1260 28:07 Vernon from New York asks what happened to the “Stupid Judy” line in the podcast close

1204 8:26 John from New York shares some pet peeves with the show, related to pronunciation and veganism

0671 9’10”: Jennifer asks whether she should dress up as a Canadian. (This Inside Joke is detailed in Jennifer’s column.)

0642 26’40”: Kevin from NC asks about the “:Stupid Judy, Stupid Energy”: line.

0639 6’15”: Dave from Wisconsin needs help understanding the Inside Jokes.

0603 13’45”: Rachel drank Maple Syrup.

0570 28’30”: Thomas talks about Vermont maple syrup.

0522 4’38”: Matt talks about the Nigeria Falls joke in the Wiki.

0460 Abigail wants to know the story behind Newell and camera shop.

0454 Aileen wants to know what the Mongello joke is about.

0448 Scott of OH mentions an ironic reference we made to the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Lynn of ME wants to know why Pop Century is called Scopa Towers.

Bob wants an explanation of the Mongello joke is all about.
Matt refers Bob to the WDW Today Wiki.

Chris wants to know why we hate Lou Mongello.
Matt mentions the WDW Today Inside Jokes on the WDW Today Wiki.


[37]Chip wants to know about the [38]I like turtles joke

Mike also wants to know about the Narcoosees Joke.

[39]Click here for Episode 110 for the Narcoosees Joke

Dave of CA wants an explanation of the Narcoosees joke.

[40]Link to episode where the Narcoosees joke originated

[41]Patrick wants to know why we make fun of Lou Mongello so much

[42]Pictures of the joke we played on Lou at Magic Meets

Kent of NJ complains about [43]Lou blocking the dings in New Jersey.

Van also asks about some inside jokes.

John of NJ wants to know if our wives are in on the [44]Narcoosees joke.

Thank you[edit]

0689 8’05”: Catherine from Colorado liked Episode 117. Annette relates her first experience.

0657 1’20”: Amber from TX thanks the Panel for Episode 650.

15’45”: Susan listened to the show during dental work.

LS37 31’40”: Mark made it through to the second round of the Disney Moms Panel, and calls to say “:thank you”:.

0633 3’35”: Lee comments on his Episode 628.

LS36 83’20”: Jay from NC says thank you to the Panel.

0603 12’20”: Rachel likes Episode 414, Episode 505 and Episode 514.

LSMM09 Segment 3 -53’15”: Denise calls in to say thank you.

0600 13’25”: Eric from Ohio thanks the Panel for Episode 518.

0567 7’50”: Julie from NJ says that Panel completely made fun of her in an episode (Episode 421 ) that her family cannot find.

0558 Lisa likes Episode 477: Coronado Springs….A Review.

LS31 Part 1 – 8’05”: Kim from Pittsburgh comments on Episode 541.

Part 1 – 44’35”: Masayo from Japan calls to say “:thank you”:.

Part 2 – 53’00”: Gordon commends Deb about the Avon Walk.

0525 25’30”: Amy thanks the Panel for the Sip, Snack and Sick episodes.

0513 16’45”: Holly from Tennessee thanks the Panel for the prompt response to her email.

0490 29’45”: Julie says thank you for Episode 401 – The Magic Makers (Timmy Britt) (link: http://www.wdwtoday.com/article.php?story=20080425085343144).

Pam of MD thanks us for the podcast.
John of PA thanks Mike Scopa’s holiday recommendations .

Steven tells us about how our advice helped him on his trip.

Erwin and Julia thank Mike Newell for his contribution to their trip.

Carol thanks us for answering her question.

Tony of IL thanks us for the show.
Kelly of TX works for Travelocity and thanks us for the plug.

Roberto thanks us for the podcast.

Dave writes in to thank us for the podcast.

Jim of CA reports our advice helped him in a previous question.

Patrick of NY writes to tell us he loves us.

Martin McIntosh says his trip to Walt Disney World has been molded around this podcast’s recommendations.

Rich from Youngstown, Ohio thanks us for helping him with planning his trip to Walt Disney World.

Dion Harrison wrote in and liked our show about having Christina Testa on the show.
Alex Bogdan of Queens, NY confirmed [45]Appliance Direct is the name of the company of those crazy commercials Len is talking about.

Unofficial WDW Today Wiki – by Phillip Burton and Andrew Carrieri

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