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Unfortunately, this product is no longer available for sale.

Thank you for your interest.


  • i have a mammoth task of deduplicating and hyperlinking 60,000 emails in an excel spreadsheet.

    Which software should i go for?


    • Filecats Professional can catalog emails if they currently are in MSG format. See email metadata for more details.

      There’s a 7 day free trial, so try it and see if it does what you want. And if so, please consider buying a license.


    • I should also point out that I have done that for 160,000 emails before – it saved months of time.

  • have to send linked file of 60000 emails to solicitor

  • i downloaded the professional software last night at home using my email address.
    I cannot download the professional version on my PC at work.
    I add my email address in the newsletter field – message – already subscribed.
    I click on the link for already subscribed – takes me to another page asking me for my email address again.
    I keep on going round and round with this and just cannot download the software.
    I really want to evaluate the software and if it works for me i want to buy it.
    Please Please Please HELP – VERY VERY URGENT
    I left a message on the contact telephone. please call me to resolve this.

    • Your work server or computer must be blocking cookies.

      Please use this direct link: Filecats Professional – you should be able to download it then directly.

    • You may wish to have a look at this article about electronic disclosure to put your solicitor’s request in context.

      When you run it, I would suggest reducing all of the values to zero, and clicking the wheel next to the Standard Metadata and Outlook Metadata. Then select:

      1. From Standard Metadata: Dates, company and title; and Authors.
      2. From Outlook Metadata: Outlook; Common; Email.
      If you want more detail select Less common email and Body. However, I would not recommend selecting Body if you are going to catalog more than 10,000 (or maybe 5,000) MSG files at once; Excel cannot cope with the sheer quantity of data.

  • I have just provided my info and downloaded the software but it is not running a s a trial and I am not going to purchase this without trying it first. Please contact me.

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