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All the training you need to take (and hopefully) pass your Microsoft Office Specialist exam – and one step towards the Master certification.

Most people who use PowerPoint are up to Level 4 in some aspects, and Level 3 in others. Why not go all the way to Level 6?

This course teaches all the skills that Microsoft want you to know. Specifically, they are the skills required to undertake the Microsoft Certificate 77-603 (for PowerPoint 2007), 77-883 (for PowerPoint 2010), 77-422 (for PowerPoint 2013) and 77-729 (for PowerPoint 2016 Core) and will be useful if you wish to take the exam, or which to learn more about Microsoft PowerPoint

The core skills which are taught are those tested by Microsoft in the exam. There are topics that it wants you to learn about Microsoft PowerPoint, and this course teaches you all of them.

Each module is taught in order, and is divided in sub-topics, and generally each sub-topic will have an individual lecture lasting 5-7 minutes.

Completing this course will help you:

  • Create and manage presentations
  • Configure presentations for print, handout notes, and slide shows
  • Insert and format text, shapes and images
  • Insert tables, charts, SmartArt and media
  • Apply transition and animations
  • Manage multiple presentations

Who is the course for?

This course is for you if you want to develop your Microsoft PowerPoint skills.

This course will use the latest version of PowerPoint, but is ideal for you if you use any modern version – PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019.

This course is also for you if you use an older version of Microsoft PowerPoint, but want to learn the newer versions.

This course is for you if you want to become certified in Microsoft PowerPoint, as by the end you should the knowledge to because certified as a Microsoft specialist, if you wish to do so.

You will cover the content tested in Microsoft Office Specialist Exams 77-603 (for PowerPoint 2007), 77-883 (for PowerPoint 2010), 77-422 (for PowerPoint 2013) and 77-729 (for PowerPoint 2016 Core)

This course may not be for you if you want to learn Microsoft PowerPoint for Macintosh computers.

Learning Path

Level 1: Creating an initial presentation

  • Create a presentation
  • Insert and format slides
  • Change presentation options and views

Level 2: Configurating presentation

  • Configure and present a slide show
  • Configure a presentation for print and saving

Level 3: Inserting and formatting

  • Insert and format text
  • Insert and format shapes and text boxes
  • Insert and format images

Level 4: Inserting and formatting objects

  • Insert and format tables
  • Insert and format charts
  • Insert and format SmartArt graphics
  • Insert and manage media

Level 5: Transitions and animations, and modifying slides

  • Apply slide transitions
  • Animate slide content
  • Modify slides, handouts, and notes

Level 6: Merging content and finalising presentations

  • Merge content from multiple presentations
  • Finalise presentations

What people are saying

“Excellent course, covering A LOT of content in a very simple fashion. Well worth your time.”
“Thank you for the course. The instructor presented well & it felt as if I am attending a live class. I picked up a few great tips which i can use now in my presentations. The practice activities reinforced the learning. Overall, a good course.”
“The course was paced well, engaging, and useful. I feel better equipped to tackle PowerPoint challenges at work and am excited to expand my skills with the program. Phillip was very clear and was quick to respond to my questions.”
“To anyone considering this course or any from this teacher. I strongly recommend it. He is very knowledgeable in any subject he teaches. And he does it in a good pace and is explaining it very well. I love the tests at the end of each section AND that there is a video showing his way of solving it”

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