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What can you expect from our cataloging programs?

There are four versions of Filecats: Filecats Standard and Filecats Explore are file catalogers, and Filecats Professional and Filecats Metadata also include the document properties. I want to extract… Filecats Standard Filecats Explore Filecats Professional Filecats Metadata File names yes yes yes yes Directory/path names yes yes yes yes Hyperlinks yes yes yes yes File sizes yes yes yes yes Created […]

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How to catalog for machines without Microsoft Office

Filecats Explore and Filecats Metadata There’s now no need to have Excel to use our programs. New for 2015, Filecats Explore allows you to incorporate the information shown in Windows Explorer into a table, so you can investigate or copy and paste the data. Also, the metadata extractor Filecats Metadata can include up to several hundred document properties for each file. […]

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