Where to go if…


Age Groups

Adult Couples

See Luxary and Romantic


See Children.


Episode 548: Attractions For The Ages 2

Episode 545: Attractions For The Ages


Episode 208: Touring with grandparents and kids

Episode 135: Senior Touring


Episode 572: The Fabulous Birthday Bash Between 3’15” and 7’40”. Annette gets a $75 gift card for her birthday.

See Listener Questions.

See also the Touring Plans blog

Departure Day

Episode 1141 – What to do on your last day in Walt Disney World


For bad weather and hurricanes, see Weather below.

See also Safety.

Episode 1377 – Zombies Revisited (And Sharknado!)

Episode 928: September 11th

Episode 837: Mmmm… brainsss!

Episode 416: When Reality Strikes

First Time

Episode 264: First Time Planning

Episode 16: Planning a trip with a Disney World “first timer”

Once in a Lifetime Visitor

Episode 1202 – First Time, Only Time

Number of people

In a Group

Episode 628: The All Lee Show Between 12’55” and 14’30”

Episode 623: Planning From Scratch (Pt. 4)

Episode 604: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Episode 325: Traveling with a group

Traveling Solo

Episode 1116 – Restaurants for dining solo

Episode 726 – Traveling Solo to an Online-Group Event

Episode 696: Traveling The World Solo

Episode 547: Solo Traveler Table Service

Episode 523: Solo Touring

Special Needs

See Special Needs.


Extra Magic Hours

See First/Last Hour.

First Hour

See First/Last Hour.


Episode 1354 – Worth It Or Not (2014) Hard-Ticket parties 6:28- 10:09

Episode 1306 – WDW parks by time of day After 11:05

Episode 958: The World At Night

Episode 787: Night And Day

See Also: Parades/Fireworks

Only one day

Episode 411: Four parks in one day

Episode 395: Four Parks, One World, One Day

Part Day

See also Resort Activities.

Episode 736: Arrival Day

Episode 344: Arriving to Walt Disney World early or late

Episode 214: What to do on the last day

Episode 47: One and a half day Magic Kingdom touring plan

Episode 29: Animal Kingdom Treasures and Half Day Touring Plan From 11’00”

Power Hour

See First/Last Hour.


Bad Weather

Episode 1305 – Weathering The Weather Especially winter

Episode 1199 – June 2013 Preview 4:23-9:50

Episode 925: Misery Loves An Extended Vacation

Episode 831: Stranded At The World

Episode 462: Hurricanes


Episode 970: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Episode 315: Rainy Days

Episode 189: Warm Attractions


See Holiday Touring and When to go.


See When to go.

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