Launch of a new SQL Server Video – 70-461 Day 1

One of my other interests is that of SQL Server.

As a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: SQL Server 2012, I have prepared for and taken (and passed!):

These exams test your proficiency for T-SQL, DBA and ETL. However, how do you learn them.

While there are some excellent training books on the subjects, most notably Microsoft’s own training guides (which I can very much recommend), the information on video is more variable. One of the most popular video series sold only lasts around a couple of hours. Bundled as a part of a training kit, this deficiency doesn’t become apparent until you have actually seen it, by which time it is too late.

There are courses which try to teach more about the requirements for the course. The major problem with these is that they are residential. This means that the cost is high, because you have to pay for the overnight stays, for the food, and for the instructor’s time. However, they are more complete, lasting as they do about five days. This shows how much time is roughly needed to start to learn T-SQL properly (the recommended time for study is around 80 hours).

Therefore, I have created a course which tries to combine the best of both worlds. It takes the premise that T-SQL needs to be learned thoroughly, and that the five days taken by residential courses is about right. However, as a video course, you don’t need to pay for meals or accommodation.

Day 1 of this course teaches the following concepts:

  • How to install SQL Server on your computer – it can be downloaded for free.
  • How to create a database.
  • How to create and destroy tables, together with adding additional columns once the table has been created.
  • How to add data into the tables.
  • How to retrieve that data using the SELECT statement.
  • How to use the clauses FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING and ORDER BY.
  • What data types are available.
  • What functions are available to manipulate number, string and date information.
  • How to summarise data.
  • How to JOIN two or more tables together.

You don’t need any prior database skills – just a willingness to learn. As the first day, I take the above nice and slowly. By the end of the day, you should be confident in your ability to do the above, and be excited about learning more and getting closer to taking the exam.

Does this sound interesting? Then why not go over to Udemy – 70/461 Day 1 and have a look at some of the lessons using the Free Preview feature. If you like what you see, then hit that Enrol button, and I’ll see you in the course.

Want more incentive? Then why not save $10 on the purchase price by using the coupon code 70-461DAY1. The below link should activate that code – if it doesn’t just type it in manually.

So go to Udemy – 70/461 Day 1 and give it a go. Thanks for reading.

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