Trip Report

Major Episodes

Episode 1420 – Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2014 Preview

Episode 1408 – It’s Scopa’s Turn

Episode 1407 – The World According To Matt

Episode 1390 – A Very Newell Vacation

Episode 1283 – Three New Things

Episode 1267 – Mike Scopa’s Weekend Trip Report

Episode 1241 – Stories from Len’s trip

Episode 1239 – Observations By Jack

Episode 1232 – The Scopa Report

Episode 1191 – Kurt’s 10 Points

Episode 904: Len’s Magic Journey

Episode 765: Scopa’s Vacation

Episode 750: Gavin’s Trip Report

Episode 601: Mr Voice Takes On The World

Episode 595: The World According To Scopa

Episode 550: Listener Vacation Feedback

Episode 536: Listener Review 2

Episode 492: One Brilliant Thing From 5’45 and 9’05” (about Scopa’s blog)

Episode 447: Trip Reports

Episode 411: Four parks in one day

Episode 303: Mike Scopa Pontificates

Episode 297: Matt’s amazing trip

Episode 291: Len’s Wild Weekend

Episode 230: Listener Questions Beginning to 7’20”

Episode 200: Len’s Excellent Adventure

Episode 145: Mike Scopa’s Bonus Show

Discussions during Live Shows and Listener Questions

1397 10:02 Connie shares a trip report

1281 21:01 Van from Georgia shares a trip report, highlighting nighttime spectaculars in particular

1174 5:20 Frank offers a trip report, including California Grill

1091 16:50 Melinda from Tennessee praises Port Orleans, Electrical WaterPagent, Jiko, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, YeeHaw Bob, the Lines Ap, and MouseFan Travel

0758 22’35″: Steve gives a trip report.

LS45 2’20″: Lorrie gives a trip report.

0734 19’40″: Mardy gives a trip report.

LS39 102’20″: Tyler from Nebraska gives a trip report, including riding Toy Story Mania 7-8 times.

0671 17’45″: Brad from Illinois emails his trip report, and he liked Momma Melrose. Len wonders if Hollywood Studios’ restaurants are the cheapest of the parks.

LS35 65’00″: Dan relates a story where he lost a $1,000 camera bag.

0591 3’10″: Ken from NC gives a trip report

0579 28’45″: Ulas from West Virginia gives a funny trip report about her children and Grandma, including a new use for the Unofficial Guide.

LSE1 1h17’10″: Jeanine gives a Trip Report for today.

1h17’10″: Jeanine gives a Trip Report for today.

0546 21’30″: Brett from Episode 380, and gives a trip report.

0543 5’00″: ccline413 asks about making the magic last. Scopa suggests doing a Trip Report. See also Episode 501.

0507 13’15″: “:Listener since before electricity”: liked Episode 477, and writes their own trip reports.

0499 5’05″: Deb from Michigan refers to Episode 447: Trip Reports [1] and talks about Trip Reports [link:].

16’15″: Bruce from Brooklyn refers to Episode 447: Trip Reports, and his emailing trip report updates.

LS25 Part 1, 10’55” Discussion of the Panel’s recent trips.

How to Write Trip Reports

Episode 447: Trip Reports

1149 4:04 JD asks about trip report writing

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