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Creating GPS slideshow with Microsoft Power Map

GPS co-ordinates can also be mapped by time. Firstly, four things are needed: Latitude in decimal form. How to convert degrees/minutes/seconds into decimal form is discussed in the article “Converting GPS degrees/minutes/seconds into decimal form“. Longitude in decimal form, Date taken, and Microsoft Excel 2013 (or Office 365 ProPlus) with Power Map. This regards either a standalone version of Excel […]

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Enhance your Microsoft Excel Pivottables with Pivotchart and slicers

Creating a Pivot Charts In the previous two articles in this series, we looked at creating a Pivot Table in Microsoft Excel based on textual data such as the file extension or author name, and investigating date information. At the end of the second article, we created a PivotTable, grouped by year, quarter and month. In this article, I’m going to […]

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Accessing properties in Outlook emails in MSG form

Introduction MSG files are emails, calendar entries etc. which have been exported from Microsoft Outlook, either manually by dragging them onto the desktop, or through an automatic extractor. This previous article shows how generally you can view document properties in Windows Explorer. This article will investigate how these methods work for MSG files. Viewing MSG metadata in Windows Explorer The […]

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