Major Episodes

Episode 1371 – Souvenirs!

Episode 823: Merchandising

Episode 324: Saving Money Before You Get To WDW From 17’45” onwards

Episode 228: Disney Announcements


1183 4:06 Matt from Canada asks for recommendations of good Disney history books

1142 13:08 Lori from Illinois asks the panel for their favorite non-fiction books about Disney World or Walt Disney

0689 23’55″: Geoff from TX refers to Episode 604, and asks about autobiographies about Disney. Matt suggests

0660 15’20″: Ricardo from CA wants a book on the history of the Parks. Matt refers to Episode 231.

LS37 94’50″: Craig from UK wants a book which has color photographs showing the evolving parks. Len suggests the Color Companion to WDW.

Ken of NH likes the book Kingdom Keepers.

0382 [1]George wants to know our favorite Disney related books (non-travel guide)

Grant of MN wants to know about a book he found in Epcot that compares the Magic Kingdoms around the World.
Len thinks it might be [2]One Day in Disney.

Roger of ME wanst recommendations for books or websites about Walt Disney World backstories.
Matt suggests [3]Doombuggies.
Deb suggests the [4]Imagineering guides.
Mike Scopa suggests [5]Tell no tales.

Becky of IL wants to know about books about Imagineering and construction of Walt Disney World.
Len likes.

[6]Designing Disney’s Theme Parks

[7]Designing Disney

[8]Walt Disney Imagineering

[9]Building a Dream

[10]Walt Disney World Epcot Center

Roger of ME wants to know how guests are supposed to know all the stories that [11]Sam Gennawey was outlining without someone explaining it to them?.
Len says there are a few published books out there.
Matt compares it to a good book that has symbolism and other literary devices and the theme park planning is well designed.
Mike Scopa thinks Disney likes to hint at things and it’s what gets you to come back and to make you think.
Matt thinks principles of good urban planning have been implemented in Walt Disney World.


1289 14:44 Julio from Brazil asks how long package delivery to his hotel room will take

LS31 Part 1 – 28’15″: Recommendation for “:Gifts Of A Lifetime”:.

LS25 Part 1, 28’45” Brett from Indiana wants to know about the quantity of merchandise at Downtown Disney. Matt suggests that if you see something in the park, buy it there. Matt also comments on the AP discount in the World of Disney.

LS25 Part 1, 51’40” Mark from Dallas, Oregon, wants to know how to ship stuff from his Disney hotel. Newell says to go to the concierge desk.

Jenny of PA wants to know if Disney gift cards can be used in the parks.

Cory wants to know what to spend $250 on at Walt Disney World.

Hayden wants to know about package delivery to the resort.

Michael of MA wants to know if off site guests can have merchandise sent to for pickup to the front of the park.

Bruce of NY wants to know where the sign in front of Sid Caheunga’s is supposed to be in real life.

Cory wants to know what to spend $250 on besides just dining in the parks.
Aaron also inquires about a villain shop on Main Street.

LS03 Sandy from IN wants to know if she’ll have any trouble with security if she wants to shop at other on property resorts

Tim in New Orleans asks some tips and advice on how to maximize the Annual Pass’s ability to save money?.
Sue likes to always ask when purchasing anything, especially at World of Disney store at Downtown Disney.


1379 19:49 Julie from Canada asks for good companies that will deliver snacks to the hotel prior to her arrival

1373 23:28 Sarah from the UK asks if taking a taxi from Pop Century to a supermarket would be cheaper than having Garden Grocer deliver

LS28 Part 1 – 38’05” Naomi  asks about Garden Grocers delivery service.

0448 Dr. Don comments on how to use a rental car to get a grocery stop for a cheaper option than a taxi

Steven Johnson really likes [12] for having groceries shipped .
Matt doesn’t think it makes sense because of the fees and shipping costs and isn’t impressed by [13]

John writes that he believes the Goodings at Crossroads is overpriced and that people should go to any local Winn Dixie or Publix.
Matt mentions he’s heard the same concerns about Goodings being overpriced as well.
Mike recommends finding a grocery store off Route 535.
Len mentions he used to work at Publix.

John of Denver, CO is staying at the Boardwalk Villas and wants to know if there’s anywhere on property to get groceries without having to rent a car.
Len mnetions Downtown Disney has a small grocer.
Len recommends taking a taxi to the Crossroads Plaza and go to the Goodings in there.
Mike Newell mentions many of the DVC resorts have a small general store.
Len mentions those general stores are quite expensive.
Matt recommends taking a taxi from the airport to Disney World because many of them allow a free stop at a supermarket on your way to your resort.

Bob Hanes asks about gift baskets at Walt Disney World.
A service is available either by calling front desk and they’ll put you in contact with someone or you can reach them online at [14]

Pal Mickey

See Historic

Sending Home

1379 20:43 Art from Michigan asks about Disney soap and whether he can purchase it

Melissa of OH wants to know about personal shoppers at Walt Disney World.
Len says there are places on Ebay and says Mouseplanet has a [15]service.
Len says you could also call Disney Merchandise at 407-363-6200.

Brian wants to know our experiences with having merchandise at the park shipped home.
Mark says there are two ways to get everything shipped together: buy everything together or buy it seperately, take it to the resort and then bring it to a store and have them ship it out.
Mike Newell says the shipping cost depends on the item and the weight of the item.
Len says you could estimate it by going to the [16]FedEx or [17]UPS websites and seeing how much it costs to ship from their home zip code to zip code 32830.


Episode 1371 – Souvenirs!

Episode 449: Touring On The Cheap From 17’15” onwards.

1421 22:21 Jaypenguin ponders bizarre souvenirs and food items at WDW

1397 19:28 Bruce from New York recommends the help desk at Downtown Disney’s World of Disney store such as to locate souvenirs across WDW property

1388 22:59 Karen from Kansas wonders how many shirts Disney must sell to keep the item in stock

1379 11:29 Serena ponders a good souvenir budget. She also asks about the accuracy of the bus arrival times listed in the Unofficial Guide

1298 10:06 Doug from Louisiana shares the merits of wearing Mouse Ears.

1286 20:09; 22:38 Ron from Colorado asks if any Mulch, Sweat & and Shears merchandise is available

1275 23:50 Michelle from Illinois discusses Christmas merchandise

1222 22:41; 26:15 Ron asks if there is any merchandise available for the Mulch, Sweat, & Shears act at the Studios

1222 2:01 Jacqueline from Maine asks about useless souvenirs

LS34 101’00″: Jay from Ohio asks about the largest Micky ears.

0570 15’25″: Marjorie from NY refers to the Saving Time/Money episodes, and believes that the discount on merchandise in Downtown Disney is more than in the parks.

Dave in NJ wants to know if there is a souvenir we treasure?.
Matt doesn’t have anything that stands out aside from some things from [18]Jay from Asheville.
Len says his wife has a strict limit on his Disney memrobilia.
Mike Scopa has a lot of statues as well as a collection of Disney watches and shirts.

Mary of LA wants to know if they have adult sized shirts of Marie the kitten.
Len thinks it would be in the Studios or the Magic Kingdom if it’s there to begin with.
Len says there is [19]a woman who will do shopping for you in the parks.
The Disney World merchandise phone numbr is 407-363-6200.

LS05 Jay of NC commented that he thought the custom parts for Mr. Potato Head is a great value

LS03 David of VA wants to know why the Pooh merchandise is dissapearing

Julie Blackwell of IL wants to know if there’s still a merchandise cart outside of It’s A Small World.
Len is shocked that Disney got rid of a merchandise cart.
Len also suggests finding some merchandise on [20]Ebay.
Mark says you can call 407-363-1600 or you can email [21] about getting specific merchandise if it’s still being sold.
Mark mentions that next weekend at Walt Disney World there will be a [22]Pin Pursuit for Disney World Transportation pins.

Tracy Rametta asks if you can still get a picture of yourself drawn at any of the parks.
Len says you can get it at Epcot at the France pavillion.
Mike Scopa says they do it across from the Emporium on Main Street USA.
Mike Scopa says they do it resorts like Animal Kingdom Lodge or Polynesian.

World Showcase

1180 14:10 Trevor from Engalnd chronicles a game involving shopping in World Showcase

Unofficial WDW Today Wiki – by Phillip Burton and Andrew Carrieri

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