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Whether you’re sending business files to your attorney or a sales presentation to your field sales offices, it can be very useful to ensure that you know what is being sent out. Our Filecats programs can swiftly catalogue a CD, DVD, memory stick or external hard drive that you sending out and thereby maintain a permanent record using minimal space.

In the video below you will see that a CD is catalogued in as little as three seconds, which is a small amount of time to pay for certainty of what has been sent.

It can work on all hard drives, fixed or removable, modern or legacy, large or small, that your computer which can be mapped to be a hard drive letter in Windows Explorer.

On one job, I sent an attorney around 19,000 files on a memory stick. I didn’t keep a copy, but I did retain a catalogue.

A few days later, the attorney phoned me and said that he had loaded the spreadsheet and the files from the memory stick, but some of the hyperlinks didn’t work. I was quickly able to determine that he hadn’t loaded all of the files from the memory stick, and asked him to re-copy the file; that solved the problem.

The spreadsheets can be saved on the memory stick or CD, or sent separately by email. It can also be saved elsewhere, and the relevant path can be changed, so that the spreadsheet could be on your desktop, laptop or network, and the files can be located elsewhere, and you can enable the hyperlinks to still work, even though the spreadsheet and files are in different locations.

Please see the below video for more details.

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