Major Episodes

Reunion 2014

Episode 1404 – Reunion Update

Episode 1395 – Odds Makers September 2014 After 9:50

Reunion 2013

Episode 1283 – Three New Things

Episode 1278 – Reunion 2013 ESPN Club Live Event

Episode 1277 – Reunion 2013 Skagway Alaska Spaceship Earth Meet

Reunion 2013 Spaceship Earth audio

Reunion 2012

Episode 1130 – A Poem

Episode 1102 – Reunion 2012 Hard Ticket Preview

Reunion 2011

Episode 985: 2011 Reunion Recap

Reunion 2010

Episode 813: Reunion Recap

Len’s Great Butterfinger Attempt

Episode 810: The Reunion Experience

Episode 773: Reunion Announcements!

Reunion 09

Episode 688: Reunion Cruise Wrap-Up Show

2009 Reunion Cruise Sailaway Broadcast (Bonus Episode)

Episode 670: Who Wants To Earn Their Ears (Reunion 09)

Episode 658: Reunion Recap

Listener Questions

Reunion 2014

1424 16:07 Jodie from Minnesota asks if there will be any children at WDW Today Reunion

1406 1:46 Annette corrects errors that were made on Episode 1404 – Reunion Update

1391 21:07 Katie from New Jersey asks when she should plan her anniversary trip: October, late December, or the first week of December for WDW Today Reunion.

1295 2:33 John from Illinois asks about WDW Today Reunion events

1142 9:44 Ian from the UK comments on Episode 985 – 2011 Reunion Recap and how Reunion 2014 may be special for him

Reunion 2013

1331 11:05 Dave from Michigan discusses WDW Today Reunion

1237 11:22 John from New York asks about sharing rooms with other guests during WDW Today Reunion

1231 21:44 Matthew from Ohio asks who can attend WDW Today Reunion events

1222 11:50 Adam from Minnesota comments on WDW Today Reunion and recommends Yee Haw Bob’s show at Port Orleans Riverside

1210 19:09 Beth from Colorado discusses WDW Today Reunion

1204 2:44 Anna from Kentucky asks whether a grand villa package for Reunion 2013 can be booked through Mouse Fan Travel

1162 ‎1:30 James from Missouri asks about reunion events

1159 6:30 Karen from Kansas asks the panel to choose between a Reunion 2013 trip and a New Years Eve trip

1159 ‎4:22 Matt asks about the scope of Reunion 2013

Reunion 2010

0770 2’35″: Nora says that she can’t get the MEI and Mouse Fan Travel Reunion perks, as she is a DVC member.

LS46 105’25″: Julia from Wisconsin asks about the Reunion and early December in WDW.

0764 Ken from Minnesota talks about booking with MEI and Mouse Fan Travel for the Reunion.

LS44 67’55″: Martin from CA asks if he should make ADRs during Reunion.

0734 10’35″: Holly from SC asks about Reunion and TentFest.

Reunion 09

LS40 13’45″: Masayo from Japan says “Thank you” for the Reunion.

LS39 47’25″: Kim from Maryland got stuck in Spaceship Earth during the Reunion.

0668 7’30″: Crystal from Washington and John from Illinois say that Reunion 09 was a blast.

8’55″: Jo from Massachusetts talks about the Waffle House meet during Reunion 09.

12’40″: Nora from FL asks about Reunion 10.

0657 8’25″: David and Linda from UK enjoyed Reunion09.

0636 3’00″: Roger from Oregon suggests some funny activities for the Reunion.

LS36 24’15″: Steve from FL asks about the special rate for the Reunion.

67’20″: Tim says that the activities for the Reunion are in parks which the Crowd Calendar says to avoid.

105’00″: Soundboard Masayo from Japan asks when the opportunity to buy some of the tickets for the Reunion.

LSMM09 Segment 3 -24’35″: The Reunion is announced.

Segment 4 -0’25″: Amy from Kentucky calls to say that she probably can’t make it to the Reunion.

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