Windows 10 and Office 2016

While Windows 10 has not been finalised, we have tested our products with the Pro Insider Preview edition build 10074 and the beta of the latest Microsoft Office suite (you can download the Office 2016 Preview from here – it is the Professional edition).

We are delighted to say that it appears that our products do work on both. Of course, additional testing will be needed once the final version is realised.

For the preview version of Office, it appears that a minor alteration is needed to the installation engine, as while our programs recognise that Excel is installed, you may get a message during installation to say that Excel 2003 or greater is required. If you get this problem, for now, while Office is still in preview, a workaround is to download the following installation programs instead, which do not test whether Excel has indeed been installed.

Of course, a fully working version of Excel is still needed for these programs to work. This means that Office needs to have been downloaded, and Excel needs to have been registered (by opening it and saying “Yes” to most of the resulting dialog boxes).

If you don’t have Excel, then why not download it from the Microsoft website? As can be seen on the screenshots below, it appears that, as of the time of writing, you have around 150 days or so of trying it for free.

Alternatively, go to our download page and download Filecats Explore or Filecats Metadata, neither of which use or require Excel to have been installed.

Overall, it doesn’t appear that much has changed with the latest version. Of course, it is still a preview version, so the most interesting things may not have yet been installed, but there are still 1,048,576 rows, which is more than enough to catalog the files in most computers, and the columns still go across to column XFD, thereby keeping the same limits as in previous version of Excel from Excel 2007 onwards.

One thing that is of note is that Power Query 2016 appears to have been integrated in the Data toolbar, so you might not require a special version of Excel to use Power Query or download it separately, but trying it out caused Excel to hang, sadly.

Overall, it looks as if Microsoft might be holding back on some of the new features at the moment, just to make sure that previous functions work, so we will just have to wait to see if it becomes useful.

Speed of cataloging in Windows 10Anyway, back to Filecats programs. As you can see, cataloging in Windows 10/Office 2016 is still fast. The below was done on a virtual computer which was running two other operating systems at the same time, but even so, it was able to capture data from more than 20,000 files in a minute.


Unsurprising, the results in Office 2016 are comparable to those shown in earlier versions of Office. Still as useful, and all the functions such as hyperlinks still work (although the programs that files such as .avi files may open into might be different in Windows 10). The below is shown using a Spanish installation of Windows and Office.
Cataloging in the latest version of Windows and Excel

Finally, document properties are still able to extracted in Windows 10, as shown in Filecats Metadata.
Document Properties in Windows 10

Hopefully, we won’t see any major changes in the underlying code for either Windows 10 or Office 2016.

If you want to download Filecats Standard or Filecats Professional in your Windows 7, 8 or 10 computer, then please use the downloads above.

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