Major Episodes

Episode 1419 – Once Upon A Time 17:12-19:57

Episode 1098 – Chris’s Show 10:50 Chris asks about places to buy camera straps at WDW.

Episode 1029 Through the Camera Eye

Episode 652: Worth It Or Not (Continued) Between 8’55” and 12’35”

Episode 432: Theme Park Etiquette Revisited Between 5’55” and 10’30”

Episode 396: The World In Focus

Episode 342: Best photo spots

Listener Questions

1415 15:50 Sigrid from Wisconsin asks if a group staying in separate rooms on different reservations can share a Memory Maker

1412 10:38 Patty from Ohio asks about viewing and purchasing photos sans Memory Maker

1406 23:00 Justin from Arkansas asks if he should purchase Memory Maker for his nine-person party

1331 14:26 Jeffrey from New Jersey asks about combining a Disney Cruise with a WDW vacation. He also asks if he can combine Disney Cruise photos with park photos through Memory Maker

1319 3:17 Diane from Wisconsin asks about sharing PhotoPass with another party with My Magic Plus

1257 22:14 A listener discusses PhotoPass Plus protocol, namely physical photos

1257 20:25 Amanda from Virginia shares her experience with PhotoPass Plus

1251 6:32 Greg from Canada asks if you can get printed photos with PhotoPass Plus

1248 11:59 Greg from Canada asks about getting printed photo copies with PhotoPass Plus

1216 11:27 Olivia from England asks about ordering a PhotoPass Plus package

1151 23:08 Angus asks about sharing Photopass with other guests

1127 8:27 Bryce from Ohio asks about photography in queue lines

1103 17:49 Mark from England praises Photopass.

1098 2:50 Amanda from Ohio has an answer to the camera question asked on Episode 1098-Chris’s Show

1082 13:28 Dan from New Mexico asks about on-ride photo procedures.

0695 27’35″: Jennifer from CA points out benefits of the PhotoPass CD.

0692 7’10″: Michael says that you can upload your photos when using PhotoPass.

0689 17’25″: Matt from Kansas asks whether the PhotoPass is worth it when several families use it.

0686 7’25″: Someone asks whether the discounted PhotoPass CD is worth the money.

0674 2’30″: Jolene asks about the availability of PhotoPass photographers.

15’00″: Paul from WA gives some tips for PhotoPass.

0657 3’50″: Paul talks about the virtues of PhotoPass and the Dining Plan.

0627 4’45″: Jo from CA refers to Live Show 33, and says that she has combined WDW and Disneyland PhotoPass.

0624 6’10″: Jennifer refers to Episode 621, and says that you can combine PhotoPasses from WDW and Disneyland.

LS36 76’10″: Mary-Jo says that you can combine WDW and Disneyland photos on a CD.

0621 8’00″: Mary-Jo asks whether she can get a joint Disneyland and WDW PhotoPass.

0618 10’35″: Paul from UK asks about photo opportunities which include the date.

LS34 74’10″: DisneyMark asks if he can use PhotoPass in WDW and DisneyLand.

LS033 52’50″: Dan from Maryland asks about how the Panel feels about the PhotoPass, and whether you should tip the PhotoPass photographer.

0570 26’00″: Jennifer from Alabama forgot to purchase a photo album.

LS31 Part 1 – 12’05″: Amy asks whether she can get one PhotoPass CD on two vacations.

0510 10’40″: Chris from TX wants to know how many photographs should be on a PhotoPass CD before it becomes attractive to the Panel.

0493 21’20″: Hi3050 wants to know preferred photograph locations.

0460 Chris of MI wants to know how he can photograph rides with no people.

Rick gives some suggestions on taking photos in the parks.

Mark compares Photopass from today and a few years ago.

Mark of NC makes some suggestions on bags for bringing cameras and accessories to the parks.

Laura also wants to know about how to photograph the park.
Mike Newell recommends the photography blog at [1]All Ears.

Mark tells us about the use of infrared lights on a camcorder.
William lets us know that has weather forecasts for upcoming months.

Joel writes in to tell us why infrared on camcorders aren’t allowed on rides.


[2]Jamie wants to know if the 50% off on Photopass during the special event party is a discount one can get for the photos

Brian of IL complains about the on-ride photo quality of the pictures.
Matt doesn’t buy the photos.
Len heard a rumor for Photopass.

Jose of CO wants to know if the rides are on the photopass system.
Len has heard it’s going to be eventually rolled out everywhere.


[3]Bruce of NY wants to know the rules for videotaping on rides
Mike Newell said years ago you had built in lights to annoy people.
Matt observes the personal rule of as long you don’t have external lighting (light or flash), then you’re free to videotape.

Steve of FL confirmed you can store multiple Photopasses on one CD to purchase.

LS05 John also heard they are about to put the ride photos on the photopass system

Deb of DE wants to know our opinions of the Photopass CD.
Len says the Photopass CD is a CD of all your photos taken by the Photopass system and costs $99.
Matt and Len believe it is a terrible value and your money is better spent investing in a digital camera and buying your prints online.
Matt mentions you can give your camera to the photopass person and they’ll take a photo of you with your camera.
Mike Scopa says there are no photos available by the Photopass system anywhere but in front of the icons and advises everyone to just use their own cameras.

Reg from Vancouver, BC, Canada wants to know tips about the $99 PhotoPass CD.
Matt recommends Reg just buy a digital camera.
Mike Scopa complains that there aren’t that many photo opportunities with the Disney PhotoPass people.
Len has complained some recent PhotoPass photos were blurry.

Tim of Holoyoke, MA wants to know if Disney allows video cameras on rides.
Mike Newell says they will say if it’s allowed or not.
Mike Newell says if they are banned its because of copyright concerns and the indoor light that can wreck the experience for other guests.
Matt says if they say no exterior lighting, you can video tape but no lights allowed.
Matt also mentions they ban it more for the fear of someone dropping the item and it becoming a flying blunt object.
Ken of Madison, WI wants to know their best option for burning pictures from their camera to a CD.
Matt says there are kiosks to do that in the park.
Mike Newell says another memory card or two might be a better investment.
Len says you can download the photos from your camera to a CD at Exposition Hall (Magic Kingdom), Camera Center (Epcot), Dark Room (MGM) & Garden Gate Gifts (Animal Kingdom)..
Len says a CD will cost $12.95.
Len says regardless of location, they are all processed at the Dark Room at the Studios.

Merily from MN mentions you can buy a CD full of pictures (up to 200) for $99 with the photopass program.
Matt still thinks it’s more expensive than printing photos from other online services.

Phil of White Plains, NY agrees the prices of the PhotoPass are too much but likes to use it to share photos with those who are at home by providing their PhotoPass ID.

LS01 Part 1 – 6’20″: Keith asks for great pictures spots (other than the usual ones).

Ray Kastner criticizes our criticism of Disney’s Photo Pass program.
Len says we dont like the idea, but rather our only problem is the price they charge for the service.

Jeff of Everett, WA wants to know our thoughts of the PhotoPass system.
Len thinks it’s a nice idea but rather expensive.
Matt thinks maybe it’s worth buying one photo if it really comes out well but it’s too expensive to buy much more than that.

Peggy Randall wants to know where she can get a photo taken of her that will have Finding Nemo characters digitally added to the photo.
Christina says you get those at these sticker kiosks and she saw one at Pizza Planet restaurant (Disney-MGM Studios across from Muppetvision 3D) and they cost about $5 and you get a sheet of stickers .
There is also a location to do this at the arcade near the exit of Space Mountain and Len mentions there’s one at Exposition Hall in the Magic Kingdom as well.
Matt mentions they have a similiar service at the Dark Room store and AFI Showcase (exit from the Backlot Tour) at the Disney-MGM Studios.
Christina mentions those offers are more expensive.

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