Parks Generally




Episode 1423 – Attraction Mashups

Episode 1422 – Toddlers & Tweens

Episode 1342 – WDW Draft 2014

Episode 1294 – More Odds Makers 6:44-8:24 Frozen attraction?

Episode 1117 – Grading Walt Disney World this year 15:20-21:00

Episode 1106 – Listener Questions 16:29-17:47 James from Massachusetts discusses “dangerous” WDW attractions

Episode 1027: Backstory discusses the stories behind the attractions

Episode 895: WDW TLC

Episode 889: Topsy Turvy

Episode 841: Best Seat In The House

Episode 699: Future Pasts

Episode 644: Attraction Challenges

Episode 628: The All Lee Show Between 8′ and 11’05”

Episode 599: An Hour To Kill

Episode 294: Best Seats

1427 24:13 David from Massachusetts shares some attraction mash-ups based on Episode 1423 – Attraction Mashups. He also shares a haiku

1418 19:51 Dmitri from North Carolina shares her experiences riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train under different conditions. She also ponders other Disney attractions that are affected by factors such as time of day or seat location

1400 24:38 Jennifer from Michigan asks the hosts to discuss attractions that relatives like that they don’t necessarily enjoy

1403 6:39 Gerald from Pennsylvania ponders misplaced attractions

3-D Attractions

Episode 160: 3-D Attractions

A-Ticket / E-Ticket Attractions

Episode 772: Theme Park ABC’s (Animal Kingdom)

Episode 754: The ABC’s of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Episode 655: Theme Park ABC’s (Epcot)

1307 19:57 David from Georgia ponders a day doing only non-headliner attractions in each of the parks

0648 31’05″: Kimberley asks for fun A to D-ticket attractions.

0456 Eileen of IL wants to know what an E-Ticket attraction is.

Jason of IL wants to know if all new attractions opening these days are E-ticket attractions.
Len says Everest would be an E-ticket attraction but Laugh Floor would be a D or C ticket attraction.
Matt thinks Toy Story Mania will be a D-ticket attraction.
Len thinks it will depend on how cool Toy Story Mania will be.

Adult attractions

1325 4:58 Laura discusses thrill ride popularity and asks for touring plans that don’t include thrill rides. She also wonders whether Disney will develop more non-thrill rides in the future

1234 20:09 Valentina from New York asks if 80-year olds should ride WDW’s thrill rides

1168 15:15 Brian asks the panelists to name their favorite child-oriented attractions to experience as an adult

0540 1’50″: Denise from Connecticut asked for favorite adult activities. Len suggests best resort bars.

0525 9’45″: Michelle from NC asks about adult-only attractions.


Episode 470: Who Wants To Be An Audio-Animitron

Live Show – 2007 MagicMeets: July 14, 2007 (Mike Scopa’s Main Ballroom Speech)

Live Show 4 – Dismeets 06: July 14, 2006 (Mike Scopa Main Ballroom Speech)

Best/Worst Attractions

Episode 1264 – The One Thing

Episode 1017: The Final Four

Episode 1014: March Madness III

Episode 1009: WDW March Madness II

Episode 1008: WDW March Madness

Episode 996: A Hard Habit To Break

Episode 814: A Change Of Heart

Episode 807: Attraction TLC

Episode 804: Feels Like The First Time

Episode 557: Favorite Hidden Attractions

Episode 526: Failed Attractions

Episode 437: 5 Attractions/$50 Revisited

Episode 168: Least Favorite Attractions

Episode 49: $50 & 5 Attractions

1361 25:42 John from New York ponders Disney’s worst attractions

1319 23:21 Patrick and Lydia from Tennessee ponders “grade inflation” in the WDW attraction ratings given by readers of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. Len discusses a similar situation for restaurants

1313 20:49 PG5571 offers an explanation for the improved guest approval ratings for WDW attractions since 2009 as per the Unofficial Guide. He also discusses Disney’s infatuation with Halloween

1301 4:36 Paul from New Jersey discusses Disney characters and movies that should appear more in the parks, and vice versa

1279 14:03 Nathan asks for “one and done” attractions, and attractions the hosts have never done

1237 9:22 Blake asks the hosts to name their favorite thrill rides

1189 20:05 Chris from New Hampshire asks the panelists to name their favorite attraction at WDW

1177 21:54 Frank asks the hosts to discuss their least favorite attractions

1159 19:09 Barbie comments on Episode 1017: The Final Four

0558 Tori from Connecticut asks which non-thrill ride she should take her newbie friend first in each park.

0555 29’00″: Brett from NH refers to Episode 526, and suggests a couple of other failed attractions.

0463 Doug wants suggestions for overlooked attractions.

Shane of GA wants to know which attractions we’d like to stay at overnight.

Tim of MA wants to know what not to miss at WDW.
Len recommends Philharmagic.
Matt likes Turtle Talk with Crush, Expedition: Everest, Tower of Terror, Soarin.

LS08 31’00″: Larry and Mary from Maryland asks about the Panel’s favorite attraction for details.


1370 13:20 Patrick from Tennessee wonders what happens if an attraction is down during your FASTPASS Plus window

1352 18:00 Anthony from Florida discusses Disney’s consolation for FastPass Plus holders when an attraction breaks down

1316 26:16 Sean from Florida asks about poor maintenance at the parks

1231 12:34 James from California asks how to alter a Touring Plan for unannounced attraction downtime

1189 3:46 James from Missouri asks about ride breakdowns

1162 18:07 Brandon from Tennessee comments on and asks about attraction breakdowns

Chicken Exits

Episode 292: Chicken Exits

0660 23’20″: Dan asks about the chicken exit in the Tower of Terror.

0460 Nora also wants to know which attractions are worth going through the queue to see what they have before taking the chicken exit.

John wants to know if the chicken exits are themed and are they worth seeing .

Jason wants to know about chicken exits at Walt Disney World when the entrances and exits are at different locations.

Ralph talks about the chicken exit at Space Mountain.

Sue of PA wants to know about the chicken exit at Tower of Terror.

Child Swap

See Children

Ears to the World

0552 6’05″: Raphael from Uruguay asks about Ears to the World.


Episode 1138 – Ending Changes or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Phylicia Rashad


1281 29:28 Penny from Ohio asks if there are alternate ways for visually-impaired guests to board continuously-loading attractions


1268 5:49 Ehmann from New York asks if attractions at Walt Disney World will ever receive overlays like certain attractions at Disneyland do.


Episode 1072: Cue in the Cue-discusses underappreciated queues that are worth seeing before main attraction

Episode 1032: Preshows

Episode 781: Pre Shows

Episode 261: Pre-shows at Walt Disney World


1412 27:24 Mark asks if people have been less enthusiastic about WDW rides and dining in recent years. He also asks if people generally like the new queues

1266 27:06 Ben from Georgia comments on the queue experience at WDW

1127 18:10 Ron asks about queues at WDW

1127 8:27 Bryce from Ohio asks about photography in queue lines


Episode 1299 – February 2014 Preview 12:01-14:21

Episode 1252 – Refurbishing Attractions

Episode 1012: Studios Spruce-Up

Episode 870: Spare Some Change

Episode 828: Attraction Tweaks

  • 2’50” Dinosaur/Countdown to Extinction
  • 5’30” Misson: SPACE
  • 7’30” Kilimanjaro Safaris
  • 10’50”-12’05” Railroad
  • 11’25”-13’05” Pirates of the Carb
  • 13’05” Figment
  • 15’50” Stitch
  • 17′ Backlot Tour
  • 18’25” People Mover
  • 18’55” Epcot Candy
  • 19’30” Expedition: Everest
  • 19’45” Splash Mountain
  • 21’05” Lights, Motors, Action
  • 22’15” Test Track

Episode 649: Recent Rehabs

Episode 348: Attractions In Rehab

Episode 234: Upcoming rehabs

1364 27:21 A. Antonio from New Hampshire ponders attractions that have literally not been changed since opening

1153 9:52 Lucas from Indiana asks about potential construction activity at Animal Kingdom

1136 29:08 Eric from Kansas comments on park maintanence

Our first question is from Rich of Youngstown, Ohio and he wants to know about when Pirates of the Caribbean will be closed down for rehab to add Captain Jack Sparrow and what web sites are good for reliable rehab information?.
Len recommends [1]MousePlanet for reliable rehab information as well as the Disney Travel Agent website, but that isn’t accesible to the general public..
Len hasn’t heard any reliable rehab information for Pirates yet but recommends checking with Mouseplanet and similiar sites for any new developments..


1298 28:06 Kevin from California recommends using a locker at Kali River Rapids to protect electronics

1292 8:17 Corey from Georgia asks for ways to protect technological devices on water rides

Entering the Parks


Episode 1273 – What We’re Thankful For 3:30-4:59

Episode 1181 – RFID

0683 20’00″: Ellen from NJ asks if she can walk to any of the parks.

LS35 103’10″: Ryan from Wisconsin asks whether he can go in the front car of the monorail.

0585 9’10″: Jay from NC wants to arrive at the Parks when the turnstiles open, and wonders if bus transportation is better than car.

0570 13’45″: Pecos Bill asks about the best way to get to the parks early.

Jeanine of CA wants to know about “secret entrances” to the parks.

Alex from Queens ask if they still have hand stamps when you exit the park.
Mike Scopa says the hand stamps were removed shortly after Magic Your Way tickets were introduced.

Biometric system

0671 11’55″: Rob from Maryland asks about the strength of the Biometric data.

0627 3’35″: Becky from FL says that Disney’s biometrics can be slow.

Melanie wants to know if the fingerprint system does anything.

Stephanie of TX wants to know how wait times are for the bag checks to get into the park.
Len says the bag checks aren’t terrible at all.

Eric of FL heard about the single finger biometric scanners and had a good experience.
Matt mentions the Disney-MGM Studios have converted over to the single finger system.
Len thinks Animal Kingdom will be next to be converted over.
Mike Scopa says although the finger scanner is improved but people are having problems putting the ticket into the right place.

LS03 Thad of IN wants to know about the future of biometrics

LS02 Scott from MI called in to report about biometrics on his trip

Genvieve of Montreal, Canada found the wait times to get into Disneyland quite long and wants to know if they’re going to speed up entry.
Len explains how biometrics work and isn’t impressed with how “quickly” the system works.
Len thinks the solution is to build more turnstiles especially at Animal Kingdom.

We’re challenging our listeners to a biometrics test. The next time you’re down at Disney, swap your tickets with your spouse, friends or loved ones and see if you can get in. Email us your results to [2]! Let us know if you got in, who you swapped with and other details..

David asks does Disney reduce the sensitivty of the biometric devices if the park is busier to get people in?.
Len says yes because he’s done a few studies on the system and he noticed the system was incredibly slow getting people through the turnstiles (less than a person per minute through turnstiles at Magic Kingdom), but since then Len believes they’ve turned down the sensitivity.
The other weekend, Len and his brother-in-law swapped Annual Passes and they both got in with no problem so Len theorizes that they’ve greatly reduced the sensitivity in an effort to get guests in quicker.
Matt points out that the biometric devices do not match fingerprints, but they look for finger size (height & width).
Mike thinks the system gets too much credit than it deserves.
Len challenges our listeners to have a husband and wife swap passes and see if they can get in as he thinks it wont be a problem.
Mike and his wife were able to accomplish it.
Len thinks the whole biometric system is a publicity stunt to encourage people to be honest.


1216 8:24 9:05 Kayla from Ohio asks what time she should get to Epcot for first family.

1216 7:48 A listener from Canada asks whether Epcot’s International Gateway opens at the same time as the main entrance.

LS033 2’55″: DisneyMark asks when the International Gateway opens.

Megan wants to know if Swan hotel guests can enter Epcot through the International Gateway.
Mike Scopa says the answer is yes, but you can’t do anything in World Showcase.

LS09 8’15″: Dan from CA asks if he can get to Epcot 45 minutes before park opening.

Jason of IL wants to know about the “back entrance” to World Showcase at Epcot.
Len says the back entrance is called International Gateway and the easiest way to get there is to park at the Boardwalk Resort and walk over.
Len says you enter World Showcase between France and the United Kingdom.

John from Littleton, CO wants to know if you can get free admission to Epcot once Illuminations is finished.
Mary wonders why you would want to.
Mike Newell has gotten in through the main gate without using his ticket.

Magic Kingdom

Episode 635: Tip For Today From commencement to 5’35” – getting into the Magic Kingdom more quickly.

Lara also wants to know about going into the Magic Kingdom before the park opens, after a meal.


Behind the Seeds

LS35 60’55″: The Panel discuss the Behind the Seeds Tour.

Christmas Decorations

See When to go – Christmas Decorations.

Keys to the Kingdom

0716 22’30″: Kathy from NJ says that under-18s cannot take the Keys to the Kingdom tour due to insurance.

LS40 17’05″: Jennifer is wondering whether she should go on the “Keys to the Kingdom” Tour.

0621 9’45″: 14-year-old Griffin is under-aged for the Keys to the Kingdom tour.

Rick of Port Reading, NJ says he doesn’t feel the Keys to the Kingdom tour does not “ruin the magic” as Mike Scopa said it did for him. Rick highly recommends the tour..
Mike Scopa says it varies from person to person and has based his belief on reactions from people who are as “nerdy as he is”.


Episode 652: Worth It Or Not (Continued) From 17’50” onwards

Episode 616: A Segway To Segways

Episode 602: Len’s Bus(y) Birthday Segway Tour, Between 9’00” and 10’55”

1112 5:43 Ralph comments on the Segway Tours

110619:48 Gerald asks about weight limits for segway tours

0716 11’50″: Craig from Canada asks whether he can take the Segway tour before his 1.15 p.m. flight, or other suggestions for the morning.

0683 6’30″: Geoff says that, for some people, learning to ride the Segway took a long time.

0627 19’30″: Robbie from Alabama is going to do the Epcot Segway tour.

0624 7’40″: Gillian from NY asks which is the best Segway tour to do in a large group.

LS35 41’55″: Jay asks whether anyone has done the 3-hour Segway tour.

0456 Yvonne of MD wants to know about the weight limits for the Segway tours.

Jamie of NY wants to know what someone in her party can do if they aren’t interested in “children things”.
Matt thinks some of the tours might be good, like the Behind the Seeds tours.
Len suggests the Segway tour but mentions it is expensive.

G.M. wants to know about behind the scenes tours available.
Mike also likes the Segway tour that is $45 per person where they teach you how to operate a Segway and then you can go around World Showcase on the Segway before World Showcase opens.

Wild Africa Trek

Episode 829: Wild Africa Trek

1225 22:10 Rachel from Pennsylvania asks about the Wild Africa Trek


Episode 1398 – Splurging At WDW After 10:35 VIP tours

Episode 1365 – Tours We’d Like To See

Episode 652: Worth It Or Not (Continued) From 17’50” onwards

1415 3:21 Ally from North Carolina discusses Walt Disney World’s VIP Tours, based on Episode 1398 – Splurging At WDW

1412 3:32 Jacqueline from Maine asks about the Dolphin in Depth experience at Epcot. Len mentions a Touring Plans post

1281 3:36 Eric from Delaware asks Len why he isn’t a fan of Walt Disney World’s tours

1269 21:57 Chad from Massachusetts asks about Disney tours

1213 2:28 Mike from Connecticut asks for Disney tour recommendations

LS46 20’35″: Carol from Ohio asks which tour is the best.

0752 8’35″: Mark from UK asks whether her 14-year-old cannot go on the Behind the Scenes tour.

LS43 33’55″: Phil from NY asks about the UnDISCOVERed Future World tour.

LS42 46’30″: Tina from TX asks whether there are still personal tours at WDW.

0710 11’30″: Mike from Kentucky wants to try something different, such as a tour.

0660 8’20″: Mardy asks about whether there are bad WDW tours.

0633 4’25″: Andy from UK asks how far in advance tours need to be booked, and whether he needs to pay in advance.

LS35 69’15″: Renee from NH asks about the Yuletide Tour.

0564 7’35″: Cindy from Vermont asks about the backstage tours.

0549 19’30″: Mark comments on Tour Guide perks.

0510 14’50″: Sarah asks about Disney VIP Tours.

LS25 Part 2, 65’50” John from Colorado wants to know about any new behind the scenes tours.

John also wants to know if the Steam Train tour is worth the time and money.

Elise of MI wants to know adult activities for her family to do at Walt Disney World.
Matt mentions a list of tours at Walt Disney World.

Susan of SC wants to know the best tour for an engineer.

Mike of MD wants to know about resorts to tour.
Deb says the resorts have great theming.
Jannie also wants to know the best resort for holiday decorations.
Matt likes the decorations at Boardwalk.
Deb says the Grand Floridian is magnificent.
Deb says the moderate resorts have nice displays and change more often.
Mike Scopa says the tree at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is great.
Matt says the Dolphin had an amazing Christmas Tree that was huge last year.
Mike Scopa says a 5-6 days to see it all for Christmas.

Jamie of NY wants to know what someone in her party can do if they aren’t interested in “children things”.
Matt thinks some of the tours might be good, like the Behind the Seeds tours.
Mike Scopa thinks perhaps the Steam Train tour might be good but it depends on the person.
Len suggests the Segway tour but mentions it is expensive.
Matt suggests mini golf.
Len suggests the resort tours of Wilderness Lodge.
Mike Newell suggests the Dolphins in Depth tour.

Jeniffer loved the Keys to the Kingdom tour and recommends it.
Mike Scopa doesn’t do the tour so he doesn’t lose the magic.
Mike Scopa recommends looking around the town square in Magic Kingdom especially at the flags.

Sarah of FL wants to know if one of us will give her an “insiders tours”.
Len says we’ll all be there for Mousefest but thinks [3]Lou Mongello or [4]Jim Hill give the best tours.

Chris of New Jersey wants to know there are any tours of Epcot that would be ideal for a tech geek.
Len likes the Behind the Seeds tour and found it fairly geeky and it was only an hour.

Beth Young from Orlando, FL wants any tips for those who go to Epcot after 4pm?.
Len recommends the behind the seeds tour at the land pavillion as well as any other short (1-2 hour) tours of Epcot or a Hidden Mickeys Tours from [5]Steve Barrett’s book.

Jeff from Quebec, Canada wants to know if the underground tour of the Magic Kingdom is still available and if any of us have done it.
The tours Len has been on it have not shown the utilidoors (the underground portion of the Magic Kingdom closed to the general public).
Len mentions there is an entrance to the utilidoors behind the old Cinema on Main Street USA.
Mike doesn’t like those sort of tours because they can destroy the magic.

G.M. wants to know about behind the scenes tours available.
There is a “Behind the Seeds” tour at the Land pavillion in Epcot and is relatively cheap and short and Len likes it.
Matt also likes the tours at Animal Kingdom that requires you to wake up very early called “Backstage Safari” and runs about $65 per person.
Mike also likes the Segway tour that is $45 per person where they teach you how to operate a Segway and then you can go around World Showcase on the Segway before World Showcase opens.

Another listener Joe wants to know which backstage tours are a good value and which are not worth it..
Mike says it depends on what you want to see, how curious you are, depends on if you want the illusion of Disney magic to dissapear.
Mike’s problem with the tours is that some are quite long (up to 6 hours) and that’s a lot of time to commit.
Mike recommends the behind the scenes tour at Epcot.
Len recommends not doing any tour that is more than 4 hours or so because it’s a long time.
Len’s favorite tour is the behind the scenes tour at the Land pavilion because it’s cheap and short and a good way to see if those sort of tours are your sort of thing..



Episode 862: Top Ten Must Brings

Episode 656: What’s In The Bag?

0674 22’30″: Chris from Ohio asks if taking a laptop to WDW is worth it.

0648 22’50″: Kelly from Savannah talks about mobile applications, and asks about what the Panel bring to the Parks.

0603 8’15″: Jim from Denver wants a good bag.

LS35 36’50″: Darlene from NY refers to Episode 594 and comments on her eco-friendly bags.

0594 13’10″: Jamie asks about reusable bags.

Kevin of MS wants to know about bringing a semi-large bag onto rides and if it will be okay.

Mark wants to know of a smaller camera bag that can hold quite a bit.

LS06 Little caller Bridgette calls the show and has a lot of questions. She wants to know if the WDW Today team wears fanny packs while at the parks. Some of them do except when they wear a backpack.

Mom Amy gets on the phone and says that vetoed Bruce wearing a fanny pack, but told him that if anyone on the team wears one that Amy would let Bruce wear one.

LS05 Bridgette of PA wants to know if we wear fanny packs in the parks

Broadcasting from Parks

Episode 1182 – Park Broadcasting


1352 4:06 Marie discusses her positive experiences with exiting the Magic Kingdom and Epcot at closing time

1085 20:44 Gail from England asks about park-closing procedures. The guys share stories about getting stuck in the parks after closing.


1237 22:22 Gary discusses AT&T and cell phone service at WDW

1192 16:36 Greg from Canada asks for in-park communication suggestions

1127 22:30 A listener from Australia asks about buying SIM cards.

0552 5’15″: Raphael from Uruguay asks about pre-paid phone carriers.

LS31 Part 1 – 10’05″: Kim from Pittsburgh asks about the Verizon wireless phone service.

Steve feels cell phones should be off on attractions.
Len says they should be off during shows but doesn’t find a problem with them on rides.

Mark of OR wants to know if cell phone coverage has improved any in Walt Disney World.
Mike Scopa has used 3 different carrers and now uses Verizon Wireless without any problem.
Annette also finds Verizon very good.

See also Etiquette


1316 32:44 Ron asks if it’s ethical to rent an ECV “just for fun”

1237 13:54 John from New Jersey ponders the increased use of ECV usage in the parks

LS36 50’10″: Trevor from Virginia asks about the ride swap from ECVs.

102’10″: Matt asks for the easiest way to rent ECVs.

0585 4’10″: Someone wants a recommendation for ECV. Mr Wooster recommends reading the Touring Plans blog.

LS28 Part 1 – 26’00” Mike from Massachusetts wants to rent ECVs at the parks.

Andy also comments that he’s seen less people in ECVs at Walt Disney World.

Guest Demographics

1168 10:07 Brett from Indiana requests a show about the “make-up” of park guests


1145 17:59 Becky from Ohio asks about wifi coverage at WDW

1082 10:25 Tracy from Australia asks about wifi at WDW.


1251 14:14 Gerald from Pennsylvania asks about park map changes


1427 1:55 Steve from New York asks when Disney can use Marvel characters in its Florida parks and what the significance of such incorporation will be

1171 15:53 Tommy talks about the future of Marvel in WDW parks

1159 10:09 Dave asks about incorporating Marvel characters into the parks


Episode 1359 – Magic Kingdom Mistakes

Nintendo DS

Thomas of MO wants to know about using the Nintendo DS in the parks .

Kristin of MA wants to know what’s happened with the Nintendo DS program Disney tested out earlier.


Episode 139: Favorite Non-Attractions

  • 2’50” Shrunken Ned’s
  • 5’25” Frontierland Shooting Arcade
  • 6’20” Stained Church in Norway
  • 7′ Shopping in World Showcase
  • 8′ Club Cool
  • 8’15” Innoventions
  • 9’05” Monorail
  • 9’50” Tomorrowland Arcade (next to Space Mountain)
  • 11’10” Mission Space Mission Control Game
  • 12’30” short The fish at the Living Seas
  • 14’15” De Vine
  • 15’10” Indiana Jones well
  • 16’05” Plaza Fountain
  • 16’50” Kiss Goodnight

0689 10’55″: Emerson from New Zealand asks about the Panel’s non-attractions favorite. Scopa mentions Mike Scibetta, who was in Episode 381.


Episode 465: To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

1186 2:35 Ethan asks about the best time to take a mid-day break

0472 Dale comments on taking it easy at WDW.

John of England wants suggestions for places in the parks and resorts to relax rather than go back to the hotel.

Monique of MA wants to know things to do to rest without going back to the hotel room.

EJ of WI wants to know things to do to unwind with his wife.

Mike Newell likes the little road that branches off Main Street, USA in the Magic Kingdom for an area to relax.

Jeanne from Wisconisn wants to know what area in the parks is your favorite to sit and relax and call your own.
Len likes in the Magic Kingdom the Exposition hall (on right hand side of Main Street USA) because it shows classic cartoons over and over again, there’s never anyone there and you can sit back and take your shoes off..
Mike likes the Rose Garden after Wishes to sit there and watch people leave and have time with the castle to reflect..
Mike also likes right outside Star Tours at night near the Ewoks village to listen to the Ewoks at the Disney-MGM Studios.
At Epcot, Mike likes nearly anywhere around World Showcase but does also like the area where “British Invasion” plays at the UK pavillion.
Len also likes the church at the Norway pavillion because it’s cool & quiet.
Len likes the gallery in Japan and a small museum at Morroco because it’s quiet, air conditioned and empty.


Episode 1220 – Safety In The World

Episode 702: Safety At WDW

1292 3:00 Jenny from the UK references Episode 1220 – Safety In The World and asks about safety protocol at WDW

Sandra wants to know how safe the resorts are for a woman to walk around with, specifically Port Orleans or Pop Century.
Len says most areas are so heavily trafficed that most areas should be fine.
Len can’t think of any instances where someone was attacked on Disney property.
Len would think you’re safer on Disney property than off-site .
Len would feel safe about any of the resorts.
Mike Scopa recommends booking through a travel agent and conveying your concern so the travel agent can get your room as close to the food court and entrance as possible.


Episode 1181 – RFID

Episode 1173 – Park Tech

1370 16:59 Mark from Scotland asks if Disney offers WiFi such as to change FASTPASS and ADR times

1292 8:17 Corey from Georgia asks for ways to protect technological devices on water rides

1183 3:06 A listener explains RFID


Episode 569: When You Gotta Go…

Episode 340: Hassle-Free Guide to Walt Disney World Between 12′-14’50”

1269 25:53 Diane from Illinois asks where the Tangled Restrooms are located

0695 19’45″: Dave from Connecticut says that Dyson hand drivers are in Shades of Green.

0689 22’50″: Todd from Washington refers to Dyson hand blowers (from Episode 606).

0662 20’10″: Rachel refers to Episode 569 and the Toontown restroom.

0606 31’30″: John from Virginia refers to Episode 569, and asks about WDW hand dryers.

LS033 34’55″: Kevin from Canada refers to Episode 569, and says that he has named the bathrooms.

Darren of CT comments on the hand washing tips in the rest rooms.

Steve of FL complains about toilet paper in the parks.
Len likes the bathroom by the Pirate and the Parrot restaurant.
Mike Newell advises getting a special kind of travel toilet paper.


0686 14’00″: Jim from Georgia asks if bottled water is cheaper at the airport than at the resort, and asks about refilling bottles.

0561 18’55″: Amanda wants cheap but good quality drinking water.

Robb wants to know what type of bottled water he can bring into the park.

Ryan of NY comments about the bad tasting water.

Brian shares a story of how he brought water into the park.

Stephanie also wants to know how strict the bag checkers are with bringing in food and water.
Len says not at all.
Mike Scopa has seen people bringing in a cooler.
Len bets you could bring in a thanksgiving dinner into the parks.

LS06 Caller Mark says that drinks in the Magic Kingdom are probably the first most marked-up item. All of the food service location will give you a cup of ice water (including the table service restaurant). Mix in a Crystal Light water bottle packs and you can save a ton of money.

Jeniifer of CT wants to know about saving money on water and how bad the tap water is in the parks.
Len buys one bottle of water in the parks and then refills it with tap water.
Matt prefers to buy a case of water at home, put it in a duffle bag and have Disney’s Magical Express lug it for you.


Episode 1333 – More Over/Under8:15-10:32 Fifth gate?

Episode 961: Landscaping

1424 5:26 Paul from the UK thinks park lockers should incorporate Magic Bands

1397 4:14 Jed says some companies offer private lounges and perks for their employees at WDW

1391 13:51 Bruno from Pennsylvania comments on maintenance at the parks

1328 20:40 Rick from Missouri ponders contradictions in Disney’s parks

1292 7:12 Chris and Stephanie ask what time they should arrive at the theme park lots

1289 21:34 Chris and Stephanie ask how far in advance they should arrive at the respective parking lots prior to opening

1254 3:56 Dave from Canada asks for best park for children, not including Magic Kingdom

1248 17:30 Mike from Illinois asks for good in-park activities for adults without children

1142 20:35 John from Tennessee how the parks would look if advertising took over

0767 12’50″: Ali from Houston asks about Days (e.g. Gay Days) at the Parks.

28’50″: Darlene from NY asks what park can be done in one day.

LS46 12’00″: Jay from NC asks how he can be the family that opens the parks.

14’40″: Jay from NC asks about odd things people do at the parks.

0751 4’30″: Erwin from Maryland asks about doing parks without going to shows. Matt refers to Episode 592 and Episode 632.

0701 24’20″: Terry from Ohio suggests footwear.

25’05″: Geoff from NY asks about the best time of year for touring at night.

0683 15’45″: William uses athletic tape for his feet.

0677 20’05″: Angel from Indiana says that there are more bugs.

0654 5’30″: Stuart asks what one change the Panel would make to WDW attractions.

18’25″: Josh from Massachusetts asks about Disney park hours.

19’35″: Michael from CA asks about the theme song to Stacey’s Top 7.

24’45″: Bob asks about the size of the lockers.

0645 27’15″: A couple of weird Disney freaks, kids (Unofficial Guide) from Palm Springs asks about the weirdest accidents that have happened in the World.

0642 16’25″: Rich asks where her daughter can get a tan in the Parks.

0639 10’50″: fen78 would like to complain to WDW. Matt mentions the email address

0636 16’20″: Christian from FL asks whether one could walk on the grass.

28’10″: Rob from Virginia refers to Episode 417, and asks what is the biggest improvement, and the worst disappointment, in the past decade.

LS37 25’35″: Mike from Alabama asks which park he should go to, as he only has 1 day.

68’30″: Jennifer asks about historical park hours.

0612 2’10″: Michael from OK asks whether the park opening hours will be published more in advance.

0609 11’05″: Ali asks whether Cars Land would come to WDW.

0600 24’15″: Kevbot asks about the new classic rides.

LS35 73’55″: Thomas in Iowa asks for the favorite place to play checkers.

0582 21’20″: Meredith from Canada asks about Park haunted stories (other than Pirates and Haunted Mansion).

0579 10’00″: Marjorie from NY asks about her staying in the parks with her parents leaving early.

0573 24’40″: Curtis from Canada asks whether Stacey is still doing Disney’s Top 7.

0570 9’00″: Betsey from Georgia asks about cast members handing out free items.

0564 29’05″: Tom from Nebraska asks about the beach near the Magic Kingdom.

LS30 Part 2 – 37’30” Gordon asks why the Tomorrow Speedway has not been turned into a Cars attraction.

0528 3’25″: Michelle from Iowa asks about really wet rides.

0522 Mike from Minniapolis asks about the Panel’s favorite spot.

Mike from Minniapolis asks whether there could be an animatronic Walt Disney.

0519 3’10″: Rory from Louisiana asks about park hours and Fantasmic! showings four months from now.

0502 16’00″: Amy from Texas asks about live web cams in the Parks. (Links needed.)

0463 Christine of CT wonders about park commandments.

Julie wants to know how many days to budget to see the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

Nick of IL wants to know how we rank each of the parks.

Kevin of IN wants to know how someone should train for a visit to Walt Disney World for all the walking.

Jess of MA wants to know which ride requires the most cast members to operate it.
Len thinks it could be Great Movie Ride.
Matt thinks Jungle Cruise.
Len also thinks of Kiliminjaro Safari.

Kyle wants to know if we’ve ever been on a ride when it’s broken down.
Len says he has been evacuated from Peter Pan.
Matt says he has been evacuated off of Space Mountain.

LS09 0’00″: Gerald from Australia asks about saving his feet.

Leo of NJ wants to know about a red ticket he saw.
Matt thinks he’s thinking of the time cards they have to measure wait times.

LS05 David wants to know if there’s a website about secrets at the parks

Matt referenced this page about Studios Secrets

Mike Scopa referenced

LS08 16’15″: Jason from CA asks whether he should go the left-line or right-line of attractions. Len recounts his team’s exhausting testing of this theory.

13’45″: Rick from Illonis wants some suggestions for his friend, who is not a Disney fan, to do on site.

LS07 Part 1, 22’00″: Steve from St. Louis asks Lou for 3 best trivia bits.

Part 2, 7’00″: Jason from CA asks Lou which attraction uses the most water.

Part 2, 14’10″: Steve from FL asks about rumors of a Villains park.

Jeremy of PA finds it frustrating when guests pronounce ride attractions by the wrong name and wants to know if we’ve overheard any others.
Len loves hearing Mickey’s Judgement Tent instead of Mickey’s Judge’s Tent .

Bryant of SC wants to know what attractions could be added or updated to tie in a Cars theme to it.
Matt thinks the obvious choice is Tomorrowland Speedway.
Len could see a re-theming of Cosmic Rays.
Mike Scopa would think the Sci-Fi Drive-In Restaurant could have a Cars theme to it.

Richard Mercer of Ohio wants to know if Test Track and Mission: Space are the only attractions with single rider lines.
Len says the single rider line is gone at Mission:Space now to accomodate the no-spin version.
Matt mentions Expedition:Everest also has one.

Jeremy of Ohio wants to know if any of the 3D shows have seats that do not have effects (such as being sprayed with water).
Mark thinks perhaps the handicap seats are effect free from the inseat effects but you could still get sprayed with water.
Len recommends asking a Cast Member.

Robert of MA wants to know which attractions have corporate lounges and how does a guest get in.
Mike says only employees of the sponsor may get into the lob.
There’s the General Motors lounge at Test Track and HP at Mission:Space.
Mike says there used to be Annual Passholder lounges as well.
You have to show ID to get into the lounge.
Mike says there are some refreshments available, games and you can get to the front of the line.

Mouseketeer Tom of Lees Summit, MO wants to know why Disney has lost it’s magical touch when it comes to new attractions?.
Mike Scopa doesn’t necessarily agree and wants to see how Expedition: Everest turns out.
Len is getting tired of the runaway something theme to many attractions.

Unofficial WDW Today Wiki – by Phillip Burton and Andrew Carrieri

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