Major Episodes

Episode 1326 – Tom Ameen’s Magical Moments

Episode 1318 – Still More Odds Makers After 15:28 “Deconstructed” from Disney Records

Episode 1278 – Reunion 2013 ESPN Club Live Event 6:00-17:37 Jared sings a live version of his WDW Today theme song with Theresa at Reunion 2013

Episode 1250 – Tom Ameen

Episode 994: The Music Of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Episode 984: Magic Power Of The Music

Episode 730: Music To Our Ears

Episode 635: Tip For Today From 19’30” onwards – “Avalanche”, the latest single from “Jonas Sees In Color”.

2009 MagicMeets “Celebrity Magic Tunes”

Episode 580: Name That Park Tune

Episode 492: One Brilliant Thing From beginning to 5’45” (about MouseWorld Radio)

MagicMeets 2008 Live: July 19, 2008 “Celebrity Magic Tunes”

Episode 443: DVC Bankin’ & Borrowin’ From 21′, Mongello, oh yeah!

Episode 329: Listener Questions The WDW Today Song is at 27’35”, and PodBusters is at 31’30”.

Episode 328: Music at Epcot

Episode 291: Len’s Wild Weekend The WDW Today Song is at the end of this episode (the lyrics are in the shownotes).

Episode 127: Music at the Magic Kingdom

Episode 41: Music at Walt Disney World

Listener Questions

1204 21:22 Jean from Canada asks about changing WDW attraction music

1183 7:08 Fuzz asks about the volume of Epcot’s park music

1174 26:08 Gerald from Pennsylvania asks about Disney references in modern pop music

1137 10:53 Mark from Indiana asks how Mike Newell gets access to Disney music

1137 5:32 Frank from Canada comments on Episode 984 – Magic Power of the Music and asks about the amount of data Mouseworld Radio apps use. He also asks for recommendations of other Disney music sources

1136 22:49 Robert from Tennessee comments on Episode 984 – Magic Power Of The Music

1136 16:00 Derek from Nebraska asks about park music

0680 27’45″: Caron suggests a track for MouseWorld Radio.

0674 11’50″: Paul from WA asks about Disney iPhone Apps, including Touring Plans’ Lines. Scopa mentions MouseWorld Radio App.

0671 22’45″: Steve from OK cannot find information about the music in the Water Parks. Newell suggests

0668 15’15″: Geoff from RI asks if can see the F-Stream track info for MouseWorld radio.

0651 11’35″: Karen from FL refers to Episode 567, and wants a translation of the Tapestry of Dreams.

0618 7’00″: Michael asks for the name of the song played on Stacey’s Top 7 TV show.

LS35 13’05″: Steve Steifert tries to give some Newell-love.

18’05″: Amy from Kentucky gives some more Newell-love with her iPhone usage. Newell comments on the popular stations on the iPhone and Blackberry.

92’05″: St. Chris in NJ gives the name of the music in the video of Episode 592.

0576 2’55″: Brian refers to Episode 567, and comments on the Tapestry parade music.

0573 16’35″: Jerry from Texas wanted to remember

LSE1 1h41’55″: Phil in Illinois is listening to MouseWorld Radio on his iPhone.

56’25″: Amy from Kentucky sings her Star Wars Weekends song.

0567 2’50″: Bradley asks about getting some of the park music. Newell suggests

7’50″: Julie from NJ likes the original Tapestry of Dreams song.

21’35″: Howard from Virgania would like to MouseWorld Radio whilst walking.

0558 Alexis has rewritten the Grin Grinning Ghosts song in line with her school experience, which Len sings.

0537 11’50″: Brad liked the Van Halen introduction to Episode 465.

0534 3’55″: Craig wants a theme tune for Annette.

0531 11’00″: Mark from Illinois refers to the Trees by Rush at the beginning of Episode 464.

0525 5’15″: Dennis from Missouri asks Newell about MouseWorld Radio.

17’20″: John wants a copy of the soundtrack to Mickey’s Not So Scary.

0502 10’55″: Gary for Michigan wants to listen to MouseWorld Radio from his iPod Touch.

22’25″: Mark from NJ refers to <a href=”:“:>Episode 464: Touring Commandments</a>, and asks about the music.

0499 17’30″: Shawn from TX asks about the lyrics to the WDWToday song (the lyrics can be found here: [link:]).

0469 Janice of MN wants to know more about the WDW Today theme song.

0451 Evan wants to know if the Podbusters song is available for download. Click here to listen to the Podbusters song

PJ of Las Vegas, NV comments on music playing during hard ticket events in the Contemporary for the fireworks.

Kevin of IN wants to know what the music from Toy Story Mania will be like.

[1]Jana writes in to let us know about music being piped into a restaurant during hard ticket parties at the Magic Kingdom

Marissa from Jacksonville writes about listening to Live365 on a blocked connection at work..
Mike Newell suggests the [2]MouseWorld Radio Terra Stream and mentions a recent upgrade of the Live365 system.
Fred suggests listening through port 80. Live365 released the following during the recent upgrade:.

Jake of FL wants to know where to download Disney music outside of P2P programs.

Mike also wants to know what Mouse World Radio.
Steve of FL comments on the WDW Today song.


[3]Lou comments about music heard during Magic Kingdom hard ticket events in resort restaurants

John of PA complains about the WDW Today theme song getting stuck in his head.


[4]Lisa wants to know where to download the WDW theme song from
You can download the WDW Today theme song [5]here.
The Lyrics can be found here [6]here.

Larry of MD complains about the potential closure of Mouse World Radio and suggests helping Newell keep Mouse World Radio open.
Mike Newell thinks by now it’s too late at this point.

Jeff of WI wants to know what music is played during Kiliminjaro Safari.
Mike Newell hasn’t run across the track or the name of.
Mike Newell recommends the [7]Disney Music Discussion Boards.
Chris wants to know about the morning schedule on [8]Mouse World Radio.
Mike Newell says what time the morning loop starts is dependent on what played before it.

Nick of UK wants to know if we know who performs the Frontierland music.
Matt says much of the music heard in Frontierland are famous songs.
Len suggests using Google.
Mike Newell suggests posting on the [9]Disney music discussion forum.

Michelle of MA wants to know if the Boo to You parade is online somewhere’.
Mike Newell says Google is your friend.

Rob of MI wants to know if there’s a way to get music from the parks.
Mike Scopa recommends checking out [10]Main Street Mega Store.
Matt hasn’t seen any Pirates and Princesses music anywhere.
Matt says the Stars & Motor Cars parade recordings just have the music, not the commentary that describes the floats.
Justin of PA wants to know if he should see the Finding Nemo the Musical show.
Matt recommends seeing it and enjoys the music.

A listener talks about a spot in Animal Kingdom and getting music for it.
Mike Newell says to try [11]MouseBits.

Monique of MA wants to know where the song Making Memories came from.
Len says it came from Magic Journeys film.
Len says a copy can be found on the 1991 Official Album which might be able to be found on Ebay.

LS06 Caller Mark and Len talk about how to categorize Disney music in their iPods.

Jared of NY wants to know where he can download park music.
Mike Newell says Google is your friend.

A listener wants to know the composer of the music heard outside of Horizons.
Mike Newell says he thinks it’s George Wilkins.
Mike Newell says you could check [12]The Horizons Tribute or [13]The Disney Music Discussion Forum.

David of TX wants to know Mike Newell’s favorite music at Walt Disney World.
Mike Newell says a 20 minute loop that plays in Innoventions.

LS05 St. Chris wants a recommendation for a spot in the parks to listen to the music

LS03 Brian wants to know the best equipment to use to record background music

Mike Newell referenced DC-Torrents

Justin of IN wants to know which songs they play on Rock ‘n Roller Coaster.
Matt has [14]a link to all the songs heard on the ride.

Frank wants to know the music during the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom when during the a shooting star is fired off a child is singing and wants to know what song it is.
Mike Newell says it’s Wishes.
Mike Scopa says the name of the little girl is Chastity Farris.

Mike wants to know if we can identify Christmas music he heard.
Mike Newell says Mike should email back in with more details such as which park, which area and attraction to help us figure it out.

Alan Perkins wants to know if we can identify the music used in the Disney resort “Top 7″ segment.
Mike Newell isn’t sure where it came from but thinks it could have been recorded for them.
Matt thinks it was made for them.

Alex asks what is the name of the song that is sung at the Magic Kingdom each morning.
The song is called “Good Morning”.
Len mentions the red head who is part of the morning welcome show is the most demonstrative dancer of the bunch.
Mike notes that the cast members on the trolley are actually lip synching.



[15]Chris informs us that Battlestar Galactica was the track in the Soarin’ queue that is produced by Universal


[16]Chris wants to know if we know what song in Soarin’ has a connection to Universal.

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