Mike Newell



  • Technical brains behind the show. Is responsible for making sure all the special effects, microphones, and phone calls integrate seamlessly.
  • Founder and programmer of MouseWorld Radio and its Live365 affiliate stations.
  • Enjoys Segway tours, turtles, and long walks on the beach.
  • Catchphrase: “Mongello”.
  • Missed Episodes 3-31! Newell took on a new position at his job which required longer hours, therefore he missed these episodes. (Listen to the beginning of Episode 32: Three Wishes for Santa to bring to Walt Disney World.)
  • Former “Heavy Metal” drummer. 2.
  • Drove a school bus before working for a “major telecommunications company” (starting with the letter “V”)
  • First visited Walt Disney World in 1980.
  • Became married to Mary, who teaches Juniors and Seniors in High School, on Halloween. Her voice can be heard in Episode 129: Disney Widows and Episode 384: Taking The Kids Out Of School For Vacation from 14’30”.
  • Birthday: 11 November (and was 40 in 2007).
  • Born in the Bronx, New York
  • Lives in Orange County, NY
  • He is not the same Mike Newell who is the director of the Harry Potter films (see Episode 467 from 5’30”).
  • January 20th is Mike Newell Appreciation Day

Websites run by Mike

MouseWorld Radio broadcasts 5 channels: Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, MouseWorld X and Studios Central Radio. Radio 1, Radio 1X and Radio 2 are free to listen to; the others require a Live365 subscription.

The MouseWorld 1 schedule includes:

  • 8am ET Magic Kingdom Entrance music
  • 9am ET Main Street music
  • 8.30pm ET An Evening at Epcot

The StudiosCentral Radio schedule includes:

  • 9:00am ET – Hollywood Boulevard background loop
  • 12:00P ET – High School Music Pep Rally
  • 3:00pm ET – Block Party Bash parade
  • 7:00pm ET – Fantasmic!

For instructions on how to listen to Mouse World Radio from your iphone and ipod touch, see the comments to Episode 502: Listener Questions.

For background information, see:

What the other hosts really think of Mike

He’s great. Seriously. Such an intellect as well, and handsome. He has so much greatness into one man. And he is humble as well.

(First rule of WDW Today: Never, ever, criticise anyone who records the show and can edit you out. Or make you look foolish. Or compiles the bloopers’ shows.)


(Additional views as to Mike’s greatness can be found in Episode 492: One Brilliant Thing.)

Odd things just happen to me

  • Episode 1130: The Poem; 2:15-2:25 It was revealed in a listener poem that Mike, as well as Len, were never really human; they were only pretending to be
  • Episode 587, 14’40” onwards – The Bellevue Lounge: Where everybody knows your name.
  • Episode 230: Listener Questions Between 5’00” and 5’40”. Newell accidentally flashes a van.

Also Known As

Frequent visitor to Orlando area Hooters. (Episode 63)

The man who feeds our daily need for Illuminations at 9 p.m. (Episode 78)

Mr Horizons himself. (Episode 84)

Packing heat as usual, representin’ New York, yo. (Episode 93)

The King of All Media. (Episode 102)

True American Hero. (Episode 112)

The man who splices in any recordings of anything possibly incriminating into our shows… (Episode 113)

Mike “The Love Sponge” Newell. (Episode 117)

Downloading a new recording of the bathroom background music in Tomorrowland. (Episode 126)

A man whose 99-year-old grandma still drives her car. (Episode 127)

Little Mikey Newell. (Episode 133)

Recording audio from behind a (freaking) bush… (Episode 136)

Coming to a bush near you… (Episode 138)

Mr Suave himself. (Episode 141)

With his own fan club started by Sandy McGowan… (Episode 160)

A man who claims to be able to beat up at least 15 9-year-olds (Episode 163)

“Mr Audio” himself. (Episode 168)

Someone who loves getting emails asking him when the next live show will be updated. (Episode 169)

East-side Mike Newell. (Episode 174)

I am Michael F Newell, and I approve this Podcast. (Episode 174)

Part time gambling buddy of Matt. (Episode 178)

Mike “Hawk” Newell. (Episode 179)

Razzle-dazzle, it’s Mike Newell. (Episode 180)

…Whose musical influences include Van Halen, Black Sabbath and Captain Getch and the Shrimpshack Shooters. (Episode 181)

…where he broadcasts MouseWorld Radio from the back of his Pick-up Truck/RV (Episode 182)

A fan of my new favorite attraction, “It’s a Small World After All” (Episode 183)

It would be ungentlemenly of me to elaborate on Mike Newell of MouseWorld Radio’s weekend excursion, so I’ll just welcome Mike. (Episode 184)

The man who broke his arm jumping parking meters and missed his big chance with his high-school band. (Episode 186)

Also on the show today is – er – who are you? (Episode 224)

The man who sent Matt Hochberg into rehab. (Episode 238)

Live from White Plains, New York… (Episode 261)

Live from the North Bronx, it’s Mike Newell of the Block. (Episode 262)

A man who was the first person to bang rocks together and call it music. (Episode 266)

The only man who knows Mr Voice’s true identity. (Episode 274)

Live from his cave… (Episode 275)

Mike “Mr Perfect” Newell. (Episodes 279, 316 and 317)

Mike Newell, “Where the magic begins”. (Episode 280)

The man that makes Matt sound like he doesn’t make flubs on this show. (Episode 281)

…who is better known at MagicMeets as “Bronco” (Episode 283).

Matt’s overlord at Studio Central radio. (Episode 287)

The only person who guesses Scopa’s Muppet openings. (Episode 296)

If Len is to Van Halen, then Mike Newell is to Rush. (Episode 300)

A man who has over 200 Gigs of Disney World music. (Episode 301)

Mike “Chatterbox” Newell. (Episode 307)

My cruise buddy. (Episode 309)

Breathing into a paper bag… (Episode 325)

Mike “Beer and Hot Wings” Newell. (Episode 328)

Our Executive Producer and the man behind the glass. (Episode 330)

Operating “Soundboard Len” tonight. (Episode 331)

The Birthday Boy. (Episode 334)

Still mourning the loss of Horizons. (Episode 337)

Mike “I’m still in the bushes” Newell. (Episode 490)

Executive emirates of MouseWorld Radio, ruler of all things magical, the master of magnificence, the one and only Mike Newell. (Episode 522)

Stream Master Mike (SMM). (Episode 709)

Amalgamated Union of Philosophers, Sages, Luminaries and Other Thinking Persons. (Episode 772)

Mike Scopa’s “trusted compadre, [his] buddy, [his] homie.” (Episode 1130)

“Newle” (Episode 1130)

“Audio animotronic Mike Newell” (Episode 1130)

“NewellBot” (Episode 1130)

“The man who puts a song in [Len Testa’s] heart every morning” (Episode 1197)

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