Seeing GEOTAG information in Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer - Properties

GPS co-ordinates are partially available in Windows Explorer.

In order to access them, right-hand click on a photograph in Windows Explorer and go to Properties.

Then right-hand click on the Details tab, and scroll down to the bottom. The GPS data is listed underneath the Image, Camera and Advanced Photo sections.

The Latitude and Longitude are shown in degrees, minutes and seconds, separated by semicolons.

However, it should be noted that some of the information is not included, namely whether the co-ordinates are North/South or East/West. A positive Latitude number indicates North, and a positive Longitude number indicates East. However, this is not what is shown in Windows Explorer, and this particular photograph is North and West, not North and East.

Therefore, while some GPS information is available in Windows Explorer, it is not all the information that you may need. Filecats Professional not only exports the information shown above, but also exports North/South, East/West, and converts the degrees/minutes/seconds to decimal. It also creates a hyperlink to Google Maps, plus additional GPS metadata, such as Image Direction.

Filecats Professional - GPS document properties

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To find out how you can use this metadata, see the article Using GPS Longitude and Longitude.

These document properties can also be animated by time. For more information, see the article Animating GPS photograph data by time. Or see these other articles.

To extract these and other document properties such as camera make and model, download Filecats Professional for a 7-day trial.

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