• Can metadata can be added to JPEG files from another document like Excel or Access? Each tag, title, comment, etc. would be different. Example: an architect takes 100 photos at a job site then uploads them to his computer. Those 100 photos need identifiers as to what each picture means to a contractor, insurance claims adjuster, etc. The architect creates a photo log (typing everything manually) in Excel containing:
    1. Photo file name (after I batch rename them using Adobe Bridge)
    2. Location (i.e. “interior of south wall”)
    3. Description (i.e. “water damage from ceiling”)
    4. A hyperlink to the JPEG file
    I then use Adobe Lightroom to create simple “prints” that put 2 photos on a page along with custom captions & our logo. Right now the only useful information for the caption is the photo/file name and the date photo was taken. I would like to include the Location (title) and Description (tag) from the JPEGS’ metadata without having to manually type the info from the architect’s Excel sheet into Windows Explorer.
    Kim Hill

    • Have a look at this web page for a discussion about this.

      Thanks for your post. I hope it gives you the answer.

      • Thank you for the reply. Boss said he wants to find a program, not a script, that would let us export the metadata into an excel spreadsheet, modify/add, then import the changes. I would use Bridge and Lightroom to take it from there. Do you know of any programs that could accomplish this task?

        • No, I don’t. We’ve considered it, but given the potential liability of deliberately changing customer files (and something potentially going wrong), we decided not to do it.

          If you do use a script or similar tool to do this, then make sure you have a backup of your files first.

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