MSG document properties – E-mail files

In addition to Outlook metadata which is common to more than type of msg file, such as Sender Name, To, Attachments Names and Body, the following common Email metadata can be imported using Filecats Metadata and Filecats Professional:

  • Client Submit Time (the time that the email was sent or received)
  • Received By [address]
  • bcc display names
  • cc display names
  • Recipients (both To, CC and BCC, with email addresses and display names where relevant)
  • Sender [address]
  • Sent Representing¬† [address]
cache_31216568 cache_31216567 cache_31216566 cache_31216565 cache_31216564 cache_31216563 cache_31216562 cache_31216561 cache_31216560

The following additional less common Email metadata can also be imported:

  • Billing Information
  • Delivery Report Requested
  • In Reply To
  • Internet Code Page
  • Internet Message Id
  • Internet References
  • Is Hidden
  • Is Private
  • Is Read Only
  • Is System
  • Last Verb Execution Time
  • Original Display To
  • Provider Submit Time
  • Read Receipt [Entry ID, Requested, Search Key]
  • Received Representing¬† [address, Entry Id, Search Key]
  • Reply To
  • Report Text/Time
  • Size
  • Subject Prefix

Additionally, the text of the Body of the email can be imported, in either plain text or HTML format, together with the Transport Message Headers.

Download Catalog of Emails
Including email body.
Microsoft Excel sheet [4.7 MB]

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