Audio and Video document properties

Document properties for audio and video are largely deliberately set by the creator, and our metadata extractors Filecats Professional and Filecats Metadata can import metadata from file types including:

  • MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3)  in .mp3 format
  • MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14), such as .m4a, .m4b, .m4p, .m4v and .mp4
  • WAV (Waveform Audio File Format), and
  • WMA (Windows Media Format) .

The document properties for audio and video files include those in the ID3 standard, but extend beyond that.

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In addition to document properties that are common to many file types, music / audio Metadata include:

  • Album Artist
  • Album ID
  • Album Title
  • Artist
  • Beats Per Minute
  • Composer
  • Conductor
  • Content Group Description
  • Display Artist
  • Genre
  • Initial Key
  • Is Compilation
  • Lyrics
  • Mood
  • Part Of Set
  • Period
  • Synchronized Lyrics
  • Track Number
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Document properties which are both audio metadata and video metadata include:

  • Channel Count
  • Compression
  • Encoding Bitrate
  • Format
  • Is Variable Bit Rate
  • Peak Value
  • Sample Rate
  • Sample Size
  • Stream Name
  • Stream Number
  • Director
  • Encoding Bitrate
  • Four C C
  • Frame Height
  • Frame Rate
  • Frame Width
  • Horizontal Aspect Ratio
  • Sample Size
  • Stream Name
  • Stream Number
  • Total Bitrate
  • Transcoded For Sync
  • Vertical Aspect Ratio
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​Metadata which relates to Media include:

  • Author Url
  • Average Level
  • Class Primary ID
  • Class Secondary ID
  • Collection Group ID
  • Collection ID
  • Content Distributor
  • Content I D
  • Creator Application
  • Creator Application Version
  • Date Encoded
  • Date Released
  • Duration
  • DVD ID
  • Encoded By
  • Encoding Settings
  • Frame Count
  • MCDI
  • Metadata Content Provider
  • Producer
  • Promotion Url
  • Protection Type
  • Provider Rating
  • Provider Style
  • Publisher
  • Subscription Content Id
  • Sub Title
  • Unique File Identifier
  • User No Auto Info
  • User Web Url
  • Writer
  • Year

Metadata which relates to Recorded TV include:

  • Channel Number
  • Credits
  • Date Content Expires
  • Episode Name
  • Is ATSC Content
  • Is Closed Captioning Available
  • Is DTV Content
  • Is HD Content
  • Is Repeat Broadcast
  • Is SAP
  • Network Affiliation
  • Original Broadcast Date
  • Program Description
  • Recording Time
  • Station Call Sign
  • Station Name

If you want to see two spreadsheets that Filecats Professional has created of audio/video metadata, please download the below:

Download Catalogue of Music
 Download Catalogue of Video metadata

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