Who is Marvin?

Marvin is the voice of the Unofficial Guide.

How did Marvin appear on WDW Today?

Marvin relates:

“I was hanging around with my good buddy, Mike Newell, listening while he recorded the podcast.

Matt had introduced everybody, and the Panel had just finished answering the first question, when Matt forgot that he had already introduced everybody, and accidentally said ‘Also joining us on t-… – Also joining us! No-one else’s on.’ Annette joked that ‘The Unofficial Guide is joining us now!’, and I took my chance. I introduced myself, with varying reactions from the Panel.

Since then, I’ve often hung around with Mike, just in case I was needed again.”

Marvin’s Theme Song

Marvin’s Theme Song can be found here.

WDWToday Episodes which include Marvin

Unofficial WDW Today Wiki Рby Phillip Burton and Andrew Carrieri

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