Choose the quantity of document properties to catalog

If you have Filecats Standard or Filecats Explore, you can skip this section.

If you have clicked “Filecats Professional” or “Filecats Metadata” on a single file or folder, the document properties options box appears:

The Metadata options box includes the following:

  • Dates, company and title,
  • Authors,
  • Categories,
  • Comments,
  • Tags and
  • Less common standard metadata.
  • Common metadata, and
  • Less common metadata.
  • Media,
  • Audio,
  • Music,
  • Video and
  • Recorded TV.
  • Outlook,
  • Common,
  • Common Email metadata,
  • Calendar,
  • Common Contact metadata,
  • Task,
  • Journal & Note,
  • Less common email metadata,
  • Less common contact metadata,
  • Body.

Performance Indicator

You can fine-tune the metadata by clicking on the settings button on the right-hand side. For example, you may wish to catalogue email metadata without cataloguing calendar, contact, or other MSG metadata.

If all of the metadata is deselected or the sliders set at zero, the results will be the same as per Filecats Standard or Filecats Explore.

Additional metadata will take longer to capture, as is indicated by the Performance Indicator at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have set the metadata options appropriately, please click the Start button to start.

If you have using Office 2003 or earlier then, due to the limitations of Office 2003, only metadata up to 240 columns can be updated.

If specific metadata has been requested but there is no such specific metadata in any file, then the column will be hidden in the final catalogue.

MSG Metadata

If you are cataloguing MSG files: Please note that the computer will take approximately 1 minute to catalogue metadata from the first MSG file. Subsequent files will be catalogued much more quickly.

Speed of Filecats MSG

Clicking the “Body” Outlook Metadata may significantly increase the size of the Excel spreadsheet, as the text of the body of the email is included. Please note that, if the “Body” option is selected, the catalogue will not be “Word Wrapped”, due to the quantity of text being inserted. You can “Word Wrap” appropriate columns once the catalogue is created, if you wish.

If both “Less common email” and “Body” Outlook Metadata are selected, then the text is also included in HTML format, and the delivery headers are also included. These will also significantly increase the size of the Excel spreadsheet.

MSG Body

Please note that, if too much metadata (especially including the Body text) is catalogued for several hundred thousand rows in Filecats Professional, then Excel may crash or fail to reopen a catalogue. This is a problem with Microsoft Excel, which hopefully would be corrected in future versions of Excel.

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