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Major Episodes

Episode 1419 – Once Upon A Time

Episode 1398 – Splurging At WDW

Episode 1303 – Top Romantic WDW Dining

Episode 1302 – Top romantic WDW resorts

Episode 1150 – Isn’t It Romantic?

Episode 873: Guilty Pleasures

Episode 718: Honeymoon Touring

Episode 717: Decadent Disney Dining Revisited

Episode 589: The Worldly Romantic

Episode 434: Deluxe Resorts

Episode 279: Planning an impressive trip

Episode 151: Weddings, Proposals and being romantic at Walt Disney World

Episode 99: Decadent Disney Dining

Episode 31: Being “luxurious” at Walt Disney World

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Listener Questions

1424 18:06 Garin from California asks about bachelor party services at WDW based on something he thinks he read in the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

1406 25:20 Justin from Arkansas asks if there is a restaurant comparable to Disneyland’s Napa Rose at WDW

1406 12:11 Michelle asks for tips about honeymooning at WDW

1403 2:12 Sam from North Carolina ponders the best resort for couples in each Disney resort category

1325 8:49 Crystal ponders good, romantic activities for a couple to enjoy at WDW

1322 16:41 Lauren from Massachusetts asks if upgrading to Wilderness Lodge or Animal Kingdom Lodge is worth the extra money for a honeymoon trip over a Moderate Resort

1272 23:41 Jason from Iowa asks if Disney will help him plan a surprise wedding vow renewal

1240 4:10 Nick asks for romantic locations to view Wishes and Illuminations, whether inside or outside the respective parks

1237 23:35 Brandon from Tennessee asks about Concierge resorts for an anniversary during Food and Wine

1219 7:50 Kevin from Massachusetts asks the hosts about splurging at WDW and value

11955:12 Jeff from New Jersey asks for good activities for an adult couple at WDW

1177 20:29 Tim from New York asks about the Disney Honeymoon Registry

LS46 16’45″: Carol from Ohio wants some suggestions for their 25th wedding anniversary (without kids).

19’10″: Carol from Ohio asks whether she can get her picture taken outside of Cinderella’s Castle if she got an early Crystal Palace reservation.

27’55″: Jennifer from Nebraska says that Narcoossee’s is a fantastic restaurant to celebrate an anniversary.

0758 2’00″: Edward from UK refers to Episode 750 and says that he didn’t get anything for free, despite wearing a wedding pin.

0752 2’20″: Nonami from AK wants a good spa on property.

0751 17’50″: Joey asks about a special visit to a salon.

LS45 43’20″: Jessica from NH wants a romantic restaurant where she can dress up.

0746 3’15″: Lorrie from Missouri wants to go somewhere for a special occasion. Matt comments on the Turf Club, Portobello, Yachtsman Steakhouse, Narcoossee’s and Jiko’s.

0734 12’35″: Mindy from NJ asks about Ariel’s at the Yacht and Beach Club.

0719 12’50″: Art from TX wants a romantic dinner, but not at Victoria and Albert’s.

0704 4’50″: Francois du Bois suggests holding up a “:Will You Marry Me”: sign in an attraction photo. Matt refers to a telephone call he received on his wedding day (see Episode ).

0701 2’20″: Amelia from FL asks about Disney weddings.

LS40 106’15″: Jen wants to have a date in a restaurant near Animal Kingdom Villas.

LS39 39’40″: Dan from NC refers to Episode 457 and is planning his honeymoon.

0662 21’40″: Jim refers to the Glass Slipper surprise on the carriage-ride, and relates how two young girls got into the Disney Spirit.

0636 18’15″: Christa from Maryland wants a romantic dinner for a WDW first-timer.

0630 12’45″: Christia from Connecticut would like suggestions for a surprise special dinner.

LS36 18’30″: Jennifer would like a QUIET anniversary dinner (1 table service credit).

0621 31’00″: Becky from CA asks for the best hotel for an anniversary trip for a teacher.

0618 4’05″: Kevbot from Boston refers to Episode 609, and relates his anniversary trip with his partner.

18’45″: Jeremy refers to Episode 534 and cannot find any information about the romantic carriage ride at Fort Wilderness. Matt suggest calling 407-WDW-PLAY.

0609 10’00″: Kath from Colorado asks about celebrating their partnership anniversary.

20’25″: Rosie from CA wants suggestions for an anniversary dinner.

0594 2’55″: Tera refers to Episode 589, and suggests proposing at the Animal Kingdom Sunrise Safari.

3’35″: Tony suggests going to the California Grill, and proposing outside.

0588 11’20″: Barry from Wisconsin suggests proposing just before Wishes.

0585 4’50″: Mike from NY wants to make proposing during Wishes more special.

8’15″: The Panel discuss wedding invites they haven’t received.

16’25″: Mellissa wants to do one special thing on her honeymoon.

0576 13’35″: Geoff from Maine asks for anniversary dinner recommendations.

LS033 121’55″: Melissa from Fishers asks what restaurant the Panel recommend for a honeymoon.

LS32 23’00″: Caron from Pennysylvania asks if there anything special for her 10th wedding anniversary.

LS31 Part 2 – 27’40″: Jennifer asks about a inexpensive way to say “:thank you”: to her husband.

0534 29’30″: Craig from UK wants suggestions for a 10th wedding anniversary.

0531 25’00″: Sue from England wants suggestions for a 20th anniversary meal.

LS30 Part 1 – 11’30” Katy from NJ want help on picking her last restaurant for her honeymoon.

0525 12’55″: Sharna from RI asks about something special for her husband. Matt refers to Episode 381.

0502 2’45″: Gary from Maryland says that the Anniversary buttons are worth their weight in gold.

LS28 Part 2 – 30’30” Josh from Boston asks about something to do romantic.

0454 Joe of NY wants suggestions on how to propose to his girlfriend at Walt Disney World.

Simon of UK wants suggestions for a romantic night.

Heather talks about the Disney wedding registry.

Raffy of the Phillipines wants to know which hotels we recommend for his honeymoon.

Kevin also wants to know what to splurge on.

Nicole of CO wants to know about the Disney Honeymoon packages.
Len recommends Nicole consider [1]Mousesaver’s section on Honeymoons.

Bob of Ottawa, CA wants to know if California Grill is a good option for a romantic dinner.

Brad wants romantic suggestions that aren’t over the top.

Daryl wants recommendations for their anniversary trip.

Melanie of TN asks us a relationship question revolving around Disney.

Mr. Voice wants to know our “one true love” at Walt Disney World.

Gina of VT wants to know romantic ideas for her trip.

Don of MI wants to know honeymoon recommendations to make things more romantic.
Len says Don could have flowers delivered to his room.
Len recommends some quiet dinners such as at a corner booth at the Brown Derby, Jiko or Narcoosees.
Mike Scopa recommends Le Cellier.
Len recommends a spa visit and get a massage.
Len says the spa at Saratoga Springs is the best bet.

Jason of IL wants to propose to his girlfriend at Walt Disney World and is leaning towards going on an Illuminations cruise and wants an opinion on it.
Len doesn’t think it’s worth the money and it’s hard to compete with Illuminations.
Len thinks it would be cool to propose at one of the pavillions.
Matt likes the [2]fountain in the Italy pavillion in Epcot.
Mike Scopa would try to use the Dapper Dans to help propose.

Doug T suggests newly weds get just married pins and they got similiar treatment as with the ears.

Brodie of MI wants to know if he should wear groom and bride Mickey Ears and what preferential treatment it may afford him.
Mike Scopa says in many restaurants, you may be singled out for a song or applause.
Mike Scopa says in candy shops, you may get a free treat.
Matt says you’re in Disney World and it’s different.

Lidia of TN wants to know if there any special events for Valentines Day.
Matt says there are some special menus at select restaurants but nothing major.
Matt recommends looking around for information about it when we get closer to Valentine’s Day.
Stacy wants a suggestion for a deluxe resort standard room that is still romantic.
Mike Newell would go for the Polynesian resort.
Mike Scopa recommends staying in the Tahiti building.

LS06 Len’s sister Christina wants to get married in Disney World, but knows that it is really expensive so how can she cut costs.

Len reports about that Christina wants to do an Illuminations Cruise and smuggling a justice of the peace onto the cruise and having the ceremony begin 5 minutes prior to Illuminations beginning and having the ceremony end right as the fireworks starts.

Bribing the captain might be necessary.

Len is looking for ideas on cost-cutting measures if you want to get married in Disney World.

A podcast wedding is WDW Today’s future?

LS03 Walter also wants to know for restaurant recommendations for his wedding anniversary

Jim from California is planning a Disney Wedding and needs to pick a location for the reception in Epcot. His choices are Italy, or the upper or lower terraces at the United Kingdom pavillion and wants to know which would provide the best view of the show.
We all agree it’s not going to be Italy.
Mike Scopa would go with the terrace that is closer to Future World.
Len thinks Jim will be better in the lower terrace because of a better view there and the prevailing winds favor being closer to Future World.

Jay from Saco, Maine wants to know opinions of the Boardwalk Resort.
Len recently stayed there a few weeks ago but recommends avoiding the water view because it’s noisy with the boats.
Len likes the resorts because it has ample dining and highly recommends the cookies at Seashore Sweets (around the corner from the Flying Fish Cafe).
Christina says it’s a great resort if you’re looking for a “romatical” trip.
Matt likes the resort and mentions it’s walking distance to Epcot or the Disney-MGM Studios and the Boardwalk area has lots to offer.
Katherine wants to know suggestions for honeymooners at Walt Disney World and how to make the best of their time down there.
Christina asks they don’t wear the bride & groom hats.
Christina says you can get the best treatment when you just mention that you’re on their honeymoon (not asking for anything, just mentioning it to any cast member they run into) as you can sometimes get upgrades, treats in your bed room, better seating at dinner, etc.
Len when making dinner or room reservations to mention you’re honeymooning.
Christina adds and says to also mention when checking in.

David wants advice to have a romantic time at the Walt Disney World including which moderate resort to stay at.
Mike strongly suggests staying at Port Orleans French Quarter because it’s small and has a romantic theme to it.
As far as the theme parks, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan’s Flight, Spaceship Earth, El Rio Del Tiempo (dubbed “Tunnel of Love” by Matt), Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, Mickey’s Philharmagic attractions would be good bets.
Matt recommends finding out what characters and movies she likes and going to attractions that are based on that to score “brownie points” with her.
Mike says to go one step further and plan character meals around characters she enjoys.
Mike recommends staying at building 5 at the French Quarter for a good location at Port Orleans.

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