How can Filecats save me Time and Money?

In the old days, if a legal representative was given CDs containing electronic data, a team of typists would be instructed to type a list of these files, which could take weeks.

However, this is no longer commercially viable, given the pressure on fees and fixed fee agreements.

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It’s simple: our Filecats programs:

It will pay for itself on the first cataloging project that you launch.

Also, whether you are someone communicating externally, or someone in the legal profession, it is very useful to ensure that you definitively know what is being sent out, both at the time and afterwards. Filecats can swiftly catalogue a CD, data DVD or external hard drive and maintain a permanent record using minimal space. If you have more than one person accessing the data, you can create snapshots to monitor changes.

Do you have ISO 9001, or have documented procedures regarding communications sent to client? Even if you don’t, it’s good practice to have procedures in place to ensure that, not just you, but your employees or colleagues maintain audit trails for outside communications.

Additionally, if you have a legal matter, you need to understand the requirements of electronic disclosure. In England for example, this is governed by Practice Direction 31B. Filecats Professional can help to create Disclosure Data in compliance with that direction.

If you have the data in a structure format, as required by the above Practice Direction, then it is very easy to summarise.

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