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The American Idol Experience

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Animation Academy

0525 15’55″: Pam and Katy liked the Animation Academy. Scopa refers to Timmy.

Kristin of OH comments on Episode 401 and how much she enjoys the Animation Academy now.

See also: Magic of Disney Animation


1133 19:34 Joy asks about getting to the main entrance to DHS via car

The Backlot Tour

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Beauty and the Beast

0561 7’45″: Megan asks about the group which used to perform before the Beauty and the Beast show.

LS32 8’00″: Eden asks what happened to Four for a Dollar (who formally sung before the Beauty of the Beast).

Chronicles of Narnia

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Dating Game

Beth Sottung wants to know when the Dating Game happens at the Disney-MGM Studios.
Matt says the dating game is usually played in the afternoon and to ask Guest Relations when you get to the park what time they’ll be there.
Mike Scopa says the streetmosphere characters are out usually between noon and 3pm.

ESPN Weekend

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1260 8:31 Elizabeth from Ohio asks if her party can leave its car at Animal Kingdom Lodge for Fantasmic

1204 7:30 Bernie asks when he should line up for Fantasmic

LS46 51’25″: Mike from Virginia asks how long the Fantasmic! arena is open before the performance, and whether he can take in counter service food, and any recommendations.

121’00″: St Chris asks whether going to Fantasmic! on Sunday September-October a good idea, and a queuing strategy.

0758 7’35″: Amy from Indiana wants good seats in Fantasmic!, and asks whether the number of showing might increase.

LS45 23’50″: Kim from Pittsburgh, calling live from Disney Studios, asks about when she should line up for Fantasmic!

LS44 59’40″: Kim from Maryland asks which night she should go to Fantasmic! in July.

LS43 93’30″: Ed from PA asks if the Fantasmic! calendar is going to change.

LS41 54’40″: Chuck from NC asks about Fantasmic! showings.

0680 9’15″: Brian from Oregon prefers Fantasmic! in Disneyland.

LS39 98’40″: Ryan from Wisconsin asks about the weekly Fantasmic! shows.

0660 21’50″: Mark from Illinois asks how The American Idol Experience is doing, and whether Fantasmic! will return to a 7-day schedule.

0645 18’25″: Tamera asks which is worse for touring Hollywood Studios: days with EMHs, or days with Fantasmic!

LS37 76’15″: David asks how early he has to get into Hollywood Studios to watch Fantasmic! on January 3.

0609 27’55″: Rhonda asks about what days Fantasmic! is shown. Matt refers to StudiosCentral http://www.studioscentral.com/fantasmic-show-times-and-schedule.

0603 4’05″: Jennifer in CA asks about the differences in Fantasmic! Between WDW and Disneyland

LS35 91’10″: George asks whether there would be more Fantasmic! shows.

0600 9’20″: Gary from Illonis asks about encore performances of Fantasmic! due to the weather.

18’00″: Neil from UK asks whether the American Idol Experience has reduced queues for Fantasmic!

0597 23’20″: Didey from TX asks how long he should wait to get into Fantasmic!

0594 22’45″: Someone asks what is Fantasmic! Matt refers to Studios Central.

0585 18’55″: Nicole from SC asks what time she should get in line for Fantasmic!

26’25″: Sarah from UK asks whether Fantasmic! will be screed more often in peak season.

0579 2’40″: Kathy complains that Disney did not answer her complaint about Fantasmic!

LS033 9’15″: Ken from NC asks how long in advance he should get in line for Fantasmic!

31’10″: Kelly from Savannah asks whether she can eat in the Fantasmic! stadium.

0543 2’30″: Ken from NC would like to know when Fantasmic is held in June.

LS30 Part 1 – 28’00” Kim from Maryland asks about the future schedule for Fantasmic!

0519 3’10″: Rory from Louisiana asks about park hours and Fantasmic! showings four months from now.

0507 17’40″: Jodie from Ohio asks about the reduction in crowds due to the reduced Fantasmic!.

0502 5’05″: Gary from Maryland wants to know what has happened to the dragon in Fantasmic!

0472 Katy & Ed wants to know how they can do Fantasmic!, the Osborne Lights and eat at Jiko the same night.

0463 Mark of Scotland, UK wants to know our opinions of the Fantasmic! cuts coming in January. Matt mentions an article he wrote about the Fantasmic! cuts.

0460 Matt mentions his [1]Fantasmic! Dessert Party that is occuring during Mousefest 2008.

LS25 Part 2, 28’00” Nicole from Connecticut also wants to know about the best place to view Fantasmic!

Bobby mentions Malificent’s role in Fantasmic!.

Fantasmic! Dinner Package

0695 25’45″: Jennifer from CA needed a Fantasmic! Dining Package.

0618 26’00″: Tonia asks if the alternative entrance option for the Fantasmic! Dinner Package

LS35 6’25″: Jack from NJ asks whether he should do the Fantasmic! Dinner Package.

0600 16’35″: Neil from UK asks whether the Fantasmic! Dinner Package offers a time-saving.

0573 23’15″: Mike asks whether the Panel’s view of the Fantasmic! Dinner Package has changed.

LS033 98’35″: Kim from Maryland asks about Fantasmic! dinner packages when Fantasmic! changes dates.

0516 22’05″: Brian from Virginia asks about the Fantasmic Dinner Package, now that Fantasmic! is down to 2 nights a week.

0463 Kaylie wants to know if she can find better seats on her own rather than take the Fantasmic! dinner package.

0457 Ted of NY wants to know if you can use his Disney Dining Plan for the Fantasmic! Dinner Package.

0451 Sarah also wants to know if she should book the Fantasmic! Dinner Package. Matt mentions an explanation of why the Fantasmic! Dinner package is unnecessary.

Mikki of WA wants to know if the Fantasmic! Dining Plan worth it to eat at Brown Derby.

Scott of NY wants to know if he should get the Fantasmic! Dinner Package.

Robert wants to know if the Fantasmic! Dinner Package still exists and if you have to make same-day reservations.
Matt says it is still available and you can book it 180 days in advance but warns against it and refers Robert to [2]Episode 258.

Jeremy wants to know which restaurants offer the Fantasmic! Dinner package.
Matt has a list [3]here.


1409 9:30 Erin from Illinois asks what was wrong what Hollywood Studios’ Villains Unleashed event

1292 13:29 Jim shares how his opinion of Hollywood Studios has changed over time

1279 6:42 Colin from Alabama ponders ways to improve Disney’s Hollywood Studios, specifically from a production-based standpoint

1219 24:25 Elaine from Brazil asks Matt about the future of Hollywood Studios

1207 19:18 Tom from Connecticut asks about Touring Plans’ DHS crowd predictions for late August

1133 25:08 Kevin from North Carolina asks about outdated attractions at DHS

1133 13:19 Kelly from Indiana asks about the appeal of the Studios

1133 2:18 Ann from New York asks Matt how he would fix the Studios. Matt gives a detailed answer.

1127 4:53 Blake from Kansas wants to know whether he should go to DHS or AK

0657 16’45″: Tim from Ohio asks whether he should go to the Studios on EMH-day or Fantasmic!-days.

0651 13’05″: Kathy from Connecticut asks which would be less crowded at Hollywood Studios: When Fantasmic! is being shown, or when the park closes early but there are EMHs.

0642 6’40″: James from Indiana asks if there is a movie which should be featured more in the parks.

0615 10’20″: Marian asks whether she should visit Hollywood Studios on a non-Fantasmic! day, and then return on a separate day to see Fantasmic!

0603 11’00″: Gary from Georgia asks about going to Hollywood Studios when it has EMHs.

0594 5’05″: Marty from Chicago asks where his brother’s concrete block is.

LS34 93’10″: Gordon asks whether the blue Sorcerer’s Hat in the Studios.

0546 22’40″: Emily from Wisconsin asks why the Studios changed its name.

LS31 Part 2 – 2’10″: Mike from Indiana asks about Studio’s 20th anniversary.

0502 20’15″: Chuck from CA asks why Studios is held in high regard. (Links needed.)

Mike wants to know which park needs a new attraction more: Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Matt mentions an article about how he fell in love with the Studios.

Cathy also wants suggestions on what to do at the Studios besides Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n Roller Coaster.

Jennifer of CT wants to know why the Studios closes early on a day in August.

Len shares a story of arriving too early at the Disney-MGM Studios.

Matt thinks the event at the Studios is likely typical of mose special events at the Studios that run on Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards.

LS05 St. Chris wants to know what is it about the Studios that would draw a person in

David wants to know if there’s a website about secrets at the parks

Matt referenced this page about Studios Secrets

Great Movie Ride

1151 5:46 Michael comments on the quality of The Great Movie Ride

1133 10:24 Haley from Arizona asks about Great Movie Ride merchandise

0680 8’20″: Alex would like to know the music near the end of the Great Movie Ride of Death.

0570 19’35″: Jay from Ohio asks who CB is in the Great Movie Ride of Death.

0564 14’20″: Amanda suggests updating the Great Movie Ride of Death.

0516 13’25″: Tracey refers to Episode 457 asks for a story about the Great Movie Ride.

0469 Jance also wants to know if there are two versions of the Great Movie Ride.

Gary of NY wants to know of any updates to the Great Movie Ride are coming anytime soon.

Terry wants to know about the Wizard of Oz scene in the Great Movie Ride.

Chip wants to know our opinions regarding changes to the Great Movie Ride.

Scott explains why the tornado scene in the Great Movie Ride wasn’t included.
John of MN mentions all of the movies shown in the Great Movie Ride queue are in the attraction.

Len shares a story of a kid getting scared on the Great Movie Ride and winning dream FASTPASS’s.
Matt shares a story of getting denied using expired FASTPASS’s.

Collette of MA wants to know about a scene in the Great Movie Ride film montage.
Len and Mike Newell thinks it’s [4]Showboat.


1133 28:08 Diane from Illinois asks why she should go to DHS for New Years Eve

Indiana Epic Stunt Epic Stunt Spectacular

Mike Scopa mentions the gag in the front of the Indiana Epic Stunt Epic Stunt Spectacular that features a rope going into a well with a sign that says, “Do not pull rope” with the “not” part of the sign crossed out.
Mike Scopa also mentions the movie props near the exit to the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular such as a few of the vehicles.
Matt mentions that in [5]Episode 9 Matt mentioned alot of tips about hidden gems at the Studios.

Jedi Training Academy

1358 30:57 Jed asks about queuing at the Jedi Training Academy

1307 6:33 Ted from New York asks about Jedi Training Academy signup on Extra Magic Hour mornings

1106 7:35 Emily from Alabama asks about signing up for Jedi Training Academy

John also wants to know about the new Jedi Training Academy.

Magical Beginnings

See Promotional Events

Magic of Disney Animation

1307 18:50 Diane from Illinois references Episode 1233 – Unofficial Guide Rating Comparisons – Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and gives a theory for the high average rating of Magic of Disney Animation

See also: Animation Academy

MuppetVision 3D

Lisa of FL mentions the penguins in Muppetvision 3D.

Kevin of IN wants to know about updating MuppetVision 3D.

John from MN corrects Matt about there being water in Muppetvision.

Narnia attraction

See Historic

Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights

1379 28:25 Christine from Massachusetts asks when she should see the Osborne Lights

1272 4:15 Liza from Louisiana asks about the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

LS36 51’40″: Elizabeth from Georgia asks whether the Osborne Lights are open during EMHs.

LS28 Part 1 – 5’20″: Kye from Arkanas wants to know when the Osborne Lights are turned on each day.

Part 1 – 8’20″: Lance wants to know when the Osborne Lights start.

Part 1 – 30’00” John from Virgania asks about Osborne Lights and Extra Magic Hours.

1151 13:43 Melanie from Texas comments on Episode 1012 – Studios Spruce-Up and asks aout changes to the Osborne Lights

1133 0:55 Sam in Illinois asks a question about seeing Osborne Lights

1112 19:41 Ken from Indiana comments on the Osborne Lights and the MK Castle Show
0472 Katy & Ed wants to know how they can do Fantasmic!, the Osborne Lights and eat at Jiko the same night.

John also mentions he really likes the Osborne Lights Spectacle of Dancing Lights.

Paul of MI wants to know if the Osborne Lights will be on beyond the date announced for them to be taken down.

Karen also wants to know if the Osborne Lights run during Extra Magic Hours.

Keith wants to know if he should see Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or the Osborne Lights.

Len advises when waiting for the Osborne lights to be near the entrance to Lights, Motors, Action an hour or so before they turn on the lights (lights are turned on at 6pm) which gives you some time before the main crowds hit it..

Jeanne Semrad from Wisconsin wants to know what our opinions of the Osborne Lights are now they’re being shown in a non-residential area?.
Until 2003, the Osborne Lights were displayed on Residential Street, which is in the backlot portion of the Disney-MGM Studios but construction of the new Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show meant they had to demolish the area and now the lights are shown in the Streets of America portion of the park.
Mike says the lights displayed last year were so packed together that the displays were not as enjoyable.
Mike steals a line from Len Testa and says the lights went over the “Liberace Line” (which means the Liberace line is the point where something is so gaudy that Liberace himself wouldn’t wear it).
Mike hopes this year they’ve figured out a way to make the lights more enjoyable.
Mike’s problem is that he thinks the lights are intended to be displayed in a suburban setting, not an urban one.
Len bought an old Osborne light display for Mike for his birthday from [6]MouseSurplus.
Matt believes that since last year was the first year they had the lights in an urban setting, this year Disney will have figured out some of the problems and it will be better than last year.

Playhouse Disney Concert

See Historic

Rock ‘n Roller coaster

LS033 115’15″: Amy from Kentucky gives a trip report about her going on Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, scarily.

LS25 Part 2, 38’55”, 41’05” Mr Voice discusses the single rider line at the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

Phil of NY wants to know how accurate a Rock ‘n Roller coaster rehab reported at [7]MGMStudios.Org is.
Matt says he initially got the information from a Studios cast member and then had it verified from [8]Mark Goldhaber and on [9]Intercot.
Len says the official Disney World website is the last website he’d check for up-to-date information.

LS05 Steve also wants to know strategies for riding Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n Roller Coaster first thing in the monring

Justin of IN wants to know which songs they play on Rock ‘n Roller Coaster.
Matt has [10]a link to all the songs heard on the ride.

Star Tours

0648 16’30″: Dena sends a Star Wars Weekend story, including seeing backstage at Star Tours.

0612 16’00″: Len Testa asks Matt about the Star Wars 2.0 film, and then wagers Matt.

0576 16’10″: Paul from Washington asks about the Star Tours update rumor.

0531 24’15″: Bunny from Iowa asks about red seats in Star Tours.

0516 14’25″: Ashley wants to know about the motion sickness element of Star Tours.

John also wants to know our opinions of Star Tours.
Matt shamelessly plugs his [11]Star Tours meet.

Kevin of FL wants to know why Star Tours hasn’t been updated yet.
Matt says there have been rumors for years of an update but George Lucas had been busy with making films.
Len doesn’t see a movie coming soon.
Mike Scopa heard years ago Lucas visited and was upset because the ride looked worn down.

Mike Newell brings up the [12]new film for Star Tours.

Star Wars Weekends

1355 7:09 Caroline from Texas asks about Star Wars Weekend crowds on Father’s Day

1325 26:29 Donna asks if there will be any special Star Wars events at Hollywood Studios on May 4 this year

1260 14:08 Tamara from Indiana asks about Star Wars Weekends activities

1257 9:30 Chris asks about crowds on specific days at Star Wars Weekends

1106 9:10 Paul from Texas asks about Star Wars weekends.

0746 1’15″: Liz from Virginia asks whether she should go to Star Wars Weekend over Memorial Weekend.

19’25″: Melinda asks for tips for Star Wars Weekends.

LS43 23’30″: Kyle asks what he go to in Star Wars Weekend.

73’45″: Stephen asks about enlarged crowds for Star Wars Weekends.

87’40″: Billy from NC asks about the one thing to do at Star Wars Weekends.

105’15″: Tom from NJ asks about Star Wars Weekends autograph FastPasses.

107’50″: Sheryl from FL comments about Star Wars Weekends autograph FastPasses.

0719 6’05″: Tom from Indiana (Flickr link – http://www.flickr.com/people/tombricker/) asks what he can do from late afternoon in Star Wars Weekends.

21’50″: Amber asks whether she should trust the Star Wars Weekend Touring Plan.

LS42 67’05″: Geoff from Arkansas asks about Star Wars Weekend meets.

LS40 80’50″: Amy from NJ wants to avoid Star Wars stuff on Star Wars Weekend.

LS39 93’15″: Ryan from Wisconsin asks about Star Wars Weekends and meeting characters. Matt talks about getting FastPasses for meeting characters.

97’35″: Ryan from Wisconsin asks about Touring Plans for Star Wars Weekends.

0648 16’30″: Dena sends a Star Wars Weekend story, including seeing backstage at Star Tours.

0612 14’50″: Brad from IL asks how to do Star Wars Weekends.

LS033 126’25″: Masayo from Japan asks about the audio from the Star Wars weekend.

LS31 Part 1 – 34’10″: Brett from Illonis asks about Star Wars Weekend.

Part 2 – 6’45″: Discussion about Star Wars Weekends.

0502 12’10″: Jamie from Virginia asks about Star Wars weekends 2009.

Joey of TX wants to know if he can see most of the Star Wars Weekend events in one day.

Nancy of NY wants a Star Wars Weekend touring plan.
Matt mentions an article about planning for Star Wars Weekends.

Jennifer of MA wants advice for Star Wars Weekends.
Matt mentions an article he wrote on different “tracks” at Star Wars Weekend.

Matt mentions a private dinner at Star Wars Weekend on June 8.

A listener shares a story with a Storm Trooper.

Jim wants to know about which weekend is best to go to for Star Wars Weekends in terms of crowds.
Matt thinks Weekend 1.
Len thinks Weekend 2 or 3 will be the least crowded.

Jim of OK wants to know if touring plans need to be adjusted for Star Wars Weekends.
Matt says for non-SWW attractions, you should be ok with the regular touring plans however there will be a lot of extra people in the parks.
Matt wrote a few articles on planning a trip to Star Wars Weekend: [13]Article 1 [14]Article 2 .

Jeff of IN wants to know how crowded are Star Wars Weekends.
Matt says Star Wars Weekends occurs in June only this year.
Matt says crowds are elevated for the special event, so the lines for non-SWW events will not be much more crowded but there will be extra people in the parks.
Matt recommends the first weekend of Star Wars Weekends.

Al from MN is going to Star Wars Weekends and wants to know what time to arrive at the Studios when they have Extra Magic Hours.
Matt recommends not going on the day with Extra Magic Hours and going on Friday as it will be slightly less crowded.

Matt from Eastchester, NY has a question about Star Wars Weekend.
Matt mentions there’ll be an entire Star Wars Weekend show coming up on April 10.

Bobby Casterline of Bayonne, NJ wants to know if Star Wars Weekends will return in 2006.
Matt says Star War Weekends will be returning in 2006 and has the dates at his [15]website.
Matt mentions 2005 was a huge success and for that reason 2006 couldn’t be passed up and the source of the rumors of there not being a 2006 event was because speculation from the fact the movies are over.
Len mentions the crowds for Star Wars Weekends are centered around Star Wars Weekend events.


0683 2’20″: Shane from FL asks about Streetmosphere characters in the Tower of Terror, and solo or 2-person Streetmosphere acts.

0648 4’15″: Pat from Georgia wants a show on performers.

0576 27’50″: Bob refers to Episode 009, and wants the Panel’s favorite live performers.

LS033 104’00″: Brian asks what Matt’s favorite Streetmosphere characters are.

107’50″: Danny from NC answer Matt’s question about Streetmosphere.

0502 19’10″: Mikee loves about Episode 109: Francis Floot and Episode 453: Ace Ventura, both about Dewey Chaffee.

Touring Plans

See Touring Plans.

Tower of Terror

1097 8:54 Amanda asks about a female ghost in the Tower of Terror.

0683 2’20″: Shane from FL asks about Streetmosphere characters in the Tower of Terror, and solo or 2-person Streetmosphere acts.

0660 23’20″: Dan asks about the chicken exit in the Tower of Terror.

LS033 115’15″: Amy from Kentucky gives a trip report about her going on Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, scarily.

124’10″: Masayo from Japan talks about going on the Tower of Terror with Amy from Kentucky.

Mary of MD noticed Harry Potter books in the Tower of Terror gift shop.

Sue of PA wants to know about the chicken exit at Tower of Terror.

Dave of MD wants to know about a [16]black cat at Tower of Terror.
Matt says the cat actually lived at the Tower of Terror in one of the planters and was named Twilight, but the cat was removed.

LS05 Steve also wants to know strategies for riding Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n Roller Coaster first thing in the monring

Toy Story Midway Mania

1421 14:22 Based on a recent test at Toy Story Mania, Steve from Ohio ponders the odds of Disney building FastPass-only attractions in the future

1100 12:36 Cindy discusses Toy Story Midway Mania and Hoop de Doo Revue.

108822:48 Keith asks about low crowds at Toy Story Mania. Len says Disney overestimates wait times.

0645 16’15″: Mike from Massachusetts mentions the Toy Story Mania video game, and asks about other attractions that could be video games.

0606 14’15″: Brett from Illinois asks about the calibration of Toy Story Midway Mania. Matt refers to the Toy Story Midway Mania Secrets page in Studios Central http://www.studioscentral.com/toy-story-midway-mania-secrets.

0519 29’20″: Deedee from Illinois asks about Toy Story Midway Mania downtime.

0516 28’35″: Megan from NJ asks about the lines for Toy Story Midway Mania.

0469 Jason of Ontario, Canada wants to know when to ride Toy Story Midway Mania.

LS25 Part 2, 39’55” Matt says that the single rider line at Toy Story Mania has gone.

Becky wants to know where to fit in Toy Story Midway Mania into her touring plan.

Kirsten of NY wants to know how often the touring plans are updated and when the touring plans will include Toy Story Mania.

Kevin of IN wants to know what the music from Toy Story Mania will be like.

Amy of KY wants to know if Toy Story Mania will have soft openings for her April trip.

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