Holiday Touring


Major Episodes


Episode 1287 – Choosing When To Go

Episode 240: Major Holiday Touring

Episode 219: Our favorite months to go and avoid


Episode 584: July 4th Touring

Episode 428: Beat The Heat

Episode 273: July Fourth events

Episode 133: Summer Sun Tips

Episode 114: July 4th Touring


See also Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Listener Questions to When to go: November, December, Christmas Decorations, Christmas week and New Years Eve.

Episode 1428 – Overlooked Holiday Treats

Episode 1276 – Decorations Around The World

Episode 1268 – Holiday Q&A

Episode 1113 – Busy holiday touring strategies

Episode 1105 – Disney Does The Holidays

Episode 811: Holiday Dining

Episode 801: Holidays In Hollywood

Episode 798: Holidays At Animal Kindom/Resort Displays

Episode 796: Holidays At Epcot

Episode 795: Holidays At The Magic Kingdom

Episode 715: Holidays in November or December. When should I go but still see the Christmas decorations?

Episode 650: Amber’s Show Between 11’45” and 15’25”. Amber from TX wishes to know when to see the Christmas decorations at Fort Wilderness.

Episode 339: Holiday Happenings At Epcot

Episode 200: Len’s Excellent Adventure (in December after Christmas)

Episode 196: The Candlelight Processional

Episode 171: Holidays at Epcot

Episode 13: Holidays Around the World

Listener Questions

See When to go.

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