Major Episodes

Episode 1413 – If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now.

Episode 1169 – Walt Disney World myths

Episode 928: September 11th

Episode 700: Yesterland – Fantasyland

Episode 687: Yesterland Tomorrowland

Episode 417: Disney MGM Studios (1995)

Episode 289: Epcot: 1994


1298 15:43 Oliver from the UK requests a “March Madness” style show based on extinct WDW attractions and experiences

1260 18:34 Patrick recommends episodes that compare the current state of WDW to that of specific years in the past

1226 2:50 Jeff from North Carolina asks the panelists to name one defunct feature of Disney World that they would bring back

10792:50: Bob from New Jersey asks which defunct attractions the panelists would never bring back.

Jimmy of LA mentions seeing Goofy on water skis in 1986.

Jerry of CA wants to know if we remember an old pizza restaurant at Ft. Wilderness.

Christy of NY wants to know what attraction would we bring back that is no longer there.
Matt says Who Wants to be a Millionaire – Play It.
Len says he would bring back If you had Wings.
Mike Newell would bring back Horizons.
Mike Scopa would bring back Superstar Television or Sorcery in the Sky.

Roger of NY wants to know if there is a book that goes year by year and explains changes in the theme parks.
Len likes [1]Widen Your World.
Mike Scopa says a book is currently being written.
Will wants to know what happened to the land that used to have 20,000 leagues under the sea.
Matt says it has become a playground for kids.
Len says it’s great for kids.

Michelle of CT says the Main Street Electrical Parade was at Disney’s California Adventure.
Matt says VMK Central is a store on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.

Malacky wants to know if there is precedent for Disney to revive attractions after an extended absence.
Len says Figment is a close example, but it was never really gone to begin with.
Len doesn’t think anything that has been totally removed has ever been brought back.
Mike Scopa has a feeling a change is coming to Figment.

Pam Shirley wants to know if there used to be a bumper car attraction in Fantasyland years ago.
Mark thinks Pam is thinking of the original Grand Prix Raceway.
Len recommends [2]Widen Your World for a listing of extinct Walt Disney World attractions.
Mike Scopa likes [3]Yesterland (about extinct attractions at Disneyland).
Matt likes [4]Walt Dated World.

Steve McIntyre wants to know why the space for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea sat unused for so long after it was closed.
Mike says there were lots of rumors about what they would do with the area for a while and alot of indecisiveness about what to do .



1322 14:55 Katie from North Carolina recalls an ordering device used at Disney restaurants in the 1990s

1254 17:19 Jim asks about a device used by WDW servers to take orders in 1995

Alfredo’s of Rome

Eric from Baltimore, MD wants to know if we have the recipe for the house sangria from Alfredo’s in Italy in Epcot.
Len doesn’t have the exact recipe but does know the ingredients.
Red wine, chestnuts, honey, cloves and apricot nectar are the ingredients.

Babycakes NYC

Episode 799: Oh Babycakes!

Donald’s Breakfastosaurus

Episode 90: Character Meals Between 23’20” and 25′

Kouzzina by Cat Cora

1089 5:08 A listener from Texas asks the panel what they’d chose to eat at Kouzzina by Cat Cora (dinner)


John wants to know if McDonalds will not be in the parks anymore.
Matt says McDonalds is still the sponsor of Dinosaur and McDonalds’ role is being downlplayed in the arena of food.


Episode 450: Dining We Avoid From 20’ onwards

Episode 327: Scary Restaurants Part Two Between 6’55” and 9’15”

LS31 Part 2 – 5’10″: Martin from CA asks about the Spoodles change.

Dave of TX comments on the degrading quality of Spoodles.

Trapper Bob’s Beaver Tails

Ryan asks why Beaver Tails have been discontinued at Epcot.
Matt mentions Beaver Tails had a real cult following.
One of Len’s researchers got this answer, “I took the boat to the International Gateway and walked over to the Canadian pavilion to settle the beaver tail question once and for all. I had heard that beaver tail pastries had recently been discontinued at Disney World, so I inquired about their status at one of the Canadian kiosks. The two women on duty there (one from Kelowna, B.C. and one from Halifax, N.S.) verified that Disney’s contract with the beaver tail distributor had expired and had not been renewed. Drat-guess that means I’ll have to go back to Ottawa sometime and get one there! I’ve been looking for an excuse to visit that charming city again.”.

Disney Institute

Episode 381: Tales Of A Cast Member From commencement to 7’35”

Ocala Welcome Center

1307 7:11 Joe from Florida asks if the attraction video from the defunct Ocala Welcome Center is available

Brian of IL wants to know if the Disney Welcome Center in Ocala is still open.

Packages and Plans

1275 17:34 Todd recollects a promotion Disney offered in the 1990s

1168 4:12 Christine from Massachusetts talks about the “Grand Plan,” which Disney offered in the late 1980s

Pal Mickey

Sue wants to know if her old Pal Mickey will work in the parks today.
Matt says the old Pal Mickey will work in the parks but is limited to the functionality it was programmed with and can’t do anything the new Pal Mickeys can do.

Joe wants to know how to determine what version of Pal Mickey he has.
Mike Scopa says….
Version 1.0: the buttons on Mickey’s shorts are white.
Version 2.0: the buttons on Mickey’s shorts are gold.
Version 3.0: Pal Mickey in a Sorcerer’s Costume.

Madison of NJ wants to know if an old Pal Mickey version still work.
Mike Newell says his 1.0 version still works.
Matt says the old versions will work, but they can’t be updated to do the new features that the new Pal Mickey can do.
Matt would recommend buying or renting one from the park.

LS05 St. Chris also wanted to know about Pal Mickey’s recommendations for attractions

Karen of DE wants to know if her Pal Mickey from 2003 will auto-update when she goes to the parks or if she needs a new one.
Len says her Pal Mickey will update automatically but the new version of Pal Mickey has better hardware enhancements such as louder volume.

Jennifer wants to know if Pal Mickey is worth the money or incredibly irritating.
Len thinks Jennifer’s 7 year old might enjoy but the 11 year old might find it too juvenile.
Len says sometimes the park’s ambient noise can make it hard to hear Pal Mickey.
Len thinks the current version is ok, but not great.

Dan Scott of Winter Park, FL wants to know how the Pal Mickey dolls get their information.
Len says there are infrared sensors in the nose of Pal Mickey and picks up signals from all over the park and doesn’t think it uses wireless internet.
Len says the Pal Mickey doll has several hundred messages built into him but the doll also could pronounce some new words.

Steve’s next question is what happened to Pal Mickey? Is it still there?.
Len mentions they are still there and up to version 2.0.
Len doesn’t think it’s that compelling or worth the money.


Animal Kingdom


Episode 1224 – Unofficial Guide Rating Comparisons – Animal Kingdom 2014 vs. 2009

Lucky the Dinosaur

Episode 735: 5 After 50 Between 9’30” and 12′

Tarzan Rocks

Episode 526: Failed Attractions Between 16’00” and 16’55”

Jay from Saco, Maine wants to know when Tarzan Rocks is closing and what will replace it.

Tom Bodner asks if the Tarzan Rocks attraction has been closed down yet.
Mike says there are plans to tear the entire theater down, possibly in late January 2006 and possibly replaced by a Finding Nemo show.

Mike heard from a Cast Member that Tarzan Rocks will not close until sometime between January and March and when it does close, the building will be totally demolished..



Episode 1362 – Epcot Mistakes

Episode 1217 – Unofficial Guide Rating Comparisons – Epcot 2014 vs. 2009

Episode 948: Extinct Epcot

Episode 289: Epcot: 1994


Episode 383: MST3K – Horizons

Scott of CA comments on our Horizons MST3K show.

Kyle wants to know what our favorite endings on Horizons.

Kim Possible

Episode 1083 – From Meh To Yeah! 18:42 Newell’s opinion

Episode 765: Scopa’s Vacation Between 18’45” and 20′

0612 12’50″: Brad from IL asks where the Kim Possible missions should be added into the 2-day Early-Riser EPCOT Touring Plan, and how many missions could be done.

0609 13’15″: Ali says that most 12-year-old girls would be too cool for Kim Possible.

25’55″: Becky from Ohio wants information about Kim Possible.

LS35 0’00″: Mark from NY asks about getting the Kim Possible tickets, and which two countries his children should do.

0573 26’20″: Becky from Ohio asks about the Kim Possible adventure.

0561 15’00″: Kevin from NC comments on the Kim Possible quests.

Living Seas

Matt admits he thought the hydrolaters on the Living Seas went somewhere.

Jamie of Woodstock, CT wants to know if we’ve heard anything about the Sea Cabs rehab going on at the Living Seas?.
Len says an opening could come later in 2006 (Summer/fall of 2006).
Matt mentions he’s heard that the new attraction will feature Finding Nemo characters on the ride.

Josh of Woodbury, CT wants to know when Phase II of the Living Seas refurb will be complete.
Len says he’s heard second half of 2006.

Off Kilter

1418 25:21 Nicky from Pennsylvania discusses the end of Off Kilter

Wonders of Life

Episode 1362 – Epcot Mistakes11:51-17:35

1094 13:12 Stephanie from Colorado discusses Cranium Command and voice actor Corey Burton.

David of IL wants to know what the future is of the Wonders of Live pavilion.
Len says it was open over Christmas and it looked beat.
Mike Newell says it looks like it’s on life support.

Doug of NJ wants to know about the future of Wonders of Life.
Len says it will be open through the end of 2006.
Len has photos of the [5]Pavillion.

LS01 Part 1 – 4’35″: Billy from Connecticut asks what the Wonders of Life pavilion is going to be.

Shannon from New York City wants to know if the “Making of Me” attraction at the rumored to be gutted Wonders of Life pavillion at Epcot will be open since the Walt Disney World website says it’s “Open Seasonally” in October?.
Mike mentions the Epcot guide map no longer has the Wonders of Life pavillion listed on it.
Len says “Open Seasonally” means “Not going to be open when you’re there”.
Len also says the website was recently revamped and the wording can be confusing and what the website means is it’s on a seasonal schedule in October, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s actually open. Rather, it could be opened if they wanted it to..
Len says the only time he’s heard it will be open is perhaps for Christmas.

Ken from Perryville, Maryland wants to know what the latest on the Wonders of Life pavilion is.
Mike mentions that the latest Epcot guide map doesn’t even list it on there, and that’s the kiss of death for the pavillion..
Mike also says everything except for Body Wars may have been gutted out.
Len mentions if they didn’t open it for July 4th (one of the busiest time of the year), then it’s a good sign it’ll never be opened..

Hollywood Studios

American Idol Experience

Episode 596: All The World’s A Stage Between 9’30” and 10’50”

Episode 595: The World According To Scopa Between 10’15” and 13’15”

Episode 529: American Idol Experience Premiere

Episode 504: American Idol Experience

1322 15:35 Simon comments on the big screens outside the American Idol Experience at DHS

0660 21’50″: Mark from Illinois asks how The American Idol Experience is doing, and whether Fantasmic! will return to a 7-day schedule.

0606 21’20″: Sue from Pittsburgh asks whether she can ride other rides during the last American Idol Experience show.

0600 18’00″: Neil from UK asks whether the American Idol Experience has reduced queues for Fantasmic!

LS34 77’35″: Rick asks how the Panel feels about the American Idol! experience.

LS30 Part 1 – 7’30” Mark from NY asks about going to the 7 o’clock show for the American Idol Experience.

Backlot Tour

Episode 1330 – Unofficial Guide Ratings Update For Disney’s Hollywood Studios 22:29-27:52

Episode 1265 – The One Thing Pt 2 26:52-28:28

Episode 649: Recent Rehabs Between 18’10” and 19’50”

Episode 350: Unofficial Guide (ding) Readers Survey Between 4’05” and 6’45”

0600 24’15″: Kevbot asks about the new classic rides.

LS28 Part 1 – 34’05” Gordon from Alabama asks about the former facades in the Backlot Tour.

Part 1 – 35’00” Gordon from Alabama asks about the former Dick Tracy Diamond Double-cross stop in the Backlot Tour.

Block Party Bash

Zoltan wants our thoughts on the parade stops at Block Party Bash.
Matt mentions Episode 389 – Bringing Block Party Bash to WDW.

Bobby of VA wants to know a spot to watch Block Party Bash parade.


Episode 1363 – Studios Mistakes

Episode 1233 – Unofficial Guide Rating Comparisons – Disney’s Hollywood Studios 2014 vs. 2009

Episode 417: Disney MGM Studios (1995)

1292 13:29 Jim shares how his opinion of Hollywood Studios has changed over time

Chronicles of Narnia

LS05 Jay also wanted to know what the status of Chronicles of Narnia walkthrough is.

Jesse from Roanoke, VA wants to know how long the Narnia attraction will be at the Studios?.
Matt says he heard rumors it would be replaced by a similar attraction based on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest but has heard nothing about any changes happening anytime soon.
Len talked to [6]Jim Hill about this and Jim says the reason why the change hasn’t happened yet is because the movie producers still need the costumes and such.
Len says July might be a stretch but expect a changeover to Pirates sometime later this year.

Doug Live!

1201 5:54 Kirby from Texas asks about the defunct Doug Live! attraction

ESPN Weekend

Marsha Rivas of PA wants to know when ESPN the Weekend will be in 2007.
Mark says says dates for 2007 have not been announced yet.
Mark says ESPN the Weekend are usually around the same time of the year every year.
Matt says in 2006 it was March 3-5.


1263 25:42 John ponders a reason behind the cancellation of DHS’ afternoon parade

Playhouse Disney Concert

Dan of DE wants to know if the Magical Beginnings and the Playhouse Disney Concert series will return for 2008.

Sounds Dangerous

Episode 526: Failed Attractions Between 9’00” and 11’20”

Super Soap Weekend

Episode 163: Super Soap Weekend aka the Rick Springfield show

Superstar TV

Skip agrees Superstar TV should return to the Studios.

Unleash the Villains

See Promotional Events

Who wants to be a Millionaire – Play It!

Episode 622: Planning From Scratch (Pt. 3) Rick tells when he nearly won a second cruise – between 19’10” and 21’55”.

Scott wants to know why Who Wants to be a Millionaire – Play It! closed.

Magic Kingdom


Episode 1359 – Magic Kingdom Mistakes

Episode 1215 – Unofficial Guide Rating Comparisons – Magic Kingdom 2014 vs 2009

Episode 700: Yesterland – Fantasyland

Episode 687: Yesterland Tomorrowland

0579 11’45″: William refers to Episode 510, and says where the old Barber shop was.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

1382 7:47 JD discusses the submarine attraction at Disneyland and its defunct counterpart at WDW

Alien Encounter

Episode 526: Failed Attractions Between 4’45” and 9’00”


Episode 735: 5 After 50 Between 19’25” and 22′

Episode 54: Fantasyland Between 8’20” and 10’15”

Mickey Mouse Revue

Episode 1252 – Refurbishing Attractions 14:03-15:21

1231 25:25 Kevin from Florida asks about a defunct MK attraction. Scopa thinks Kevin is referring to the Mickey Mouse Revue

Mickey’s Toontown Fair

Episode 78: The Rest of the Magic Kingdom Lands – Main Street USA, Liberty Square & Mickey’s Toontown Fair

  • 13’55” The Barnstormer
  • 14’55” Donald’s Boat
  • 15’50” Mickey’s Judge’s Tent and the Hall of Fame
  • 18’55” Mickey’s and Minnie’s Country Houses, and the rest of Mickey’s Toontown Fair

Pixie Hollow

See also Tinkerbell.

Episode 542: 2009 Flower and Garden Festival The bonus episode includes the dedication ceremony.


Episode 1413 – If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now. 13:16-14:35

Snow White’s Scary Adventures

Episode 54: Fantasyland Between 14’50” and 18’25” – riding with Ben

1118 24:40 Mike from Missouri talks about Snow White’s Scary Adventures


Episode 756: Sights And Sounds (And Smells) Of WDW Between 11’55” and 12’55”

Episode 650: Amber’s Show Amber from TX wants to see both SpectroMagic and Wishes from the same location.

1246 4:14 George asks about the future of Spectromagic

Len has found a good spots in Frontierland to watch Spectromagic.
In front of a candy store with a pole to lean on with air conditioning blowing on you.

Len likes Spectromagic.
Matt enjoys Spectromagic.
Mike Scopa likes them both and the music for Spectromagic may be a bit better.
Mike Scopa says it may return one day.

Kim of Madison, WI wants to know our best spots to view Spectromagic and also if there are any spots that you can watch Spectromagic from and Wishes without moving.
Matt’s favorite spot to watch Spectromagic is near the end of the parade route across from the bridge that goes to Splash Mountain, near the wooden fence.
In [7]Episode 6 we discussed our favorite parade and fireworks viewing tips.
Len says for both Spectromagic and Wishes he would watch would be somewhere near the central hub and the bridge to Tomorrowland.
Mike Newell likes to sit at the Tomorrowland Noodle Station to watch Wishes from and watches Spectromagic from the Main Street Railroad station.
Mike Scopa says for both spots, Mike likes to watch on a path that goes from Casey’s Corner on Main Street USA over to the ice cream parlor and if you stand right at the corner of that, you’ll be able to see both.

Lisa of Washington DC wants to know if she can make a 9pm Victoria & Alberts reservation, can she see an 8pm Spectromagic parade at the Magic Kingdom and still be on time for dinner?.
Len says it’s do-able and recommends seeing the parade from the train station end of Main Street USA and when you see the last float at 8:30ish, exit the park and take the resort boat launch that runs every 10-15 mins and that should get you there.

The Timekeeper

1406 20:14 John from Rhode Island asks if Disney will bring back the Timekeeper considering Robin Williams’ recent death


1295 21:35 Joe from Massachusetts recollects the removal of the webcams at Magic Kingdom


Pirate & Princess Party

Episode 526: Failed Attractions Between 13’45” and 16’00”

Episode 368: The $46 Beads (Pirates & Princess Party)

Episode 303: Mike Scopa Pontificates Between 4’30” and 8’05”

Episode 297: Matt’s amazing trip Between 7’40” and 13’20”

Episode 211: Pirate & Princess Party Report

Episode 183: The $50 Cookie

Episode 181: Dining, Parties & More From 14’00”

Episode 138: Pirate & Princess Party

1421 17:40 Pablo asks about Disney adding more hard-ticket parties to the Magic Kingdom. Len mentions the defunct “Pirate and Princess” Parties

Julie complains about her experience at Pirate and Princess Party.

Andy of IN wants to know how the lines during Pirates and Princess party will be for his trip in late May/early June.
Andy also wants to know if the Magic Kingdom will be less crowded during a Pirates and Princess Party day.

Nicole wants to know what she should do the morning of a Pirate and Princess Party as well as between 4 and 7pm.

Holly also wants to know if she needs admission tickets to the Magic Kingdom on days they are going to Pirates and Princesses if they aren’t going to the park that day.

Mike Scopa says you can see Tinkerbell during the parade at Pirate & Princess Party.

Rob of IN wants to know if the Prince and Princess package is still available.
Annette says the Prince and Princess package was from 3 years ago and it is not available any more.

Ken in GA wants to know if you’re at the Pirate and Princess Party if you can switch paths.
Len thinks you’ve got to be able to change.

Jennifer wants to know touring advice for Pirate and Princess Party.
Matt mentions Len has [8]touring plans for the Pirate and Princess Party.

Pleasure Island

See also Raglan Road. See Hollywood Studios for the Comedy Warehouse Spin-off Holiday Show

Episode 130: Former Cast Member Stories Between 10’55” and 13’40”

1263 2:29 Lisa from Illinois recalls admission protocol for the former Pleasure Island

1198 8:32 Lisa from Illinois asks how admission was handled at the former Pleasure Island

0555 11’45″: Steve asks about rebuilding Pleasure Island.

0534 23’15″: Jamie from Virgania asks about the props from the Adventurers Club.

0460 Brian of NY wants to know if he should bring his friends to the after party for the Everest race or send them to Pleasure Island on its last night.

Chase of LA mentions a Save the Adventurers Club petition he started.

Debby wants to know about New Years Eve events at Pleasure Island.

Alex wants to know about the plans for the Rock ‘n Roll beach club at Pleasure Island.

Kelly of TX wants to know about the Adventurers Club at Pleasure Island.
Mike Scopa says there is a radio show and is a formal show and says there is also a streetmosphere type show that is less formal.

Ed of OH doesn’t think we give Pleasure Island enough credit.
Matt doesn’t find enough time to go to Pleasure Island given his touring tendancies.

Bill of New England wants suggestions for things to do at night after the parks are closed.
Matt likes the Boardwalk area.
Mike Scopa suggests Pleasure Island and go to the Comedy Warehouse and the Adventurer’s Club.

Frank from East Brunswick, NJ wants to know the admission policy to Pleasure Island.
Len says they don’t charge you to get onto Pleasure Island, but if you want to go into the nightclubs it’s going to cost money.
Len says it costs $9 to get into one night club or $20 to get into all the nightclubs.

Marsha of Whitefalls, PA and wants to know if she gets a 3 day base ticket, can she go to Pleasure Island on the same day she goes to a park.
There is no reason she couldn’t but will have to pay a certain fee to get into various clubs.


See Promotional Events

River Country

1149 5:28 Michelle from Massachusetts asks about the future of the River Country land

0597 18’35″: Jarred from NC refers to Episode 526 asks about a refurbished River Country.

Bob of WI wants to know if River Country has been gutted or if it’s just been shuttered to possibly reopen.
Len heard the decision to close was abrupt.
Len says it’s closed and it’s very likely it’s never re-opening.

Steve also wants to know what happened to the River Country water park.
Mike says there’s nothing there now and has been gone for several years now.
Steve also wants to know if Discovery Island is still there.
Len says all the “stuff” is still there but the birds have been moved to Animal Kingdom.
Mike mentions Disney toyed with the idea of turning the island into a lifesize version of the old “Myst” PC game.


Bruce wants to know if we remember Splashtacular.


JillAnn of IN wants to know if VMK is closing and if so, why is it closing.

Evan wants to know how to work in the [9]VMK quest into his day.
Matt thinks a VMK quest should supplemant your day at the Magic Kingdom and would pick up a quest in the beginning of the day and try to do it as you’re going around the park.

Unofficial WDW Today Wiki – by Phillip Burton and Andrew Carrieri

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