General Trip Planning


Major Episodes

Episode 1380 – 3 Things Most important aspects of planning

Episode 1369 – Previewing Michelle’s trip

Episode 1287 – Choosing When To Go

Episode 1202 – First Time, Only Time

Episode 1167 – Pre-Trip Tips

Episode 1164 – The most difficult aspect of planning a WDW trip

Episode 1143 – Helping plan a trip

Episode 945: Prep Tips

Episode 939: Far Out Planning

Episode 769: Advanced Notice

Episode 742: Touring For The Non-Annual Guest

Episode 634: Short Vs. Long

Episode 623: Planning From Scratch (Pt. 4)

Episode 622: Planning From Scratch (Pt. 3)

Episode 577: Lead Times

Episode 551: Pre-Trip Planning & Preparations

Episode 517: Defending Len’s Honor Organising a trip for $2,500.

Episode 465: To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

Episode 464: Touring Commandments

Episode 461: Listener Planning III

Episode 438: Avoiding First Time Mistakes

Episode 429: Planning Primer

Episode 413: Planning From Scratch (Pt. 2)

Episode 402: The Weekend Getaway

Episode 380: Planning A Trip From Scratch

Episode 205: Cardinal Rules of touring

Episode 52: Ways to make the pixie dust last

Listener Questions


1415 23:59 Bob from Colorado wonders how much his family’s vacation would cost staying at a moderate resort

1367 17:41 Scott ponders the optimal amount of days to spend at WDW

1361 4:32 Jason asks the panel to review his trip plan

1331 2:33 Melissa from South Africa discusses how she plans large-group trips. Mike Scopa encourages schedule flexibility

1275 13:12 TJ from Arkansas asks about amending vacation plans such as to include another large party who has never been to WDW

1266 22:06 Scott ponders how far in advance he should book his hotel room

1228 16:49 Becky from California asks about planning a WDW trip two years out

1226 18:37 Barry from Wisconsin asks for ways to prepare for high crowds

12017:24 Rick from Minnesota asks how and when to break a surprise trip

1198 19:22 Scott asks how far in advance one should book a trip

0713 16’25″: Geoff from Michigan asks what two parks and attractions his 8, 7 and 5-year-old girls who love Star Wars should go to, based on crowds.

LS41 62’45″: Alison wants additional suggestions for a day with her father.

0692 11’05″: Marjorie from NY wants to do everything in 4-5 days.

0680 4’55″: Marrel feels overwhelmed, and would like help with his itinerary.

0665 11’05″: 14-year-old Even from TX wants to plan for his 2013 trip.

0662 8’55″: Michael adds to Episode 577.

0636 20’50″: Lorrie from CA asks how she can reconcile a planner and a non-planner at WDW.

0633 13’05″: Amanda from Illinois asks which is better: one long luxury trip or two shorter trips with budget restrictions.

0454 Jim of NC wants to know about the kennels in the parks and any pet friendly rooms at Walt Disney World.

Johnson wants to know of events coming to Walt Disney World in advance.

Oscar of Madrid, Spain wants to know how to plan a trip 2 years out.

Brett of OR wants to know how to plan for a trip that is 4 years in advance.

Angel of IN wants to know how so many guests come to Walt Disney World without any research ahead of time.

Frank wants to know what internet resources we use when planning our trip to WDW .

Art wants to know when to start planning for his trip in 2008.

Tania of IN wants to know how far in advance do we plan our trips to WDW.
Matt says he plans 4-6 months in advance.
Len says for Mousefest he plans about 6 months in advance.
Mike started his Mousefest booking in February.

Ray from Wisconsin wants help with planning a short trip.
Len shares his thoughts on what Ray should do.

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