Living in Orlando

Episode 1187 – Moving To The Magic

Episode 431: Moving To The Magic

Listener Questions – Florida


1364 18:51 Riley asks about Florida’s new electronic highway-tolling system, particularly between WDW and Port Canaveral

0654 16’10″: Kathy from FL asks about drop-in touring.

0639 24’25″: Steve from Kentucky asks for a radio traffic update and weather report, and any good free newspapers.

0615 21’45″: Scott from Illinois asks Matt whether living in Florida has spoiled the Magic.

0457 Rachel comments on living in Florida.

Jerry of FL comments on moving from Maryland to Florida.

William wants to know how Matt found a place to live in Orlando.
Brian of OH wants a show about Matt’s move to Orlando.

Steve of FL shares his opinion on keeping things magical if you live close to Walt Disney World.

Mark also wants to know if we’ve ever seriously considered moving to Florida to be closer to Disney World.
Mike Scopa shares a story of a colleague who moved down to Florida.
Matt thinks the anticipation of a trip is what makes Disney so much fun.

Matt says since Logan is a Florida resident, he may want to look into Florida resident discounts.

Jennifer of FL has a Florida Resident Annual Pass but is moving before her AP expires and wants to know if it’s still valid if she moves.
Mike Scopa says Disney only cares about residency at the time of issue.

Matt says Florida residents recieve a discount on annual passes.

Moving to Disney

Scott of PA wants to know what we think of moving close to Disney.

Seasonal Pass


[1]Bryan thinks the seasonal pass is a great deal.

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