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Extra Magic Hours

Episode 991: Extra Magic Hour Questions

Episode 765: Scopa’s Vacation Very Late EMH Evenings – between 11′ and 15’20”

Episode 762: Extra Magic Hour Strategies

Episode 653: Evening Extra Magic Hour

Episode 298: Ranking Extra Magic Hour

Episode 259: Extra Magic Hour Evenings

Episode 17: Changes to Extra Magic Hours

Episode 3: Extra Magic Hours

First Hour

Episode 1327 – Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah…Tip For Today! 14:38-15:31

Episode 1306 – WDW parks by time of day 3:26-6:46

Episode 913: Rope Drop Strategies

Episode 847: Power Hour (Revisited)

Episode 395: Four Parks, One World, One Day Up to 6’20”

Episode 204: Power Hour

First and Last Attractions

See also Best and Worst Attractions.

Episode 535: First And Last

Extra Magic Hours

1361 2:45 Clenn from New Hampshire asks if he should risk touring an Extra Magic Hour morning park as an offsite guest because low crowds are predicted. Len says that FastPass Plus has mitigated the risk involved in this idea.

1225 8:50 Amber from Texas asks about the impact of morning Extra Magic Hour crowds on touring

1137 15:57 A listener from Massachusetts comments on Extra Magic Hour mornings

LS46 14’20″: Jay from NC did not like EMH at Animal Kingdom.

58’30″: Kim from Maryland talks about EMH Evenings.

119’25″: St Chris asks about the EMH page in

LS45 37’25″: Kathy from MA asks about using and avoiding EMHs.

0740 26’40″: James from Missouri asks about Evening EMH crowds in the Animal Kingdom.

0707 28’40″: Shane from FL asks whether park IDs are checked at EMH mornings.

0704 18’00″: Amy from NJ asks if there are EMHs every day at the end of December.

LS41 46’30″: Becky from Cincinnati asks whether the 7-day EMHs for Magic Kingdom are bad for off-site guests.

0677 11’15″: Evan from TX asks whether he should use EMHs during mid-March.

LS39 79’30″: Russ from Illinois asks about how to do EMHs and a group of 20 people with the Touring Plans. Amongst his suggestions, Len suggests using Lines on mobile phones.

0674 26’05″: Mardy from Illinois asks about how crowded the parks are in EMH evenings are in September/October.

0660 14’30″: Brian from Minnesota comments about EMH versus Touring Plans.

0645 18’25″: Tamera asks which is worse for touring Hollywood Studios: days with EMHs, or days with Fantasmic!

0621 26’50″: Jane asks whether her 9 and 11-year-old children should use EMHs.

0618 7’25″: Robin asks how much extra queue time can be expected when going on an EMH day.

0612 26’15″: Mellisa asks whether she should take advance of EMHs at Christmas.

0600 32’50″: Jill from Massachusetts refers to Episode 591, and asks whether an Annual Pass DVC member can get into EMH.

0591 18’25″: Jennifer from Canada asks whether she can get EMH when staying in a Downtown Disney hotel.

LS033 64’05″: James asks how busy Hollywood Studios Extra Magic Evenings will be in June.

101’45″: Alex asks whether the EMHs are prone to change, and asks for suggestions for doing 3 Parks in one day.

0570 1’40″: Nestor from Brazil asks about evening EMH crowds in June.

0561 12’10″: Bruch from Kentucky wants to go to a park with an EMH, then hop to another park.

0558 Amy asks whether she should use or avoid EMHs.

0537 9’25″: Brad asks about waking up early and EMHs.

LS30 Part 1 – 36’35” Jennifer asks about secrets for Extra Magic Hours.

Part 1 – 42’10” Jonathon from FL asks whether he will be kicked out of Epcot during EMHs.

Part 2 – 13’30” Kathy from CT won a trip to WDW, and asks whether 209 EMH will be as 2008.

LS28 Part 1 – 30’00” John from Virgania asks about Osborne Lights and Extra Magic Hours.

0463 Sarah wants to know if we would do Chef Mickeys followed by Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom.

0463 Sarah also wants to know the best strategy for arriving at the parks for Extra Magic Hours.

0463 Sarah also wants to know if she should avoid Extra Magic Hour mornings.

LS25 Part 1, 24’45” Discussion about a rumor for Extra Magic Hours.

Jeremy of OH wants to know if Extra Magic Hours are the same every week.

Brenda also wants to know where to find Extra Magic Hour schedule.
Len mentions [1]TouringPlans and [2]WDW Magic have historical park hours.

Bonnie of OH wants to know if it’s worth going to Extra Magic Hours.
Matt mentions shows we’ve done about Extra Magic Hours in the past: [3]Episode 3 | [4]Episode 17.

Kevin of FL wants to know how Disney lets guests in for Extra Magic Hours.

Jessica wants to know about Extra Magic Hours at Epcot.

Ryan also wants to know how long are evening extra magic hours are.

Angel of IN wants to know if the crowds at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party are comparable to Extra Magic Hours.

Sue of CT wants to know if there is always a second showing of Illuminations during Epcot’s Extra Magic Hours evenings.

Colin of PA wants to know how the crowds are at Evening Extra Magic Hours or if he should avoid them.
Len says the crowds don’t clear out until late.
Len advises Colin use a good morning strategy.

Kelly of TX wants to know how to go to the Magic Kingdom on an Extra Magic Hour morning if she’s staying off site.
Len recommends skipping the first 4 or 5 steps and go back later on to catch up with FASTPASS or during parades.

Jay of TN wants to know if morning Extra Magic Hours will return this year for the water parks.
Len says there will be morning extra magic hours at Blizzard Beach and evening extra magic hours at Blizzard Beach.
Len says the best day for water parks is Thursday.
Matt would combine a morning at Animal Kingdom and an evening extra magic hour day at the water parks.

Daniel of AZ wants to know if Len has changed his minds regarding Extra Magic Hours.
Len says it depends on the park and time of the year.
Len says during off season it’s great, but when Extra Magic Hours start at 11 or midnight in June or July, it’s not good.
Mike Scopa agrees with Len and says unless you hang around for the last hour of Extra Magic Hours, it’s a waste of time.
Daniel also wants to know if going to EMH morning at the Magic Kingdom and then leave to go to Epcot is a good idea.
Len thinks it’s a good idea.

Holly wants to know if you can take advantage of Extra Magic Hours at the Dolphin.
Len says the Swan & Dolphin do participate in extra Magic Hours.

Crystal of NC wants to know advantages of Extra Magic Hour Mornings and Evenings.
Len says the Morning Extra Magic Hours work ok but don’t work in Animal Kingdom and work best at Magic Kingdom followed by Epcot and the Disney-MGM Studios (in that order of effictiveness).
Mike Scopa says Evening Extra Magic Hours work best in the off-season because of less people being onsite to compete with.
Mike Scopa says the last 90 minutes of Evening Extra Magic Hours tend to be best.
Mike Scopa mentions there is no FASTPASS available during Extra Magic Hour evenings.

Jonathon thinks the evening extra magic hours at Animal Kingdom is great.
Len likes Animal Kingdom’s Extra Magic Hours.
Matt goes on an Animal Kingdom rant.
Mike Scopa says the limited attractions open for Extra Magic Hours make it quite difficult to do much.
Matt goes on another Animal Kingdom rant.

Drew of CA wants to know how Extra Magic Hours affect water parks.
Len says Extra Magic Hour mornings don’t affect the parks as much as the evening Extra Magic Hours.
Drew wants to know about slow days of the water parks.
Len says he’s currently researching that sort of info and will be posted in about 2 weeks.
Len advises doing the headliner slides first and save the lazy river and wave pools for the end of the day.

LS02 Jason from RI wants to know if the Evening Extra Magic Hours are always 3 hours long

Jason also wants to know where to get the bracelet for Extra Magic Hours and when you can arrive for Extra Magic Hours

Jason also asks how long they distribute bracelets for Extra Magic Hours

Al from MN is going to Star Wars Weekends and wants to know what time to arrive at the Studios when they have Extra Magic Hours.
Matt recommends not going on the day with Extra Magic Hours and going on Friday as it will be slightly less crowded.

Gail Toban of Hudson, Ohio wants to know how long Extra Magic Hours at Epcot are open for.
Len says that the designated attractions that are open during Extra Magic Hours are open until the park closes.
Gail also wants to know when the wristbands for Epcot Extra Magic Hours are given out.
Mike Scopa says a couple of hours before it starts (an hour or two).
Gail wants to know if you can get into Extra Magic Hours after they begin.
Len and Mike agree that you can.
Gail asks if one person can get the wristbands for everyone if they have their ID.
Len thinks so but recommends asking.
Mike Scopa doesn’t think so.
Len says if it’s no it’s because Disney wants to put the wristbands on you themselves.

Martin McIntosh from Orange County, CA is making his first trip to Walt Disney World in July and wants to know why parks that have Extra Magic Hours on a given day should be avoided.
Len says there are 25-30,000 rooms on property.
Mike Scopa says he doesn’t completely agree with the Unofficial Guide’s recommendation to avoid parks with Extra Magic Hours as he likes the first 90 minutes of a park during an Extra Magic Hour morning but leaves after that .
Mike Scopa does think that Extra Magic Hour evenings are a waste of time.
Mike Newell avoids all Extra Magic Hour offerings, especially in the summer .
Len says Extra Magic Hour mornings that the time to commute between park hopping can be excessive and will waste time and does agree with Mike Scopa that morning offerings are better than evening offerings because it’s easier to stay up than wake up early.
Len explains the benefits of each park’s Extra Magic Hour morning offerings.
Len says the waits during Evening Extra Magic Hours can be very long.

Eric from Vermont asks about Extra Magic Hours in the evening at Epcot.
Mike says Eric will have to get an Extra Magic Hours brochure and see which attractions will be open.

Jennifer of MI wants to know if the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World’s recommendation to skip Extra Magic Hour parks still applies in the off season?.
Len says if it’s an Extra Magic Hour morning at Magic Kingdom or Epcot, it’s a good idea to go there as well as Extra Magic Hour Evenings.
Len doesn’t like Extra Magic Hour Mornings or Evenings at Animal Kingdom.
Len thinks the Studios is more break even and doesn’t recommend it if you’re not planning on riding Tower of Terror or Rock ‘n Roller Coaster.


0364 John of Australia wants to know if the FASTPASS machines are on during Extra Magic Hours

0164 Mike Scopa mentions there is no FASTPASS available during Extra Magic Hour evenings

First Hour

1331 12:20 Gerald from Pennsylvania asks if FastPass Plus minimizes the importance of arriving at the parks early

1266 15:48 Jeff asks about entering Epcot through International Gateway at park opening

1171 11:02 Monica from Indiana asks about early morning touring

Madison of NJ wants suggestions for getting her classmates to wake up early for park days.

Last Hour

1313 19:17 Kelly from Florida recollects a bad situation leaving Magic Kingdom at closing

1136 26:16 Eric from Kansas comments on and asks about evening Magic Kingdom crowds

Jack comments on closing the park.

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