How quickly can file cataloging be done?

Our programs can catalogue 400,000 files in 11 minutes, and Filecats Professional and Filecats Metadata can catalog 100,000 files while exporting additional document properties – see the video below for information.

Speed is dependent on the speed of the computer, and the type of interface.

An internal hard disk can be read significantly faster than a network drive, and a network drive can be read faster than an external hard disk.

Compare this with typing speed. If you need to copy the filenames from Windows Explorer into Excel, don’t try typing them. It took an hour for a typist to enter 180 file names, dates and file sizes into a spreadsheet, and he only achieved 98% accuracy. Compare that with the few seconds that Filecats takes.

There are circumstances when fast is “bad”. One solicitor (who shall remain nameless) has previously said, “what’s the point of that? I can get five paralegals to spend six weeks typing the filenames!” (meaning, that he could charge the time for 30 manweeks).

Thankfully, the days when you could get away with that are ending – I’m sure that solicitor has since changed his mind. More and more people are demanding payment by results, not payment by mere time spent. If are charging on a hourly basis, Filecats will reduce the number of hours you can charge, but improve your efficiency and professionalism. You may get more clients because you can do more.

Our Filecats programs will reduce your time spent and costs in a fixed-fee world, while also improving your efficiency.

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