Just two clicks: Filecats cataloging programs are easy to use

Easy to start cataloging

How to start Filecats Standard and Filecats Professional

Our programmes are very easy to use. Filecats Standard, Filecats Explore and Filecats Properties take just two clicks from Windows Explorer to catalog all your files, and Filecats Professional and Filecats Metadata take just a few clicks more.

There is no separate program to open in the Start menu. If you are already in Windows Explorer, you already have the tools at your fingertips.

Why is this important?

  • If it’s easy to start a catalog, then you can use it more often.
  • If it’s readily available to you, then you will use it more.

Easy to use the catalog

How to start Filecats Standard and Filecats Professional

Our programs are open box systems.

  • They are designed to give you control.
  • They give you back your access to your data.

How does this compare with a lot of cataloging systems?

  • Most cataloging systems are closed box systems.
  • They retain the information and don’t give you any access to the underlying data.
  • You have to use their systems, can’t copy and paste the data, and are limited to what they allow you to do.

Filecats Standard and Filecats Professional uses with your existing Microsoft Excel program, so because you are already familiar with how to filter and search in Excel, you already know how to filter and search with catalogs. And Filecats Explore and Filecats Metadata also has filtering, searching and analysis options.

Closed-box cataloging systems require you to learn their interface to work with the data, and will only let you do the searches that they are designed to do.

Your efficiency is dependent on whether you can use something; it is easy to use the results if you have full control over it. It also ties in with speed – if it takes ages to produce a catalog, then you might not use it again. However, our Filecats programs are fast; starting the catalog is easy and swift, and they can catalog hundreds of files a second.

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