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For Windows without Microsoft Excel:
Check mark For Windows with Microsoft Excel:

I want you to be happy with these programs. Download them onto your computer and try it for free for 7 days.

Give them a test drive. Download any or all versions. Catalogue specific folders, or catalog your entire hard drive if you like. Extract metadata from your Microsoft Office documents, Outlook MSG files or photographs. Experiment, and imagine how much time you could save, and how much more efficient you could be, every day.

Virus Checked

These programs have been checked for viruses by 57 on-line virus scanners. They find that these programs are clean.

The results of the scans can be seen below:

Program Metascan VirusTotal
Filecats Standard Open PDF Open URL
Filecats Professional Open PDF Open URL
Filecats Explore Open PDF Open URL
Filecats Metadata Open PDF Open URL

Norton Internet Security

It is known that some anti-virus programs give false positives about these programs. Norton Internet Security states that these are safe. (Why should I trust these downloads?)

However, these programs have been run through Norton Internet Security and an anti-virus scanner which checks the programs against 42 different scanners, and there is no indication of virus. Additionally, SoftPedia have also confirmed that Filecats Standard and Filecats Professional are 100% Clean (and hopefully they will soon do the same for the newly released programs). Find out more.

In the unlikely event that you have received a virus warning, please use the “Chat with us!” below and leave me a message. Please let me know which engine you are using, so that I can contact them and sort out their false positive with them (and I suggest you change to Norton Internet Security, which doesn’t give these false positives). Many thanks.

Thank you!

Thank you for downloading one, or more of our programs. Please install them, and then try it free for 7 days.

Hopefully, you can see the use of having them available every single day, then just imagine the amount of time that you save for a low price.

If you do like them, please buy a license – it will enable us to continue their development.

How to buy

Please buy using the links below:

Buy 3 months one year
Filecats Standard $9.99 $19.99
Filecats Professional $49.99 $129.99
Filecats Explore $9.99 $19.99
Filecats Metadata $49.99 $129.99

Alternatively, a couple of days after installation, when you create a new catalogue, it will invite you to buy it (or continue with the free trial).

Thank you for thinking of buying a license – it will enable me to continue to develop these programmes.

Which version should you download?

The first question is – do you have, and do you want to use, Microsoft Excel to catalog file or extract metadata?

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No, I don’t have Microsoft Excel
Please download either Filecats Explore or Filecats Metadata. You may want the details available with Filecats Metadata, or you may want a quick catalog with Filecats Explore. See below for more details.

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Yes, I have Microsoft Excel
Please download either Filecats Standard or Filecats Professional.

If you are not sure which version to download, why not download them all? They work together. Sometimes you may want to ease of Filecats Standard or Filecats Explore, and other times you may want the power of Filecats Professional or Filecats Metadata.

Here are some suggestions:

  • If you want to investigate the properties of just one file, download Filecats Properties. If not, then:
    • If you have Windows XP or Windows Vista, choose Filecats Standard or Filecats Explore.
    • I want to catalog file names and directory names, and have hyperlinks – choose either any of the programs (Filecats Standard, Filecats Explore, Filecats Professional or Filecats Metadata).
    • I want to catalog file sizes and basic dates from Windows Explorer – download any program.
    • I want to catalog Microsoft Office properties, such as Author, Date Last Printed – choose Filecats Professional or Filecats Metadata.
    • I want to catalog photographic properties, such as camera make and model, and the date/time that the camera believes the photo was taken  – choose Filecats Professional or Filecats Metadata.
    • I want to catalog emails or other Microsoft Outlook properties, such as sender, receipients, attachment details and text body – choose Filecats Professional or Filecats Metadata.

For a more detailed comparison of the difference between our programs, see the Features page.

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 is needed to run Filecats Standard or Filecats Explore, and Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 is needed to run Filecats Professional or Filecats Metadata.
  • For Filecats Standard or Filecats Professional a fully installed version of Microsoft Excel 2003 or greater (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, Office365). It must be the full version, so Excel Viewer is not sufficient. It must be properly licensed, and have been run at least once.
  • For all the programmes, a minimum of Microsoft .Net Framework 4 is also needed. It is installed as standard by many programmes, and is included in Windows 8 by default, so you probably already have it. If you don’t, it will be downloaded during installation.
  • 100 Mb of hard drive space for installation.

This is shown in more detail in System Requirements.


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