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Thoughts on DVC

Mike Newell is a DVC member. He has stated on the program he feels it is right for his family.

Matt Hochberg lives in Orlando, and is not a DVC member.

Len Testa is not a DVC member, and argues that it is a right choice for few families. According to the guide, many of the DVC owners have positive comments about the program, and many of the DVC villas rate highly in the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.

Mike Scopa is not a DVC member, and does not think it is right for the average Walt Disney World visitor. He thinks that the program should offer more discounts and incentives.

Common Listener Questions about DVC

  1. Is DVC a good idea for my family? The Panel agrees that every family needs to make this decision by themselves, looking at the economics and convenience of becoming a member. They also remind families to think 30 years from now, as most DVC is a timeshare commitment until at least 2042.
  2. Can I stay at a DVC Resort if I am not a DVC member? Yes, and the panel often suggests this instead of multiple connecting rooms, or if a party is 6 or more and wouldn’t mind family living on vacations.
  3. What discounts do members get? Few, which is one of DVC’s biggest drawbacks. DVC members do get discounts on Annual Passes, some Hard Ticket Events (last century, DVC members got a free Annual Pass), and are eligible for the Tables in Wonderland. DVC members can now also buy into the Dining Plan. See also Benefits below.
  4. What do you think about the DVC Resort Offerings? The Panel is hopeful for the new DVC properties at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Contemporary, and Disneyland expansions, but feel it is too early to make a decision to purchase points at any of these locations.

Major Episodes

Episode 1384 – One Conversion Hypothetically converting non-DVC resorts to DVC

Episode 1302 – Top romantic WDW resorts After 18:39

Episode 1176 – Aloha Poly DVC?

Episode 748 – Aloha Aulani

Episode 694: To DVC Or Not To DVC

Episode 486: Rating The DVC

Episode 443: DVC Bankin’ & Borrowin’

Episode 142: Disney Vacaction Club

Episode 75: Disney Vacation Club (DVC)

Reviews of Individual Hotels

See Specific Hotels.

Listener Questions

Annual Pass

See See Annual Pass and Disney Vacation Club (DVC).


Julian of UK comments on the reduction of benefits as a Disney Vacation Club member.

Jim also wants to know if Disney Vacaction Club members can park at any resort for free.
Mike Newell says anyone can park for free so the answer is yes.
Jim also asks if Disney Vacation Club members get free valet parking.
Mike Newell says it’s free at certain resorts like Boardwalk.

Mike Newell says Disney Vacaction Club members get to park for free.

Len thinks Disney Vacation Club members do get some discounts and recommends that Mike check with his Vacation Club coordinator.


Choi of NY wants to know about cancelling a DVC reservation and how points are returned.


1427 5:53 Larry talks about financing DVC

1406 26:53 Jonathan from Florida asks if if a DVC membership is worth it if he goes to WDW every other year. He also asks about the dues.

1388 6:37 Don from Illinois ponders the best DVC Grand Villa

1373 21:06 Kerry from the UK ponders the positives and negatives of owning a villa versus DVC

1334 24:14 Ronald from South Carolina asks if he can save money by becoming a DVC member

1331 22:03 Ronald asks if he can save money by becoming a DVC member

1307 9:15 Maureen from Massachusetts asks for good DVC Resorts to impress first timers at Christmas

1286 3:13 Bill from Ohio asks for hotel recommendations for his family of five. Len recommends DVC resorts, while Matt discusses adjoining rooms at Moderate Resorts

1248 15:17 Paula from New Zealand comments on the value of DVC

1240 22:06 Dan from New York asks if DVC is worth it

1174 24:48 Ann from Ohio asks which DVC resort her party should stay at

1162 7:04 Rick and Shannon from Pennsylvania asks about the best DVC resort for a first timer to WDW

1100 23:19 Mike from Ohio asks about villa capacity logistics (continued at 27:06).

0686 2’30″: Jerry from CA was not able to get onto a DVC waiting list.

LS35 53’55″: Erica from NC asks why DVC does not offer Free Dining.

0567 16’30″: Craig from Ohio asks how difficult it is to book a non-home DVC resort.

23’50″: Matthew from Pennsylvania refers to Episode 525, and says that the overall points for a DVC resort has not increased.

LS30 Part 1 – 51’35” Jen from Michigan asks which DVC resort would the Panel buy into.

0525 8’40″: Michelle from NC asks about point inflation on DVC.

0519 15’30″: Shawn from Ohio asks about travel agents and DVC.

LS28 Part 2 – 4’55” Darren from Connecticut asks about buying DVC.

Part 2 – 44’35” Cynthia from Idaho is DVC wait-listed.

0472 Choi has noticed an increase in non-owner Beach Club Villas DVC members trying to book a reservation.

0463 Bob also wants to know if Mike Newell thinks DVC has been worth it.

Brian of LA wants to know if we can do an episode about the Disney Vacation Club.

Jamie of IL wants to know if its worth to buy DVC a year in advance of actually being able to go to Walt Disney World.

Jennifer also wants a DVC reccomendation.

Dave wants to know if a low point DVC membership is worth it.
Mike Newell recommends checking out [1]DVCbyResale.

Joe also wants to know if DVC members get discounts on non-DVC resorts.

Colin of PA wants to know a reason to invest in Disney Vacation Club.
Matt and Mike Newell suggest [2]DVCbyResale.

Joe mentions of plans he heard for DVC at Disneyland.

Richard wants to know if it matters if his DVC use of the year matters.
Mike Newell doesn’t think there is much of a difference unless you addon points in which case it can get complicated keeping track of points.
Mike Newell explains what “use year” is.

A listener wants to know if we think theer will be a DVC resort in Disneyland.
Mike Newell says he can use his DVC points to stay at the Disneyland Hotel right now but wouldn’t mind to stay at a Disneyland DVC resort.
Mike Newell doesn’t think there’s enough land for a DVC resort in Disneyland.

Matt suggests calling the DVC hotline and try booking it.
Matt suggests an online [3]DVC Point Calculator.

Dave of NJ wants to know if we regret not signing up for the Disney Vacation Cluib back in the 90’s.
Len says no because he never stays in the same hotel room two nights in a row.
Mike Scopa thinks he made the right decision not getting it because most of his trips are solo.

Mike Newell says that if you are staying at a Disney Vacation Club resort through Disney Vacation Club points, you need to call Disney Vacation Club to make your Magical Express booking.

Dave in New Jersey is interested in where we think the next Disney Vacation Club location will be after Saratoga Springs?.
Len thinks Disney’s long term strategy is to have a Disney Vacaction Club at every resort.

Magical Express

See Transport.

Maid Service

Kathy of MD wants to know about maid service at a Disney Vacation Club resort.


1406 9:54 Carrie from Illinois asks if she should rent DVC points

1403 23:24 David from Pennsylvania asks about renting DVC points and setting up his Magic Bands

1364 9:23 Adam from Wisconsin seeks strategies for renting DVC points

1325 3:09 Jean from Illinois asks about renting DVC points, especially in relation to My Magic Plus

1304 6:24 Michael from California asks if DVC guests staying on rental points can use FastPass Plus

1292 19:49 Joesph from Kentucky asks about renting DVC points for Baylake Tower, Boardwalk, or Beach Club

1269 8:20 Ryan asks about the Dave’s DVC Rental website.

1251 10:11 Karen from Indiana asks for the hosts’ opinions on renting DVC points

1243 19:33 Rachel asks about renting DVC points

1198 29:25 Ryan asks about renting DVC points online

1151 15:57 Ben from Ohio asks about renting points from a DVC owner

0618 18’00″: DisneyNut09 asks whether DVC rentals is better than Disney’s special offers.

0561 7’00″: Matt asks about renting DVC.

0558 Avy from Pennsylvania asks about good sources for renting DVC points.

0546 20’40″: Matt asks about renting DVC points.

0519 25’00″: Dave from Pennsylvania asks about renting points.

John of SC wants a recommendation for where to rent DVC points at.
Len mentions the DIS Boards.

Greg of OH wants to know how to rent DVC points.
Len recommends renting points from the [4]DIS Boards.

Gary wants to rent DVC points and wants to know how to find DVC owners who want to rent their points.
Matt says the [5]DIS Boards is your best bet.

Bill wants to know if the easiest way to rent Disney Vacaction Club points.
Matt thinks the [6]DIS Boards is the best option.
Len says because you’re sending a lot of money, you want to make sure the person you are renting from is reputable so look for someone with a high post count and also try to use a place like PayPal that has an escrow.

Dave wants to know if there’s an affordable way to stay at a Disney Vacation Club resort without being a DVC member.
Len says you can rent points from members and a good resource is the [7]DIS Boards.
Len recommends Dave follow the posting guidelines and to try to stay during the week because it’s much cheaper than on the weekend.

Matt recommends trying to buy Disney Vacation Club points off an owner to get a good deal on staying at Boardwalk.


1415 18:26 Derek from Ohio asks about the detriments of buying on the DVC resale market

1248 22:39 Brian from North Carolina asks about DVC resale

0567 4’25″: Melinda from CA asks whether the resale DVC market has been affected by the economic downturn.

Jamie also wants to know the disadvantages of buying DVC resale.

Choi also wants to know what are the closing prices for Disney Vacation Club resale.
Mike Newell advocates using [8]DVCbyResale.com.

Wait List

1237 26:20 John from New York shares his experiences with DVC wait lists

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