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and listen to the end of:

Episode 400: Listener Questions From 26’30”

Episode 317: Listener Questions From 29’00”

Episode 300: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Questions From 16’00”

Episode 200: Len’s Excellent Adventure From 19’58” (The first bit wasn’t meant to be a Blooper!)

Episode 100: Magical Beginnings From 19’00”


Episode 1056: Makin’ Meal Memories The panel’s favorite dining memories.

Episode 703: Tentfest Recap (Live) Five panellists, camping at Fort Wilderness.

All of the Marvin episodes.

Episode 644: Attraction Challenges “Extreme” attractions.

Episode 636: Listener Questions Beginning to 5’25” – A funny introduction and a great listener question suggesting Meets for the Reunion.

Episode 620: Season 5 Stories from the last 4 years.

Episode 603: Listener Questions 27’25” onwards. Two unusual Listener Questions.

Live Show 35: Sunday 26 July 2009 Matt talks to Australia, unfortunately – Between 77’00” and 80’20”.

Episode 592: Magic Makers – Shawn Slater A discussion of the DRU-1 is hijacked by the Panel making jokes.

WDW Today European Live Show: Monday 25 May 2009 Between 1h4′ and 1h8’20” – the Britishness of WDW Today goes to a new level, guv’nor.

Episode 532: Tikifest 2009 Len introduces the Podcast, unfortunately.

Episode 499: Listener Questions Between 11’10” to 12’55, and 18’05” to 23′ – an email from “somewhere” in NJ talks about child’s first “ding” moment, and the Panel discuss films and classical music, with Len singing.

Episode 491: More Testa Family Tales

Episode 467: You’ve Got Mail Includes some bizarre emails and the “Top 10 signs your Magic Kingdom attraction operator is nuts”.

Episode 436: Listener Questions From 26’30” onwards – Matt tries to answer a question whilst Len is singing, and Matt reveals how whipped he really is.

Episode 414: Snack, Sip (And Sick) When you have too much food and drink, and too little time. (The follow-up was Episode 505: Sip And Snack Part Deux.)

Episode 352: Listener Questions Between 13’55”-15’45. The top 7 reasons why WDWToday is better than Lou Mongello’s show. (Also known as “pure abuse”.)

Episode 291: Len’s Wild Weekend Very amusing throughout.

Episode 284: Listener Questions Beginning To 4′. Steve Seifert plays Van Halen.

Episode 282: Disney Widows 2.0 Therapy and more Lou Mongello jibes – to his wife!

Episode 275: Listener Questions From 27’05” onwards. Matt is trying to end the show, but Len wants to sing “Rock On”.

Episode 260: Listener Questions The Introduction, 22’35”-23’15”, and the end. The salutation “Mongello!” was first used (cryptically) at the end of the previous episode.

Episode 214: What to do on the last day Beginning to 4′. Laughing gas was being given to most of the Panel before this show began.

Episode 200: Len’s Excellent Adventure Len tries to tell his side of his trip – and gets four words out before Dawn tries to tell her side of the trip.

Episode 189: Warm Attractions Beginning to 2′. I don’t know what Len was drinking, but I would like some.

Episode 164: Listener Questions Beginning to 2’25”. Potentially the shortest Listener Questions’ show ever. Plus Scopa’s unluckiest weekend.

Episode 154: One Year Anniversary show Including Len’s Cheesecake story.

Episode 152: Listener Questions From 10’00” to 15’00”. Matt revealed his favorite ride is “Turtle Talk”, and takes some ribbing for it – and about everything else. Then he forgets to mute his mike.

Episode 129: Disney Widows Also known as “therapy”.

Episode 113: Listener Questions Beginning to 2’45”. Listen to Episode 110 first.

Episode 110: Listener Questions Narcoosses, from 6’15” to 10’00”

Episode 85: Star Wars Weekend Beginning to 5’00”. Matt tries to start talking about Star Wars, but the others won’t let him.

Episode 72: More researcher stories with Christina Testa

Serious Note re Episode 72:

  • Christina is joking! She has subsequently said “I must say that I am surprised that anyone took a word I said seriously.”
  • This episode contains boisterous stories – not a “Clean” rated episode (seriously!) – “I think this is the show that gets us shut down.” (Mike Newell).
  • However, very funny and outrageous. Listen to Episode 38 first, as this Episode contains the same sort of humor, just at the next level.

Episode 71: Listener Questions Beginning to 2’10”. The team just loses it.

Episode 65: Listener Questions From 17’30” to the end: Len says he “loves ya”.

Episode 38: Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World Stories (Note: Some mild profanity.)

Episode 36: Listener Questions 1’00”-1’30” Scopa sings “The Country Bears”

Episode 33: Listener Questions From 24’05” onwards. Late arrival Len hijacks the show.

Episode 13: Holidays Around the World Towards the end, Matt does a Walter Kronkite impression.

Unofficial WDW Today Wiki Рby Phillip Burton and Andrew Carrieri

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