Major Episodes

Episode 1422 – Toddlers & Tweens

Episode 1357 – 10 Days Out. 8:30-9:53 Childcare Clubs

Episode 1297 – The Removal Of Legacy Fastpass In Epcot After 10:46

Episode 1291 – The Removal Of Legacy Fastpass In The Magic Kingdom To 17:19

Episode 1288 – The Removal Of Legacy Fastpass In Disney’s Hollywood Studios After 11:33

Episode 1282 The Removal Of Fast Pass In The Animal Kingdom 5:09-10:19 Emphasis on Christmas week touring without using FastPass

Episode 1247 – C’Mon Get Happy

Episode 1214 – Touring The World Under 40″ (Pt 2)

Episode 1212 – Touring The World Under 40″

Episode 1152 – Bringing Kids to the Magic Kingdom

Episode 1146 – Eating at Walt Disney World with Kids

Episode 1144 – Bringing Kids to WDW: Onsite vs Offsite

Episode 877: School’s Out

Episode 766: A New Touringplan For Kids

Episode 759: Kid Tips For WDW

Episode 741: Taking The Kids (…And Someone Else’s)

Episode 640: Beyond the Attractions

Episode 604: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Breaking up a mid to large party to tour the parks.

Episode 545: Attractions For The Ages

Episode 479: Strolling Through The Strollers

Episode 426: Kid Friendly Attractions

Episode 384: Taking The Kids Out Of School For Vacation

Episode 377: Adolescents Alone In WDW

Episode 345: Single parent in WDW

Episode 208: Touring with grandparents and kids

Episode 100: Magical Beginnings Between 10’20” and 17’45”

Listener Questions


1254 3:56 Dave from Canada asks for best park for children, not including Magic Kingdom

1124 13:48 Alex from Arizona asks about attractions for children.


LS28 Part 1 – 18’35″: Nicole for Connecticut thanks Deb for her recommendation of Kids Night Out for babysitting.

Part 1 – 42’35” Naomi  asks about Kids Night Out babysitting service.

0490 30’10″: Julie asks whether there are baby centres in the Parks.

LS25 Part 2, 23’25” Nicole from Connecticut wants a baby-sitter, but not Scopa.

0254 Julia of MD wants to know about babysitting services at the resorts.
Mike Newell says depending on the resort, there are different services and options.
Mike Newell also says there are sevices that will have babysitters come into the room and babysit there such as Fairy Godmothers.
Mike Newell recommends reading more info at [1]this link.

Child Swap

1295 18:43 Mark from Virginia asks about the future of child swap on FastPass attractions

0662 5’30″: Jenny from Minnesota says that a Cast Member got the Child Swap wrong.

0654 23’30″: Trevor from Virginia asks about using the FastPass and Child Swap for wheelchair users.

0591 11’25″: Someone had problems getting a child swap ticket in Epcot’s The Land.

0579 15’40″: Neil asks about Child Swap.

0576 17’35″: Craig from UK reminds the Panel about the Child Swap. Matt mentions his article on Studios Central.

0513 25’00″: Ed from Indianapolis asks about the Child Swap with the FastPass.

Bruce also wants to know how the child swap works.
Matt mentions an explanation of the child swap.

Jennifer of NJ wants to know if we’ve heard of child swapping not be available for older children.

Lou shares a tip to combine FASTPASS and child swap.

Matt mentions an article about child swapping at the Studios.

James wants to know how a child swap works.
Matt explains [2]how child swap works.

Shaun wants to know about switching off with a baby.
Mike Scopa says Disney will allow it.

if you tell a ride attendant you want to do a parent swap you will have to split your group up but you can get on immediately after the first half of your group gets off this saves queuing again.


1406 8:11 Drake from Indiana requests a FastPass Plus strategy for one day at the Magic Kingdom with a toddler and an afternoon break

1316 7:09 Melissa from Texas asks about reservations for a first haircut experience at Harmony Barber Shop

1304 11:08 Patrick from Tennessee asks Mike Scopa how he would handle a hypothetical nine-day WDW vacation with three young children, ages nine, five, and two

1300 5:40 Tom from Minnesota asks about FastPass Plus protocol for multiple parents wanting to experience thrill rides with young children

1300 5:05 Brian from New York asks about FastPass Plus protocol for parents experiencing character meets with their children

1257 13:48 Ben asks about flying with children, as well as touring the parks for the first time with them

1145 4:25 Andrew from Canada asks for Epcot and Epcot resort activities for children aside from the Epcot headliners

0692 Vernon from NY asks about lost children in the Parks.

0689 3’10″: Vernon from NY asks about lost children in the Parks.

LS39 61’15″: MH asks which Touring Plan he should use with his 5-year-old.

0665 9’30″: Jamie from RI asks if the measuring stick for children is 40″: with shoes or without shoes.

0660 12’45″: Steve from Ohio asks about hourly childcare.

26’50″: Big Bad Daddy says that young children should be brought to WDW.

0630 3’35″: John, staying in the Contemporary, asks for suggestions for early evenings with young children.

LS35 15’05″: Steve Steifert asks about attractions that require 44″:, but not 40″:.

LS34 104’10″: Jim asks about what they need for bringing a 5 year old.

LS31 Part 1 – 3’00″: Becky from Wisconian asks what is the best thing for girls at the Magic Kingdom.

0534 5’05″: Patrick wants a recommendation for accommodation for a newborn.

7’05″: Patrick wants suggestions for the family of a newborn.

0513 26’10″: Greg from Texas asks about activities for their 5-year-old boy.

0499 12’50″: Mariah from NJ gives a tip when going to the World with toddlers.

LS28 Part 1 – 41’15” Naomi  asks about diapers in WDW.

LS25 Part 1, 26’05” Tom from Indiana wants suggestions for something extra-special for his nearly 6-year-old son. The Panel suggests a Barbershop haircut, Cane Pole Fishing in Port Orleans, and a Sea Racer.

LS25 Part 1, 33’45” 11-year-old Caroline from New Jersey wants to know if it is fair that she, her brother and her grandmother are stuck in New Jersey while her parents are at the parks.

Kelly wants suggestions on going to WDW with her kids alone.

Holly also wants to know if she should take the bus to the Magic Kingdom with kids and a stroller.

Nicole wants to know concerns if some of her party are under 18.

Sherry of MD wants to know how closely Disney checks for age.

Joey of TX wants to know the best resort for a child of 5 years old.
Mike Scopa thinks Pop Century.
Matt thinks All Star Movies would be a good option because of the movie icons.

also ask for a map when you get your ticket and plan what rides you want to do and stick to your plan, do all the kids rides first and send some one in your group off to get the fast passes while you are on the kids rides.

Renee of OH suggests the Disneyland sing-a-long video for anyone who wants to acclimate kids to the idea of seeing park characters before they go.

Dale thinks there’s nothing wrong with attractions that aren’t ok for children.

Monique of MA says cheerleaders when she was one barely had any time in the parks.

Len’s contest for the best story about kids at Walt Disney World can be submitted [3]here.

Al’s sister is a big “wild ride fan” but Al is not and Al wants to know how to manage their touring of the parks so that they aren’t split up too much.
Matt says there aren’t too many “wild” rides in general so thereshouldn’t be a big problem with not being able to ride those sort of attractions.
Mike Scopa says that when Al’s sister wants to ride a wild ride, take advantage of the FASTPASS so they’re not seperated that much.

Sam wrote in to clarify the rules of using a car seat on an airplane.

Thomas Kerbow of Austin, TX wants to know his 3 children can run unsupervised at Disney Quest.
Mike Scopa wouldn’t recommend that they roam free, especially if it’s their first time and that as a family, it would be more rewarding to stay together.

Natalie Aked of Canberra, Australia asks about the children clubs such as the Neverland club?.
Mike Scopa would recommend Disney Quest or the mini golf offerings as opposed to the childrens clubs.

Mario of Chorpus Christi, TX wants more information about kids clubs for a five year old girl.
Len says the Fairy-godmother services around Walt Disney World have gotten high marks and any Disney run child care service should be good.
Matt recommends looking into the [4]Neverland Club at the Polynesian Resort.


Episode 174: Disney Queue Line Survival Guidebook

See also Etiquette.

Out of school

1295 19:56 Marlon shares his thoughts on Episode 384 – Taking The Kids Out Of School For Vacation

John of WI comments on taking kids out of school for a trip to Walt Disney World and his experience.
Mike Scopa mentions a blog entry of reactions to taking kids out of school.

Shantel comments on taking kids out of school to go to Walt Disney World.

Chris of has twin 6 year old boys and wants to know the best time to go Walt Disney World without consideration if school is in or not.
Len likes September after school starts and Early October.
Mike Scopa likes the first week in October.
Mike Newell likes November.
Mark likes October, March and Early December.
Matt likes the first weekend in February.

Pirate Cruise

1313 14:07 Camille from Texas ponders good activities for her and her husband to enjoy while their children go on the Pirate Adventure Cruise from Grand Floridian

Jennifer of MS wants to know about the Pirate Cruise for her son and also wants to know suggestions for Wide World of Sports.
Len says if her son isn’t into Pirates he shouldn’t go.

Simba’s Cubhouse

Ted of Massapequa Park, NY wants to know about Simba’s Cubhouse and it’s safety.
Len says he doesn’t have a problem with it.
Mike Scopa says if there’s anywhere in the world he’d leave his children, it would be at Walt Disney World.


1316 17:10 Jacqueline from Maine ponders when children normally outgrow strollers

0579 26’20″: Beth from Michigan refers to Episode 518, and asks about how much the locals go to the water parks, and likes Orlando Stroller Rentals (see Episode 479).

0543 20’35″: Todd from NJ says that Disney fixed their strollers. Matt refers to Episode 479.

0519 20’40″: Butch and Annette comment on strollers.

LS25 Part 1, 11’35” Discussion about WDW attendance and stroller rentals.

Shawn of PA wants to know about bringing your own strollers into Disney World.
Shawn also wants to know if strollers will be an issue when crowds are large.
Shawn also wants to know if personal strollers can go on airplanes.

Lara also wants to know if she can get a stroller before the park opens.

if you have to use a stroller you can again buy a cheap one from Wal-Mart for $20.00 that will just about last 2 weeks and once again you can bin it when you are done this also saves the misery of it coming through baggage reclaim in London and your £200 maclaren is bent and unusable.
Matt shares a tip for buying a stroller.


1195 10:14 Dani asks for good activities for a teenage girl

LS39 4’10″: Paddy from NH asks that teenagers like WDW.

LS30 Part 1 – 32’25” Kim from Maryland asks about things that would attract to teens.


Kim also wants suggestions for something special for girls around the age of 10-13.
Matt mentions a Royal Caribbean commercial that reminded him of Kim’s daughter.

Jonathon of PA wants to know if tweens attractions are a good idea.
Len thinks the tweens attractions make the parks more relevant but doesn’t think Disney hasn’t given the High School Musical cast much to work with.
Matt thinks as long as there isn’t a point where a land could be renamed to a tweens land.
Matt mentions nothing based on TV never lasts in the parks.

Young children

1421 33:00 Renee from Wisconsin asks if she should rent a car because of her young children

1358 8:48 Greg asks if toddlers will get anything out of a Disney World trip

1358 8:33 Greg asks about attractions for toddlers

1358 6:58 Greg from Illinois asks if staying at Bay Lake Tower is worth it with a toddler for proximity to the Magic Kingdom

1313 4:07 Jennifer from Michigan asks the hosts to discuss how their opinions on certain aspects of WDW have fluctuated over the history of the podcast. Specifically, she asks Matt to discuss how his views on the parks have changed with a young daughter.

1168 21:00 Maureen from Texas asks about good activities for toddlers at Epcot

LS34 12’00″: Nick from Crystal Lake asks about getting a 1-year-old dolled up in the Magic Kingdom.

75’50″: Rick asks for the best new (up to 3-year-old) attractions.

LS033 79’55″: Philip asks whether he can bring a 1-year-old on rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean.

0555 3’25″: Jonathan from Washington wants suggestions for touring with a 14-month-old.

Kelly of SC disagrees with Mike Scopa about bringing young children to Disney World .

Ken of NC shares some tips with bringing kids under 2 to Walt Disney World.

Jessica comments on bringing young kids to Disney World.

David comments on bringing young kids to Disney World.

Drew of CA wants to know our favorite baby friendly attraction.

Ken of KS wants to know if his kids are too young to bring to Walt Disney World.

Adam of PA writes back about bringing his seven month old to Walt Disney World.

if you have small children (under 4) make MGM your last resort as they is very little for them to do apart from meet the characters..

Adam of PA wants to know which rides are ok to bring his 7 month old on.
Matt doesn’t think the 7 month old would know what’s going on anyway.
Mike Scopa pontificates regarding bringing a 7 month old to the parks.

Ray disagrees with Mike Scopa’s thoughts on bringing kids to Walt Disney World.
Mike Scopa still thinks bringing toddlers is a mistake and advocates waiting until the kid is 6 or 7.
Matt thinks a child needs to be able to walk well on their own and not afraid of the characters.

Kai of UK wants advice for taking a 12 month old child to Disney World.
Mike Scopa says being with an infant in the park can draw out your energy and doesn’t recommend it at all .
Mike Scopa doesn’t think anyone should bring kids to the parks who aren’t potty trained and can handle the characters.
Matt says as long as the kid can walk, that’s fine.

Jeniifer of MI wants to know if her 5.5 year old daughter is going to enjoy her Disney experience.
Mike Scopa says he has to know the kid before he can say one way or another.
Mike Scopa says if her daughter is ok with characters at her local theme parks, she should be ok at Disney.
Annette says at Walt Disney World, there are more rides where the family can ride together than the local theme parks.
Matt says he advocates bringing anyone under 3 since they’re free.

Lou took his daugher when she was 9 months old and says putting them with a character or getting a haircut can be great.
Matt agrees with Lou that a character meet can make a kids day.

[5]Eric of AL wants to know the best age for a first trip that is worth it
Mike Scopa says it depends on your child and warns about the fear factor.
Mike Scopa thinks 6 or 7.
Matt went with a 2 year old and she did very well.
Eric also wants to know better parks for young children.
Matt thinks Animal Kingdom would be a good park.
Len agrees with Mike Scopa about ages.

Brent of Ontario, Canada wants to know which attractions he can bring his one year old on.
Mike Scopa recommends picking up a copy of the [6]Passporter Guide to Walt Disney World for it’s age recommendations.
Mike Newell said the Walt Disney World website has age recommendations as well.

Brent wants to know which attractions that are best for a one year old.
Len shamelessly plugs the Unofficial Guide as every attraction has a review per age group.
Len also says the Disney World website is a good place to start but can be a real chore to navigate.
Mike Scopa recommends the PassPorter guide.

Unofficial WDW Today Wiki – by Phillip Burton and Andrew Carrieri

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