Major Episodes

Episode 1354 – Worth It Or Not (2014) After 22:16

Episode 1341 – Fastpass Plus Character Meet & Greet (And DCL Show)

Episode 1333 – More Over/Under 2:55-5:43 Meeting Anna and Elsa from Frozen

Episode 1318 – Still More Odds Makers 7:23-10:31 Meeting Anna and Elsa from Frozen

Episode 1258 – Even More Odds Makers After 18:39 Talking Mickey.

Episode 1212 – Touring The World Under 40″

Episode 846: Character Meet And Greets

Episode 432: Theme Park Etiquette Revisited From 15’30” to end.

Episode 252: Characters in the parks

Episode 109: Francis Floot

Episode 88: Princess Aurora

Listener Questions

1198 5:40 Dave from Pennsylvania asks about the same character appearing simultaneously in the park

1186 11:29 Dawn from New York asks about the popularity of the Brave meet and greet and general touring plan order

1171 13:42 Kyle from Utah discusses characters in the parks

1137 18:45 Joe from England asks the hosts for their favorite attraction-based characters. The guys get into an extended discusson of Waldo from Muppetvision

1136 7:54 Karen from Kansas asks about Wall-E in the parks

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