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How can cataloging files help with problems with your computer/

Identifying hidden and system files Filecats has proven to be a valuable tool to solve problems on Windows PCs. Filecats Standard was used on a computer where a virus had apparently deleted all of the user’s files from its hard disk. (You could also use Filecats Professional, Filecats Explore or Filecats Metadata to get the same results.) However, when a catalog […]

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How quickly can file cataloging be done?

Our programs can catalogue 400,000 files in 11 minutes, and Filecats Professional and Filecats Metadata can catalog 100,000 files while exporting additional document properties – see the video below for information. Speed is dependent on the speed of the computer, and the type of interface. An internal hard disk can be read significantly faster than a network drive, and a network […]

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Just two clicks: Filecats cataloging programs are easy to use

Easy to start cataloging Our programmes are very easy to use. Filecats Standard, Filecats Explore and Filecats Properties take just two clicks from Windows Explorer to catalog all your files, and Filecats Professional and Filecats Metadata take just a few clicks more. There is no separate program to open in the Start menu. If you are already in Windows Explorer, […]

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